As Russian Housewives succeed, or the conquest of the system the fly lady

Once anyone is not known at the time the gauze of Scilly, tired of the eternal home of chaos, a thought came not to create such a system for the maintenance of order for Housewives, that the house was perfectly clean, and while the woman remained a woman, not a washing machine with functions of vacuum cleaner, the dishwasher, etc. the Idea is not passed, and materialized in "the fly lady", known today throughout the world.

What is this system?

What is the fly lady, or universities good Housewives

"FlyLady" is originally "nick" page Marla on the Internet in 2001. The girl who indulged subscribers recommendations on cleaning the apartment. After six years, the number of subscribers Marla has exceeded 400 thousand, and later Russia had created such a society of Housewives, where "FlyLady" deciphered as "winged (flying) the housewife"   . The "fly lady" system today is cleaning the house without much effort, rational use of free time and pleasure in the process of establishing order. In short, Marla Scilly became the "fairy" who helped many women who were tired of endless heavy cleaning.

The basics of the fly lady zones, routine, control journal fly lady

  • Hot spot . This term refers to a corner/place in the apartment, where one tiny paper grows garbage Everest.
  • Boogie in 27 shots – daily Troubleshooting 27 absolutely unnecessary things in the apartment.
  • Routine. One of the main terms "fly lady". Means the list of minor but mandatory Affairs in the morning (make bed, get presentable, etc.), day (the main business and Affairs) and evening (preparation of list for the next day, returning things to their rightful places, bedtime routine, etc.).
  • Audit trail. This term is a notebook that lists all the activities (routine) housework, shopping lists, necessary phone numbers, etc.
  • Areas are those areas in the house that require order – kitchen (zone 1), bathroom (zone 2) and so on. For each zone, the time of cleaning.
  • Timer. Without it, a real fly lady can not do. Because the time for cleaning is 15 minutes, and no more.
  • Sink . One of the main rules – it should always Shine. And no mountain of dishes to clean it immediately after eating. It's such a good good habit.
  • No Slippers! The house is not relaxing. The fly lady needs to be dressed at home as if at any moment can descend guests. This means that the word "lazy" does not exist: hairstyle, appearance, makeup, manicure – everything should be perfect, the best.

Cleaning the fly lady – the basic principles of the inspired housewife

  • Weekend – time for a rest and loved ones. No cleanups!
  • General cleaning is not needed! Following the "fly lady", the order induced by the regular cleaning of each zone are strictly for 15 minutes.
  • Cleaning should begin not at the moment when it becomes dirty, and regularly and regardless of the condition of the floor/things/household appliances/plumbing.
  • Any thing back immediately after use.
  • Do not hoard in the house of unnecessary things. No matter how sad, pathetic or memorable – give (throw away) things that are not in use. Get rid of belongings, no matter what. Being treated for "materialism".
  • Constantly monitor the angles of the house. which turn into "the barn" more often than others. Exclude such transformations regular cleaning.
  • Not trying to do everything at once – start out small. Gradually form a habit to wash the sink, then the stove immediately after use, etc.
  • Do not buy a new one while there is an "old" one. and do not do reserves. Have a package of buckwheat? So a couple pounds would be superfluous. I bought new towels for the kitchen? Old – in the garbage. Do not hoard in each box, lids, plastic boxes from mayonnaise and packages for all occasions.
  • Time to "stew" all the hot spots . Such as, for example, the table in the hall, where the evening is going to a bunch of keys, small things, and the desired papers – parse twice a day.

Fly the lady in Russian: what can Russian housewives learn from the flylady system?

Than good system of the fly lady? It available to all. and for her don't need a complicated manual in the whole book. Despite the fact that the fly lady is more popular in the West, our women can easily master its basic principles (how many successfully and doing). The majority of our women the main part of the day goes at work. That is, on a full-time maid and the beloved, there is very little. This system allows you to create your own convenient schedule of cleaning of the apartment for a week. and don't feel mired in the eternal order. The fly lady helps you organize and systematize the process of cleaning. so as not to fall by the night from fatigue and, at the same time, manage everything. Why does this work? What is the reason for the popularity of the system and the advantages?

  • The ease and accessibility of the system. The ability to maintain order with the release of productive time for yourself.
  • The training factor . System fly lady teaches us to love your home and restore order with pleasure, without turning the cleaning hard.
  • "Order in the apartment suggests a tidy mind and in life." A woman is able to streamline your life, it is easy to cope with any challenges in life.

Have You tried to arrange the order of the house on the fly lady? We will be happy to know Your opinion about it!