Children's pools — make the right choice

What could be more lovely than to flop into the cool water of the private pool in the midst of a hot day? And for children this question even more relevant. As a rule, country ponds, or too far, or do not differ in the necessary purity, or non-existent. The perfect solution is to buy a pool for your child, which will allow the crumbs to cool off on a hot afternoon, and to temper your body and get a positive charge.

What are children's pools, and what to look for when buying them?

Inflatable baby pool is easy, inexpensive, popular

This version of pool is the most popular. Inflatable pools differ in color and shape, size, and price, availability for more details and the method of inflating . They are usually bright, with lots of drawings on the bottom and the sides, with toys in the kit and tents from the sun. Before this pool to buy, decide the purpose of buying – do it to stay Teens . either bathing a tiny baby. It is clear that in the latter case, the deep pool will not work.

The advantages of children's inflatable pools

  • The water is very quickly heated and long retains heat.
  • The movement of the inflatable pool for the site (and beyond) is not a problem. Children's pool can easily take with you to the beach and to pump a car pump.
  • Inflatable pools easily blown away . inflatable and transportable.
  • No need for complex and expensive servicing, as well as additional funds (the accessories) for cleaning.
  • In rainy weatherthe pool can be migrated the room and transform it into dry pool filled plastic the balls.
  • Minimal risk of injury for a child due to the softness of the boards.
  • Affordability.
  • More than a wide range.
  • Installation of inflatable pool is not dependent on the landscape in the area and the groundwater level. A pit is not required, and you can put where your heart desires.

Disadvantages of children's inflatable pools

  • Fragility respectively the intensity of use (usually no more than three seasons).
  • Modest amounts of . It is unlikely the kid will learn to swim in this pool.
  • Also, it would be impossible to sit (recline) on the side – the shape of the pool held by the water.
  • The lack of filters and, as a consequence, rapid fouling. Change the water in this pool will have very often, which is inconvenient in cases where water on the site are the problem.
  • The inability to install the system for water heating or illumination.
  • Inflatable pool requires frequent repair . despite the air, etc.
  • When exposed to the sun and other factors in the pool begin to breed algae – yellow (on the bottom), black (on the walls) and green — in the water and on the walls.

Things to remember when choosing baby inflatable pool?

  • From 15 to 17 cm at the age of fifteen years.
  • Not more than 50 cm at the age of one and a half to three years.
  • From 50 to 70 cm at the age of three and up to seven years.
  • The pools are inflatable bottom and sides . or only with inflatable sides . The first option is always preferable. When the rough surface all the stones and barbs getting sensitive foot, stepping on the bottom of the film. Inflatable bottom ensures maximum comfort when bathing.
  • The more the width of the sides of the pool . so they are safer for the baby. For children it is preferable to choose the pools with boards that perform the function of sun lounger or seat.
  • In a tiny pool, parents can easily fill the water basins (buckets), large swimming pool water not to coach. So it makes sense to attend tothe purchase of the pump for pumping water (sometimes included).
  • Choosing a pump for pumping water, it is better to give the preference to the model that hasfilter . the water in which to bathe the child, extra cleaning wouldn't hurt.
  • It is also worth remembering draining – pump it out using buckets is also not particularly convenient. Preferably, choose a pool that has a special valve to drain. It is possible to insert the hose and quietly drain the water.
  • If the height of the sides does not allow the child to get in the water, you should think aboutladder . Of course, the ladder should be safe. And, of course, and not talking about the independent swim (diving) crumbs – the presence of parents is mandatory .
  • Pool for child and requires additional accessories . For example, a tent which will protect baby from the sun, and the swimming pool from falling natural debris. You should also special rubber Mat at the bottom – it will reduce the slipperiness of the bottom and the need for leveling land for a pool.
  • Material of inflatable pools (PVC)can not withstand mechanical impact . It is advisable to keep away from him Pets.

Frame children's pool portable and durable

This pool is a great alternative to an inflatable pool. The perfect, practical option personal pond, present in the market in huge range. It is usually made based on stable structures made of wood or metal . the very basis is performedof polymers (special plastics).

The advantages of timber frame children's pools

  • Installation can be achievedanywhere on the site .
  • The kit usually includes the equipment needed to maintain quality of all systems in the basin, including pumps, filters, awnings, bedding on the bottom and different means to care for the pool.
  • Modern pools are made ofreliable, durable materials and have a long service life. Multiples more in comparison with inflatable pools.
  • Frame poolsdo not spoil the landscape and does not require special training to install.
  • Pool convenient and easy to install, Assembly (disassembly) and storage.
  • In rainy weather the pool can be used as a sandbox .
  • The pool frame is more reliable against mechanical damage than an inflatable model.
  • To preserve the shape of the pool contribute to metal structural elements is pool provides stability and allows you to bathe multiple children without the risk of deformation of the Board.
  • It is worth noting and more reliable fixing of awnings .

