Baby Wallpaper: paper, vinyl, liquid, non-woven Wallpaper for children – how to choose?

Everything parents want in a children's room was cozy, comfortable atmosphere, pleasing to the baby. Desirable harmony in the combination of furniture design, curtains in the nursery. pattern on the Wallpaper, and even bedding. The important factor in a child's room design is the Wallpaper. Their quality, color, and illustration affect a child's health and on the aesthetic perception of the room as a whole. What Wallpaper is better to choose to the nursery — see below.

Best baby Wallpaper: what Wallpapers to choose for the nursery – vinyl, paper, non-woven Wallpapers, glass Wallpapers, photo Wallpapers, liquid Wallpaper?

Making choices in a diverse assortment of Wallpaper, be aware that the Wallpaper in the nursery should be made of natural materials. Demand that the seller certificate of quality. which will confirm that the main components of the Wallpapers: colorant and binder, paper, and other components compliant with the standards.

  • Vinyl Wallpaper. the base of which consists of paper or nonwoven fabric, and the front layer is a vinyl covering, have a number of advantages. First, these Wallpapers are durable, easy to glue, they are good at hiding irregularities of the walls, are easier to tolerate the influence of sunlight. They are suitable for child's room – teenager, when there is no need to change them too often.
  • Paper Wallpaper have not too high a price, so shown on such Wallpaper children's creativity, not very costly for the family budget, and after a time they can be changed. Baby paper wall can "breathe" and contain no synthetic additives. These Wallpapers are perfect for rooms where there are small children: a child will look at pictures on the Wallpaper (cars, fairy tale characters, flowers). Finish a child's room paper Wallpaper, you can compare with a great tablet for children's drawings.
  • Children's non-woven Wallpaper different from the paper higher strength and ductility. On human health they have no adverse effects to not contain in its structure of chlorine, PVC and other hazardous substances. Non-woven Wallpaper is moisture resistant and easy to clean, hard light, breathable and can withstand the process of repainting to 10 times. The disadvantages include a high price and the limited pictures.
  • Fiberglass – a relatively new material. They are used mainly for decoration of offices and exhibition halls. These Wallpapers are environmentally friendly (made from soda ash, dolomite, sand and lime), non-toxic, hypoallergenic, waterproof, fireproof, easily are kept clean. The disadvantages include: the complex preparation for pasting (the surface of the walls should be perfectly smooth condition, and prevent them cracking) and apply heavy-duty glue. Apply the fiberglass in the nursery – not the best option.
  • Wallpapers easily add variety to any child's room. A mural can liven up the room, covered with paper Wallpaper or to share their kid's room into different zones: gaming, recreation area, study area. Using wall murals can be children's room turned into a magical world where little dreamer will feel like a Prince or Princess, will plunge into the world inhabited by his favorite characters from cartoons. Photo Wallpapers in the interior of the nursery contribute to the development of the child's sense of beauty and taste.
  • The best children's wallpaper at the moment - ecological clean and practicalliquid Wallpaper. Any children's art on the walls these Wallpapers are easily removed by repainting them in a different color. Another advantage is that the process of repainting can be carried out repeatedly. The only drawback of these Wallpapers is their high cost.
  • Cork Wallpaper. from the bark of the cork tree is perfect for those families who have noisy neighbors. Clean, warm, sound-proof cork Wallpaper is fantastically beautiful and pleasant to the touch.

Choose the color of the Wallpaper in the nursery – what color Wallpaper for the nursery would be better?

The color of the Wallpaper in the nursery and the pictures they choose, given the nature of the baby: calm – choose warm colors active child – cool colors. The best option when choosing the Wallpaper in the nursery — to take the child with them, so he also took part in shaping the image of your room.

  The color scale on the wallpaper in the children's room influences the psychological state of the child, scientists and psychologists came to such conclusion. So, for example, the yellow, peach color of the walls induces the child to knowledge, study, new discoveries. If the children's room belongs to children of different sexes. then you can think about zoning space, including - using a different color wallpaper. Choosing wallpaper in the nursery for the color scheme, do not forget about the age of the child:

  • Very little (under two years of age) it is advisable to put a part of a child's room bright and colourful Wallpapers.
  • A child under the age of four best fit Wallpaper warm and natural shades, dominated by yellow, blue and green.
  • Toddler 4 - 6 years it is desirable to divide children's room Wallpaper on two areas: top – the aesthetic and the lower for creativity where the child will be able with impunity to show their talents of the artist. The color scheme of Wallpaper for a kid this age, it is desirable to maintain in the spectrum of the rainbow spring: alternating two or three colors, such as white and blue.
  • With 6 to 9 years it is better to use bright colors Wallpaper, but without pictures. Psychologists for children this age, when the baby is full, you should purchase Wallpaper in a vertical strip that helps the child focus.
  • From 9 to 11 years girls want the "pink" room, and the boys blue, sea green. Stopping the choice on the color of the Wallpaper, remember that at this age the children become conservatives, and the next few years they will not allow to change something in their territory. So you need to work hard to make their room looked normal and after a few years.

Children's wallpapers - how to choose a picture for children's wallpaper?

  • Kids up to four years suitable image on the wall in the form of stars, flowers and other symbols without storylines. When choosing a pattern, remember that too often the image on the Wallpaper, can be tiring and annoying. It is better to stop on a single picture or story that will be in demand when playing with the child.
  • Four years the patterns can contain storyline: characters from favorite cartoons. Usually, boys prefer pictures with cars, airplanes and other machinery. Girls usually like pictures of Teddy bears, dolls, for example, "Barbie". Wallpaper depicting characters from the cartoons, most popular and kids of any age.