Household appliances on credit — is it worth buying?

  Today no one can do without home appliances in the house. Everyone wants a modern washing machine, a new roomy refrigerator, plasma and other household joys. Alas, the price for such a pleasure usually exceeds the income of the average person who has to apply to the bank for a loan. Where can I get money urgently? What are the characteristics of a loan for household appliances? What are the advantages and disadvantages? What to look for when you take out such a loan? Is this purchase on credit justified?

Advantages of purchase of household appliances on credit

  • Equipment loan is the chance to purchase urgently needed . just the actual or momentary desired product, money that is made available by the Bank, not you.
  • Even if the product is more expensive, you pay for it anyway still. I.
  • To purchase equipment with specific modifications is possible right here and now, not in a hypothetical year or two.
  • There is no need to shell out a huge amount – it will be possible to pay monthly in small amounts .
  • For loans that are issued in stores in the technique, today banks offers very favorable terms – zero down payment . no commissions and penalties.
  • Often you can find the offer about buying equipment on credit without interest .
  • Some consumers take out loans for household appliances, to fix its tainted past credit history . Next time will need more substantial loan, the Bank will take into account this paid the last loan. This fact leads to the following advantage:
  • Credit on household appliances you can takeeven zapatinas credit history .

Disadvantages of purchasing appliances on credit

  • The percentage that goes to the lender for urgency, convenience and the minimum of documents significantly increases the price product.
  • You can enjoy a very quickly, but as for payment – you have monthly to transfer to the creditor.
  • Overpayment . It depends on the cost of equipment and conditions of the lender.
  • The Bank may to repossess the equipment if repayment of the loan .
  • Carelessness . Usually burning purchase by the consumer reads the contract, which stipulates the fee, fines, etc. the Result often becomes a double overpayment for goods, loan defaults and lawsuits.

Household appliances on credit. Pitfalls

Any loan is the presence of pitfalls, whichbetter to know in advance . to get into monetary bondage. The main "reef" is the percent. For example, initially the customer talking about 12 percent but after a while, already in the process of redemption, it turns out that in reality the rate is as high as 30 percent. Therefore, you should require pre-designation of final rates and payment schedule. Also it should be aware of the following pitfalls:

  • The total amount of all payments. Ask for a detailed payment plan for the loan with the final amount and payments for each month.
  • Penalties. Ask, what will be the amount of the penalty in case of early repayment of the loan.
  • A zero fee. You think – "That's it, good luck! Now take the goods without a penny in my pocket and save for down payment". There it was. And here you will find a catch. The size of the rate on such loan may exceed fifty percent. Be careful – the banks give nothing for nothing.
  • Commission. Specify every detail of the loan. Commissions can be countless for the facilities and opening accounts for transferring money, insurance and much more. You and the consultant does not lose anything if you just ask again about the nuances of the loan, but you will really understand how much and for what you pay.
  • A contract of insurance. Learn the item with insurance cases very carefully, otherwise there is a risk to be a debtor in any event. It is preferable to choose an insurance company offering to cover the maximum risk with minimum exceptions.
  • Strange contract? Demand clarification. You are required to provide them.

Experts advise not to take a loan, if the funds are planned to spend on something that will not grow in value. To such goods and household appliances.

Why you should not rush to buy household appliances on credit

  • Appliances very quickly depreciates. For example, fashion TV you buy today, in three to four months will cost you less.
  • As quickly as the falling cost of technology, change and models. There are more modern versions of equipment.
  • Postponing the purchase for a month or two you may realize that the thing you absolutely nowhere (for example, the third TV in the house).
  • If the need for acute technique is valid, it makes sense to start to borrow from friends (close) to avoid percent.

When to take the appliances on credit?

  • If it is difficult to accumulate (impossible) and TV (fridge, washing machine, etc.) is desperately needed. For example, when a sudden breakage of old equipment.
  • When moving into a new apartment usually buy new equipment, and old dumped on the country. Of course, all just buy for cash impossible – for the average Russian this is too much overhead. Here and helps out a loan. Multiple items at once to take much easier – don't have to get credit for every purchase.
  • If cash is not. tools allow you to take the equipment to the loan and the goods in the store is very well liked – again, helps out a Bank loan.
  • If your child (husband, wife, etc.) birthday, and I want to please it, for example, new computer that you just cannot manage to save or borrow.

Important recommendations for purchasing household appliances on credit

  • The loan for a long time unprofitable from two positions: first, you pay a considerable sum on interest (sometimes it reaches half the value of the goods), and second, the product for a year or two obsolete, and will cost much cheaper.
  • It is preferable to take a loan the technique, which is not cheaper. and for the shortest possible time.
  • Short-term loans will always be the most expensive. Pay attention to bet and every item of the contract.
  • When studying the conditions of the contract carefully study the size of fines in case of default (early repayment), credit terms, Commission (order and size), etc.
  • Don't be fooled, referring to the consultant for clarification – he is obliged to answer all of your questions. Demand to calculate total amount of payments  specifically your purchase.
  • In a situation when suddenly discovered that the seller was concealed an overpayment, an amount of the bet and other payments to the client the right to demand for themselves justice .

One of the most interesting lending options for the consumer now consideredinstallment  . Overpayment on the loan will be minimal, and the difference in the rate will be repaid to the lender by the store. The difference in price in this case is provided byscheme of discounts on those goods that fall under the installment  . This option can be found in many retail chains.