Disadvantages frame pools

  • A conventional bottom (not inflatable) . resulting in falls for leveling the land for a swimming pool, in order to avoid troubles when swimming and various mechanical damages of the bottom. Many parents make the pads under the base of the pool (linoleum, etc.).
  • Not every frame pool for sale withsun awning in the kit. Most likely, it will have to be purchased separately.
  • The monotony of the design – kind of a minus. Basically, the difference is in the design of the boards.

Things to remember when choosing baby frame swimming pool?

  • Pump you can buy asmanual and foot . More efficient and convenient to use – electric pump.
  • Withoutawning children's pool can not do. In the heat, he will protect the crown of the child from the scorching rays, and in other seasons from natural contaminants.
  • Each pool must be accompanied bykit . allowing you to quickly fix a puncture, cut or other defects.
  • Will not interfere in the economy and such a thing as vacuum cleaner to cleanse the bottom pool. Andlitter on the bottom and ladder at the height of the Board.

Dry children's pool healthy child

Such options pools today can be seen everywhere – in malls, kindergartens, apartments and country houses. Externally, it is a classic inflatable swimming pool (round, square), filled with balls of high quality plastic .

Advantages of dry pool:

  • The formation of correct posture. due to the fact that the baby's spine takes the desired anatomical position.
  • Muscle relaxation and improving blood supply.
  • The development of motor skills .
  • Strengthening the musculoskeletal system.
  • The possibility of easy transport the pool from the apartment to the cottage, to the beach, guests etc.
  • Massage effect and improve metabolism.
  • The normalization of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. of the respiratory system.

Important guidelines for choosing children's pool

  • Quality. This is the main criterion when buying any thing. Be sure to ask the seller a certificate of quality. You should make sure that the pool is made from environmentally friendly materials that paint pictures safe that the glue used is appropriate.
  • Touch material. smell to it - there should be no sharp chemical smells.
  • Make sure no protruding sharp parts, plastic corners. slices, which can cause injury.
  • Do not throw at the first pool. Thanks to the Internet, there is a possibility to study and compare supply in the market, analyze the customer reviews.
  • Comfort. The child should be comfortable in the pool. Check for special pens for emphasis (seat, cupholders, etc.). Don't forget that the child will not be sitting motionless in the pool, which means that every detail must be thought out.
  • Design. Kids love all bright and colorful. And if a teenager would love the opportunity to flop in the heat in the private pool, the toddler will attract a pool in the shape of fruit (cars, animals, etc.) decorated with your favorite cartoon characters.
  • The shape of the pool. Of course, a round pool is always preferable. Due to the absence of welded corners, such a thing would please the child much longer. And in relation to the security round is always better.

With proper attention to details of the pool safety child pool, of course, is exclusively benefits children's health and psyche . Experts advise from a very early age to teach children to swim in the pool. Especially useful are water games for toddlers problems of the respiratory system .

What is the pool for the child You choose? Feedback from parents

We have from inflatable pools refused. Rubber (anyway) is still the Chinese to lean on the pool impossible. Holes appear instantly. We several pools changed over the summer, the bottom of some stem will pierce the bottom, the cat claws scratch, the birds from the garden will be here soon. In General, worn out, decided to take the frame.

— We have an inflatable pool (for the second). In principle, I like it. But again there is no drain, you have to manually drain-fill – very uncomfortable. The second option we took with a slide – our toddler is crazy about water from the pool behind the ears and not pull. However, this summer already will be small, you need. In the winter time, we pool set directly in the nursery and filled it with plastic balls (I bought a huge bag that the child could "swim"). I think the pool is an irreplaceable thing at all for children's entertainment.

We took the pool with a roof that water does not overheat, and the head was not baked. Of course, a miracle, and not a pool. Springy, bright, from the side of the giraffe's head sticking out, slide the roof all the fun at once.)) The frame did not take too hard. Son in the pool flops booty, and this is unlikely to be as good in the frame pool.)) On the night of the film close to nothing to attack. Water change every day to not bloomed.

— We kids have grown up, six years. We took them frame pool (the paddling pool is already too small) – plenty of space. And taken from the water purification system. We have bad water, and in the frame pool is great the filters are. And stronger the frame will be – inflatable pools, and only had time to change. Awning was not complete, they themselves did. Bought a large tent blown that adults use on kebab exits. Very convenient.