Decorating and serving Christmas buffet 2014 — prepare the new year's table in the year of the Horse

Approaching The New Year. If You are thinking how to decorate Christmas table special, then you can draw it in the style of Oriental symbol of year – Blue Wooden Horse.

Choose decor Christmas table: how to decorate Christmas table for 2014?

  • Use green, blue, purple, and blue.
  • Place in the center of the table transparent vase with water and floating candles.
  • Position on the table, candles in the shape of fabulous animals, snowballs, or houses. You can use simple candles, wrapped in bright foil or rain. By the way, make their own candles is easy: melt regular candles in a water bath, touch up inks and fill in the appropriate form. See also: How to make an alternative Christmas tree for the New 2014 year of the Horse with their hands.
  • Near the appliances guests put a mini-candle. It is made simply: fill a half of a shell of a nut with clay. Fix a candle in it and decorate with dry flowers. All this is transferred to paper and secure with clay or glue.
  • Use safe electric candles for decor Christmas table or Christmas tree.
  • Think of a Christmas flower arrangement from flowers, fruits, fir branches and put it in the center or hang on the edges of the table. See also: How to decorate an apartment for the New year 2014 Blue Wooden Horse?
  • Don't forget about small wooden or porcelain horses. Next to them you can put a saucer with English porridge or sprouted oats, supplemented with a tiny bridle of thread or tape.

Plan serving the new year table 2014: original ideas in serving new year's table in 2014

  • Cover the table with natural linen tablecloth and napkins.Choose a tablecloth of blue or green, and napkins – white or blue.
  • Put on the table wooden bowls or vases.
  • Put it on a table beautifully laid out, fresh and green.
  • Under the decorative tree put a slice of black bread.
  • The table should be mainly vegetarian, with a minimal amount of meat and fish.
  • Try to plan meals that are subjected to minimum heat treatment.
  • Always bright juice, homemade lemonade, juice, juice cocktails or juice.
  • Oatmeal cookies, muffins, crackers, goat cheese need to be used for serving new year's table 2014.
  • In new year's eve menu prefer fragrant baked goods, pastry, green salads, cheese, eggs or mushrooms.
  • The real Mare is the perfect solution for the original serving new year's table.
  • Of alcoholic beverages it is better to choose champagne or soft drinks.
  • Housewives note – important Chinese luck when making a new year's table: after 9pm there is nothing to slice it with a knife, otherwise it will cut your happiness. Of course, do not strongly trust this belief, but of common sense in it.
  • Try to plan the decoration of the Christmas table so that you have a few hours left for loved ones.

Exciting preparation for the new year celebration is not only responsible but also pleasant task. In fact, thinking over every detail of the Christmas table, you are already starting to look forward to bright and cheerful holiday .

Choose the most suitable advice   . and let your New Year's Eve be the beginning of a beautiful and interesting 2014!