Bed linen for kids — what better?

  For our active tiny little people, sleep is the time for which they gain strength, grow and grow stronger. All day long they are fooling around and behaving like devils, and at night they turn into innocent sleeping angels. And, of course, every mother wants a dream of a crumb was exceptionally calm, strong and sweet. Bed linen plays a significant role in this matter.

How to choose baby bedding?

To sleep the baby was comfortable and relaxing, the bed linen should be, first and foremost, quality. Modern materials on the market, made of natural basis, do not cause allergic skin reactions, does not attract dust and is not electrified. There are several the main criteria  choice of bed linen for a child:

Children's bed linen. What material to choose?

Material is one of the main criteria for selecting children bedding. You need to remember the following characteristics :

  • Hypoallergenic and hygienic. Preferably take textiles from cotton, linen, modern fabrics.
  • Quality. Do not buy linen that is prone to rapid wear, dust collection and electrification.
  • Easy care. It is clear that children's underwear is the most frequent washing. Accordingly, the fabric of underwear is fine to endure intense and constant washing, after which the appearance of the fabric should not deteriorate.

The textiles for children's bed is a special kind of fabric for bedding. The baby slept, the quality of the linen must be very high. No synthetics only natural fabric. And if the baby is allergic to underwear and does the approach need to be special – special, hypoallergenic fabric and, of course, is that city market.

What kind of fabric mothers choose for baby bedding?

  • Cotton (100%). The most popular material, both in pure form and with fibers in the overall composition of mixed fabrics. Bed linen of cotton not shock, will not slide and stick to the body – it is comfortable in any season.
  • Chintz. Cotton printed or patterned cloth low cost. Suitable for regular use. Disadvantage – low durability.
  • Satin. Lightweight cotton fabric (twisted thread double weave). Satin is more sturdy than cotton – holds up to three hundred intensive washings. Not wrinkled, soft against the skin.
  • Blended fabric (synthetic/cotton). Is significantly cheaper cotton fabrics, even though the differences find to be very difficult. Cons: quickly loses its appearance after washing, do not allow the skin to breathe fully.
  • Calico. Popular material for everyday bedding. The more dense and rigid than, for example, satin. Strong and durable, can withstand a great number of washes and the most breathable. Minus – can fade in the wash.
  • Len. The sturdy, wear-resistant and durable fabric. Environmentally friendly, comfortable in every season, maintains an optimal thermal conditions, it absorbs moisture. Cons – rough cloth for the baby's skin, it is bad to use, worth a lot.
  • Bamboo. This modern, bamboo fabric has already gained popularity due to its unique properties – anti-microbial properties, taking care of temperature and humidity regimes, high strength under the conditions of washing, softness.

For the newly born babies are definitely the best choice satin  - soft, pleasant material, worthy of withstanding a lot of washing.

The color of linen for kids — what to choose?

This criterion depends on the age and wishes of the baby, and also the style in which decorated the children's room. A win – win neutral, pastel colors . having to sleep and not provide the exciting action on the sensitive nervous system of the baby. Sharp scale to select desirable.

  • Choose your style peach, beige, cream, pink, blue, sand, terracotta, ochre.
  •   For newbornsdo not take linen with pronounced drawings . better – with a barely noticeable or no.
  • For older kids fit linen with their favorite cartoon characters . This linen will allow for easy putting children to bed and restful sleep. But in the company of your favorite heroes baby will feel comfortable and protected.
  • Bright, contrasting colors do not contribute to the rest – they a stimulant effect on the nervous system. And some colors (like black, purple or grey) and all are depressing, they better refuse .

Recommendations on choosing bed linen for children

  • Material of the bedding linen will beto be subjected to frequent washings . Accordingly, it must be durable and resistant even to boiling water. Based on this fact, it is better to stay on the cotton, satin, flannel and linen light shades. Also, keep in mind the features washing Laundry for Allergy sufferers children .
  • Ruffles, lace, buttons and lots of ribbons is, of course, beautiful and very sweet. But the beauty of this you should be careful. If it is present on the linen, pre-check tight sewn details, you can not put down. Some unscrupulous manufacturers allow myself to make bed linen with glue. Be careful.
  • Unacceptable mount parts on the inner side of underwear – only external.
  • Make sure missing electrostatic effect .
  • Pay attention to the filler – it must consist only of natural fibers (feathers, hair).
  • The sheets on the elastic band or laces do not give underwear to get off when the baby tossing and turning in her sleep. This will avoid wrinkles and folds of fabric, providing the baby more restful sleep.
  • Use linen for the season. Winter – flannel, Terry cotton. Summer, satin, cotton, calico.

When choosing bed linens for your crumbs, not only rely on the recommendations and the external appeal of the fabric -listen to the wishes of the child .

And - sweet healthy dreams to your kids!