What stain remover for clothing best — reviews mistresses

Many Housewives are faced with the problem of stains on clothes, kitchen towels, underwear. Particularly hurt could be, if the stain will not be displayed with the road or favorite things. But do not despair. Now offers a huge number of agents-stain removers. Read about types of stains and methods to remove spots.

Review of the best stain removers for clothes. Reviews Housewives

This article will help You find out which spot removers are the best and most effective. For clarity, a parenthetical average rating of funds hostesses.

Remedy any stains Frau Schmidt (5). Reviews and prices.

Reviews of Housewives that use the stain remover Frau Schmidt:

In the cafe put a stain of chocolate ice cream and watched a bunch of funds to get it out, but nothing I didn't like the description and composition. In the end I found out about this stain remover. He is praised as a delicate tool. It is even possible not to wear gloves. Bought and immediately "to fight". Put on the spot and left for exposure for 2 hours, then threw it into the machine. The result is very pleased! From the spot there was nothing left. No other traces worked very "gently." After that, I it means anything is not changing. It and white baby socks boys and washes her husband's shirts. So I can honestly recommend it to everyone.

Vanish stain remover for colored clothes (4,5). Reviews and prices.

Promises to easily remove a variety of pollution in a short time, giving the underwear a fresh and radiant purity. For exposure, it is recommended to apply the gel directly on the stain.
Price: 150 p

Reviews of Housewives using Vanish stain remover:

I have to Vanish generally bad attitude, because some of the tools under this name is a waste of money. But Vanish "for colored Laundry" was a pleasant surprise. With his help I removed a tea stain on your favorite jeans. Moreover, they are directly in front of me became paler once applied the product. And the color of jeans does not hurt. There were bright spots against the background. Over the last six months, I add this tool with each wash, and strong spots of grease to them before putting in the machine. The result each time is amazing. So I'm happy with it!

Remedy for spots ECover (4,7)

Production Belgium. For white and coloredlinen. In the composition of plant and mineral ingredients and no petroleum products. Cope with marks grass, grease, mud, blood etc. Decomposes without harmful residue and vapors, so it does not harm nature.
Price: 230 p .

Reviews of Housewives that use the ECover stain remover:

Prefer only this remover due to the fact that it does not contain this terrible chemicals that can have harmful effects, especially on children. It is also convenient to use thanks to the brush that ensures the most economical consumption of resources, it is possible not to RUB the cloth with stain remover and just RUB the stain with this brush. Paint it on the stains before you wash for a few minutes. And no problems with spots.

Stain Remover Amway Pre Wash (4,5)

Reviews of Housewives that use the Amway Pre Wash stain remover:

About this tool, I told my friend. And I'm grateful for it! This spray is just perfect to combat the spots. Just need to sprinkle stain spray before washing. To cope with mud stains, oil, stains, hubnuti, etc. and enough of this spray for a long time. I now there is not one thing in the house with no otstiryvaniya spot. And this happiness!

Remedy for spots Sarma Active (4,5)

Removes oil and grease stains. as well as traces from berries and fruits, wine and tea, blood and handles. Improves the quality of machine washing. Designed to get rid of from old spots and return the colored and white things to its former freshness.
Price: 65 p

Reviews of Housewives that use the stain remover Sarma Active:

Met this tool at the supermarket. It was inexpensive, but somehow "credible". Decided to try it. Especially that son for a couple of days before painted a good tee shirt with markers. Just recently had the car in the wash. The result shocked me – from the pictures are not gone. In the future it coped with stale stain of hair dye on my favorite robe. Just magic. All my kitchen towels just sparkling clean. For about 6 months I have the means and the end. With all this, I didn't see that though as that was advertised in the media. Although it may be for the best. Personally I advice – if the stain is already old, you should pour the remedy on it and leave for a few minutes, and then we throw in the machine thing.

Stain A Minute (4,5)

Reviews of Housewives that use stain the Moment:

Recently saw the awful stains on the jacket. What is the origin of they don't know. Maybe somewhere in public transport wiped. In General, have decided already to go to the dry cleaners, but my mom told me this remedy. Said that it is often saved. In fact, it freed itself from the necessity of going to the dry cleaners. Just 10 minutes was enough for impact and stain is gone. The downside is that there is an unpleasant smell from him. But still suggest it.

A tool for removing difficult stains — Antipyatin (4,5)

Suitable for removing different stains from colored and white things. Used for soaking of the dirt before washing is added to the basic powder to enhance. When washing baby clothes it is better to use safe powders. Available in the form of soap, powder, spray.
Price: 20-150 R.

Reviews of Housewives using stain Antipyatin:

At first we only used this soap. It also comes as a stain remover. And now we have found that the powder has, and it's great. Because the powder is more convenient to use. Will list what patches have coped with this powder is the wine, the blood, the sweat, grease, grass, dirt. My son always gives me a chance to verify the effectiveness Antipatia.

Bleach Is Dangerous (4,5)

Reviews of Housewives using bleach is Dangerous:

One day I came across this pencil on sale. Decided to buy, especially as I have nothing like it at the time was not. After a while I remembered that I have a beautiful tablecloth without a case, because it had some ottherwise wine stains. And decided to try this tool. Did everything right according to the instructions, and now my table cloth went back to work because the spots had disappeared.


Cope with many stubborn stains on various fabrics, furniture. You can choose what will be easiest for You spray, pencil, liquid, powder. Does not destroy the structure of tissues.

Reviews of Housewives that use the stain remover Udalix Ultra:

By chance I learned about this tool from the employee. She was assured that it is very effective. Decided to take just the powder, spray and pencil this company. So with a pencil I saved the carpet from spots and stains, and Wallpaper from some divorces. Using the spray removed the blood stains from her husband's expensive coats. And about the powder is generally very long to list, but the fact is that we no longer have a "derivable" spots with towels, bedding and some clothes. I'm not in the car add, but with him soaked linen before washing for 30 minutes. So the tool simply super!