Choosing the best detergent for dishwashers

Everyone knows that the dishwasher is a real salvation for every housewife. Saves time, energy and even water with energy. And in order to serve the technology for a long time, it is necessary not only to look after it properly, but also to choose the means for washing correctly. Firstly, not to damage the machine, and secondly, that it is used as efficiently as possible.

The types of detergents for dishwashers – pills, powders, or gels?

To "dishwasher" served faithfully for more than one year, and the dishes after it sparkled and creaked with cleanliness, you need to choose suitable and effective cleaning supplies.

That offers the modern market?

Economical, popular and convenient type of detergent. Disadvantages: you can pour past the compartment or even, in special cases, scratch the dishes. Accidental inhalation of microparticles of the powder upon pouring is also of no use. The wash cycle "eats" about 30 g of the product.

The most safe for the machine, an economical and convenient tool. Does not contain abrasives, softens water, does not spoil (does not oxidize) silver, removes even hard spots, is suitable for porcelain, quickly dissolves in water (even with a short cycle). Yes, and shedding the gel is also very difficult.

For older models of cars are not recommended (the old model can simply not find a tool in tablets). In other cases - a convenient, effective tool without the drawbacks of powdered products. Minus - with a short cycle, such a pill may just not have time to dissolve. The price also goes a little more expensive, in comparison with the powders. For 1 cycle takes 1 tablet (with soft water).

These products are the most popular and have a triple action - detergent, special water softener + rinse aid. And sometimes also a freshener for the car, protection against scale, etc.

This kind is for the mistresses who dream of a remedy completely washed in the car. ECO-funds are devoid of perfumes, are hypoallergenic, do not remain on the dishes.

The choice of the remedy remains with the hostess. Everything depends on the machine itself, the size of the purse, the number of regularly washable dishes, etc.

Also used (in the absence of funds 3B1):

That is, special salt. Its function is to protect it from scale.

Purpose - protection from stains on the dishes.

It is necessary for a pleasant aroma of freshness, both from dishes and from machinery.

7 best detergents for dishwashers for reviews mistresses

According to consumer reviews, the rating of the detergents for dishwashers are presented in the following products:

The average cost is about 1300 rubles per bottle of 1.3 liters.

Economical tool, which is enough for 4-5 months with daily downloads.

Effectively launches dishes - to squeak and shine. Convenient use. With a minimum of utensils, you can fill the minimum amount of money.

Manufacturer - Reckitt Benckiser.

The average cost is 400 rubles for 30 pcs. ECO-tool 7 in 1.

The composition of essential eucalyptus oil.

These tablets protect the glass, provide shine to stainless steel dishes, remove all unpleasant odors. No rinse aid and salt are required (these components are already present in the composition).

Bio-Total can be used for a short cycle of washing, thanks to the rapid dissolution of tablets. Chlorine, phosphates, flavors, aggressive chemistry are absent. There are no divorces on the dishes.

The average cost is about 800 rubles.

This means of triple action does not require additional use of a conditioner.

Also included in the composition are anti-scale components and salt that softens the water. Dishes after washing are perfectly clean, without divorce. Pre-soaking of dirty dishes is not required. Consumption - economical.

The average cost is about 1300 rubles for 60 pcs.

A highly effective remedy that easily and cleanly laundered even the adherent remains of food. According to consumers, it is one of the best tools. Completely rinsed with water.

Manufacturer - Reckitt Benckiser, Poland.

The average cost is 600-700 rubles for 30 pcs.

ECO-agent (three-layer tablets).

Action is intense, fast. Provides cleanliness and shine of dishes even at low temperature of water. Formula means - with natural soda, rinse, salt.

Harmful chemistry, phosphates, supplements are absent. Protects against limescale. Does not cause allergies.

The manufacturer is Germany.

The average cost is 500 rubles for 40 pcs.

Instant fat splitting, reliable protection against scale / limescale.

The product is effective at any water temperature, provides disinfection, is completely washed off with water.

Salt and rinse aid are already present in the composition.

The manufacturer is Germany.

The average cost is 550 rubles for 60 pcs.

The ideal cleaning dishes to a Shine, leaves no residue, eliminates unpleasant odors. The silver dishes, the tool protects from tarnishing, machine from scale.

In addition, salt and rinse are not necessary.

How to choose the right tools for the dishwasher?

In order for your dishwasher to work efficiently and for a long time, select the detergents correctly and taking into account all the nuances (the composition of the product, the type of machine, etc.).

  • The first and most important: never apply technology for its conventional means, which is used for washing up by hand. You risk to ruin the dishwasher once and for all. Choose tools in accordance with the type/class of car.
  • Slightly alkaline media with enzymes. Such means wash the dishes perfectly and carefully even at 40-50 degrees, they can be used for any type of cookware.
  • Funds with chlorine in the composition. This component is known as an aggressive and hard, any contamination washed quickly and clean. But for fragile, delicate dishes such a tool absolutely does not fit (crystal, porcelain, Nickel silver, painted dishes, silverware).
  • Means, in which there are alkaline components + an oxidizing component, created on the basis of oxygen, are suitable for almost any dish. But they differ bleaching effect.
  • If you save on generic detergents, it is recommended to buy salt, degreasers and conditioners to protect and cleanse machines.
  • When choosing gel as the detergent note to its composition. Looking for a tool that does not contain chlorine bleach, phosphates, and EDTA, dyes and NTA – only non-toxic means. The best option is a gel with a pH of 4-5 and biological components in the composition.