How to preserve a bouquet of flowers longer – tips on preserving flowers fresh for a long time

One of the key reasons why a cut flower wilting in a vase – it's the stress experienced by the plant due to the lack of the usual diet, dehydration and reduction of sugars in the tissues. How to extend the life of flowers?

  • Before you drop your flower into the water, cut the stem end on the bias . If necessary, remove the flower from the water, don't forget to repeat this operation. It is desirable to update the slices under running water in the early morning. Daily water change is required.
  • The lower leaves are removed from stems prior to the installation of flowers in a vase (roses and thorns are removed). It will be protected from active bacterial growth in the water and reduce evaporation.
  • If the stem is solid (like roses), you should split end by a few cm and attach to the inside part of the match to enhance absorption of moisture. Soft stems a little cut or scratch easily with a needle.
  • If the hollow stems of flowers (lupins, dahlias, etc.), you should fill them with water and plug the hole with cotton wool .
  • The allocation of the milky juice the tips of the stems are on fire or for a couple of seconds, immersed in boiling water.
  • Make it possible to extend the freshness of the bouquet and charcoal . One small piece will protect the stems from rotting and at the same time disinfects the water. For these purposes many of the old-fashioned use silver coins.
  • If you were presented with a bouquet, do not remove the packaging and place the flowers in a vase. Let them move away from the stress – prune, remove extra leaves and leave for 3-4 hours wrapped in damp paper in a cool place.
  • Don't forget to defend the water before installing a bouquet – chlorine colors on advantage will not go.
  • Take care of your bouquets from the sun and draughts – put the vase in a cozy for plants. Just not near ripe fruit.
  • To prolong the freshness of bouquets can be used special shop tools (chrisal, Bud, etc. ). With their help, the bouquet can keep your beauty up to 3-4 weeks.
  • Temperature 18-19 degrees for bouquets is more preferable than 22 degrees.

Individual rules preserve the freshness of the colors is as follows:

  • Life lilies and tulips extend through the removal of the anthers – that is, preventing pollination.
  • Clove will last much longer if in water, add sugar, dahlias I prefer vinegar, and roses and chrysanthemums will help in maintaining the freshness of a regular aspirin. As for asters – it is better to drop in a mild solution of alcohol (no more than tablespoons to 1 liter of water).
  • Roses feed boiled or settled raw water with the addition of crizal, pre-Oblomov lower the spikes and making long slices (always diagonally!).
  • Carnation requires room-temperature water with dissolved aspirin or kresala.
  • If your vase a bouquet of irises – keep their ice cubes. Love irises chilled water. Kersal too. But with the amount of water not overdo it, irises "depth" is not needed.
  • Juice daffodils select in water, harmful to other flowers. Therefore, forming the common bouquet in a vase, do not forget during the day to defend the daffodils in a separate container.
  • Tulips also will not abandon the ice cubes in the water. As for fixing the stems to avoid them bending in different directions, it is possible 3-4 hours to hold flowers in place.
  • Gerbera  a lot of water is not needed - a maximum of 4-6 cm from the bottom. To preserve the freshness, salt the sections of stems.
  • Dahlias best stand in the vinegar solution.
  • As for classic decorative greenery for a bouquet, it will not prevent citric acid in water and wetting from a spray. If flowers from the bouquet to acid are contraindicated, then treat the greens separately, then return it to the common bouquet.