Myths and truth about robots-vacuum cleaners — should you buy?

Hostess, which is not enough time for cleaning, so resorted to using robot vacuum cleaners. These advanced devices help to clean the dust from the floor, household items, as well as to freshen and filter the air your home.

Let's see whether this device can help and how, and define how to choose the best equipment from the diverse range of equipment.

How works robot vacuum cleaner – advanced functions and types of units

Before transferring functional characteristics and types that define what the robot vacuum cleaner. This type of equipment works on the principle of electric broom.

Manufacturers for a greater payback write on the technique that this is a vacuum cleaner, but this is not at all the case.

The main difference between a vacuum cleaner with a broom – suction power . Note — power consumption motor. Almost every model of the robot cleaner, the suction power is 33 watts, as a rule, this capacity is not specified. It means that the device, though quality, but will not be able to clean the floor or carpet like a regular vacuum cleaner. Power enough to sweep away the dust.

Remember, the robot vacuum cleaner will not be able to fully clean the room . He can't reach the corners of the room, can not clean the carpet. Thus, a General cleaning you still have to do.

Such a vacuum cleaner called robots, as devices area set of sensors   . thanks to which the technique rides the walls and any other objects standing in the middle of the room. In addition, this broom robot is also because it has automatic control.

Robots can vary in form.   Today in the Russian market there are round and square with rounded ends. They do not differ in their functionality.

Tasks that manage robotic vacuum cleaners:

  • Conduct dry cleaning coatings on 98%, not capturing areas on the corners, near walls or in corners of the room.
  • Can clean linoleum, parquet, laminate, tile.
  • When turbo mode can clean the carpet but not 100%.
  • A self-cleaning system. The robot is gathering dirt in a dust collector and he is sent to the base station where it uploads the collected debris and dust.
  • It is possible to control the robot using the remote control, or voice message. So you will be able to monitor housekeeping and to identify all the places the robot does not fall.
  • There are different modes. You can remove the private part of the floor or several times the entire room.
  • Can filter the air of the room.
  • Glow in the dark for safety.

Who needs a robot vacuum cleaner, and who he doesn't exactly need?

The robot vacuum cleaner is useful to those who:

  1. Have Pets. The technique copes with the cleaning of wool Pets.
  2. Has long hair. We all know that people every day get a lot of hair. So this equipment can easily clean up hair, which fall unnoticed from the head.
  3. Present allergic to dust, rest in peace. While you are not home, the robot do the cleaning for you and freshen the air.
  4. The accommodation is located in the area where you are building, or a vacant lot. Usually, in such places the dust gets in the house.
  5. No time for cleaning houses, apartments . either you don't want to do household chores — even the fly-lady and decided to spend this time for other purposes.
  6. Apartment-Studio. In a small area, this vacuum cleaner is very useful, as it will collect garbage in the room in which a combined bedroom and kitchen.
  7. Of course, such a vacuum cleaner to appeal to fans of gadgets. Modern vacuum cleaners can surprise anyone.

A miracle technique is not useful in the farm for those who:

  1. Most of the time outside the home.
  2. Has young children. There are several reasons. First – child can break equipment. The second vacuum will suck all of the toys that will be lying on the floor. Therefore, before cleaning you will need to get all this stuff and small items off the floor.
  3. From dry air suffers. Have yet to go to wet cleaning. Or buy a good humidifier .
  4. Doesn't want times a week or two to wash and clean the vacuum cleaner from the collected dirt.
  5. Has no means to service the device.

Note that the statistics is that 60% of the hosts that have this technique, don't use it. They use the robot vacuum cleaner every 1-2 weeks, so he collected the dust. Wet cleaning will still have to do yourself.

How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner for home correctly – tips for all occasions

We recommend you to pay attention to the following characteristics of the robot cleaner, so as not to be mistaken with the choice:

  • The amount of area that will be able to remove the model. Typically, machines with a small capacity designed for cleaning a Studio apartment. For clearing houses it is better to purchase the robot with a higher energy consumption of the motor.
  • Progrevaemost obstacles. You should choose a device that will be able to move the rapids or climb on the carpet. Usually Chinese models do not cope with this function, remember that.
  • The number of modes and functional features. Must be either standard mode or enhanced. Additional parameters can be embedded in modern models. For example, for cleaning wool may require a certain model of vacuum cleaner, with increased activity.
  • The presence of springs . provides soft touch with household items.
  • Existing sensors of convergence and inhibition.
  • Automatic adjustment of operating parameters. If you program the device for cleaning 1 time per week, it can enter and clean the room, even if you are not home. After this work, a new modern models back to base, get rid of debris and dirt, and then become recharge. This significantly simplifies your task of courting technique.
  • The capacity of the waste bin of the vacuum cleaner and base. If you have a small apartment, it will be enough machine with 0.3-0.5 liters capacity. For larger areas you should buy ones that has 1 or more litres capacity.
  • The function of air filtration. Note the layer that serves as a filter. This is usually fine filter paper and not a multilayer filter.
  • The equipment and the availability of consumables. Along with vacuuming you should provide spare brushes, filters, a bag for garbage collection, remote, springs, stops traffic, and other important details. If any parts are missing, make sure that you can buy.
  • The possibility of service. Chinese manufacturers never give any guarantee, in addition, repairing a broken camera, they will not. When buying be sure to ask the seller a pass on the warranty. Russian service centers are eager to meet their clients.
  • Brand or manufacturer . Deserve the confidence of Korean and American creators.
  • At the last moment leave the price issue. Usually fancy gadgets are expensive, but their quality and performance be on top.

Now you can definitely determine which robot vacuum cleaner you need to buy.

Answers to most important questions of the hosts

The answer is simple: no. You still have to do wet cleaning to clean corners, sills, and clean carpeted floors.

  • If the robot vacuum cleaner for families with newborn children?

Yes. While children are young, do not throw toys, the vacuum cleaner robot will not disturb anyone.

  • Will a robot vacuum cleaner allergies in getting rid of pollen, wool and house dust on the floor?

It will help, but you must decide for yourself what kind of cleaning you prefer is dry or wet.

  • Robot vacuum cleaner will work the human presence is not necessary?

The robot is a robot. He can clean the floor even without your presence.

You can program it so that it is removed at a specific time and day.

  • Help side brushes to clean all the corners?

No. The vacuum cleaner can not clean the corners with brushes.

Of course, the higher the unit's cost, the better.

But do not forget that special modes can be built into it, which you will not use.

Does your home robot vacuum cleaner, how you choose it and are you satisfied with the purchase? Share your experience in the comments below!

I have one, but was disappointed that is clean and especially at corners with him to be seen. I'm just here on a tip from a friend call a cleaning service, they made me a great genuborku and Windows all washed, but most importantly I was impressed with their water cleaner with brush, rug beater, which they gave me a sofa, two chairs, a mattress in the children's bedroom and knocked and carpets. I will tell You, that's the thing! here it is on the face of the effect and result) so that the robot vacuum cleaner-let them continue riding on the flat since I bought it, but every six months I will be like genuborku with driving order.

There is already a device, which suction power is not much inferior to the ordinary vacuum cleaner. iClebo Omega (from the manufacturer Yujin Robot) is the most powerful robot to today, and was developed specifically for carpets.

Plus, omega is the best! It is enhanced suction power and a vacuum cleaner similar. In addition, there are navigation, function of floor polisher, antibacterial filter and accum. (li-ion) which holds a charge and recharges quickly.