Paving the way to a man's heart – how and what to feed the beloved?

No one will argue with the fact that all men love to eat. And that is good and tasty-fed man is the man that can "twist the rope" (the second statement does not apply to all the princes).

And most importantly — with the fact that the beloved needs to go home from work on the wings, knowing that he was waiting for his mate with another masterpiece of cookery. And not to trudge into the dining room, to friends or to the pub.

The point is simple: if the man of the house is OK, then after work he goes home. but not elsewhere.

Of course, one delicious dinner is not enough. If the wife is a super-cook, but - a bitch with a shattered nervous system, then no fricasse, goulash and cakes of her from the divorce will not save. Therefore, it is important that everything is "bundled".

What to feed your beloved husband to justify the status of "queen of the kitchen"?

To begin with — a bit of theory:

  • Find out more about all preferences (his friends or parents).
  • Remember – what he absolutely can not tolerate . and eliminate these meals from the menu forever.
  • Make a list of his favorite foods by category. For example, "let's go crazy", "can't live without it", "loves", "refuse", "can eat for lack of another," "in the mouth will not take." So it will be easier to stick to cooking "good shape". Today and tomorrow are preparing from the category "love", on Wednesday (for example) suddenly give it the masterpiece of the series "will bring to mind".
  • Don't forget about satiety. Broccoli and green salad with spinach reserve itself, and the man doesn't have to get up from your table hungry.
  • Remember the little things. Just the dish is only half the battle. It is important the right to decorate and serve. Let your man feel your concern about him.
  • Semi-finished products from the store "to give to the enemy". Man feed only delicious, healthy and fresh food. However, private procurement has not been canceled (they will even help you to keep your finger on the pulse).
  • Don't abuse fatty, spicy and smoked . Remember, you're the man for their food, but not good to ditch. Try to cook such dishes, after which it will not seal lying on the sofa with the pills from heaviness in the stomach, heartburn and, God forbid, diarrhea. Choose wisely recipes, count calories, keep in mind its activity and exercise, balanced nutrition – you need healthy and slim male.
  • Pamper your soul mate! At least once a week cook something new – strike it again and again. You already won her man, now we have to build on the success.
  • Not every day you need to "jump from the skin" . roving through the Network in search of a super-secret recipe. Even scrambled eggs for Breakfast, you can do so that a man will be satisfied. Learn to turn ordinary dishes into a new one.
  • Always be prepared for the fact that you can descend guests. In order not to lose face in front of friends (relatives), her husband, store foods, of which you will be able in the event of force majeure to quickly figure out something "out of the ordinary".

Now about the dishes, which men usually don't say:

  • Steak. Wondering – what to cook a man – almost in 99% of cases you can start with the words "take a piece of meat...". And steak usually beats records of popularity among men. The main thing – do not overdry, do not burn, not to overdo, etc. that is, the steak should be perfect. Train while husband is not at home. And don't forget the sauce! The sauce is very important.
  • Homemade Burger. Men are like children. They do not cease to eat burgers even after you start to earn so much that every night to have dinner in cafe or restaurant. Learn to cook burgers at home, and snacking your spouse will be solely on your kitchen.
  • Homemade Shawarma. The background is the same as in the previous paragraph. Homemade Shawarma, prepared by caring hands of loving wife becomes a masterpiece. Important point – delicious sauce. The dish should be juicy, hot, crispy pita bread and roasted pork (in the extreme case, chicken).
  • The pilaf. Of course, the best plov is cooked with the men themselves. But since we are not talking about a woman's heart and stomach will have to learn how to cook it. The secret to a good risotto – in properly selected meat and rice in special spices, in strict compliance with the "instructions" in preparation. How to store spices in the kitchen?
  • Homemade pizza. Option for when you need to quickly feed wife, who has run for half an hour at home. Blanks of dough (thin!) make in advance and put in the freezer. You will only get the dough, lay it on the delicious ingredients and put in the oven.
  • Lamb leg baked in the oven. Dish on a case – to surprise and impress. The lamb should be extremely fresh, and not to overdo it – the meat should be juicy! Don't forget about the garlic and the spices, you can add thyme or rosemary. And be sure to garnish! Not pasta, of course – better than roasted vegetables or a couple of delicious salads.

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As a way to a man's heart to turn to the path of the stomach, the advice of a psychologist

Feeding your mate, do not forget that there is a risk to turn the road to the heart in the way of the stomach.

You don't want to just cook for your spouse? Don't answer, nobody wants!

So - remember what you need and what not to do, even if the man is already eating from your palms and asking for supplements:

  • Do not overdo it! Does not need to please the spouse masterpieces every day. They need to surprise and sometimes delight. Better suddenly when the man relaxes and starts to forget that you is gold. Accustomed to her husband's constant delights, you'll grow out of him this gourmet, who once even your super-goulash "thrown into the abyss," because "already tired, require a new, surprise me".
  • Sometimes it is helpful just to get a couple of cans and to tell you that you are too tired today.
  • "In man, everything should be fine...". Well, not for nothing is said. Look for harmony in everything. One plate is not enough, you must be the Queen in everything – in the kitchen, at work, in bed, everywhere and always.
  • The male will care for all your culinary talents, if you are untidy . the house is constantly a mess, and your nervous system is cracked.
  • Dinner after work – it's not just matreshkas of pasta with sauce and go to sleep. You can consider yourself a genius if your tired and exhausted husband relaxes at dinner in your company without any TVs. Husband should be home resting soul and body. He must hurry home, as a holiday.
  • Most modern men eat on the run. Therefore, it is more important than how they are met (and what) than what the dishes on the table.
  • Not scarletite man so that after his meal he immediately wants to on the side. Still a little bit of strength you had to stay. Don't forget about the different Oriental tips and tricks (there are lots of herbs and products that evoke not only normal, but sexual appetite) – combine the pleasant with the useful. "Erotic cooking" will appeal to both of you.

Well, on the road...

If a man a week after Dating left you to live because you "struck" his trademark borscht and cabbage rolls, and it's ready in the morning until the evening to beat you to the shelves, repairing cranes and take out the garbage, only to have the good fortune to partake of your soup – throw him. Most likely, he simply has nowhere to live. Or he only from the army.

And generally speaking -no need to invite the man to the soup at once. Borscht is an intimate affair.

To feed a man you need to start only when your relationship has already passed the candy-bouquet period and went to the stage of "a purrua and not na." That is, take your time and break the sequence of development of relations.

Everything has its time!

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Not cooking is a super value. A man loves not for cooking. But the talent still is a nice bonus.)) We have all the law in the family: first husband to feed, then all you want to do and say. I have angry when hungry.)) I do not show off, the main thing is to just what it was. Husband is omnivorous, even pilchards in tomato sauce with potatoes will eat and not complain. I tried one time to invent something, izgolyalsya as they could, all sorts of recipes dug, and then he's just insolent. He's not the vegetables, the meat is not of the system. Snickering-I was quickly calmed – stopped cooking at all. Cook threw at him and turned back to his work. He is 2-3 months suffer, tired eat dumplings and came to find me.)) More not to show off, eats that give.)) Spoil him now rarely in the mood. The plate stand for days not want. They do not appreciate this, parasites. You quickly get used to good.

Girls, I give you useful advice, as a husband, long and successfully existing in marriage. It does not matter to us what you will feed us. It is important for us that you feed us on time, do not mourn us before meals with requests and tantrums, they serve food nicely (even if they are pasta) and they were nice and tidy themselves. Sometimes my wife meets me in one apron - so I do not need supper ..) Be smarter. A man is easier to fight and keep under the "heel" of female wisdom and cunning than any fuagra.

I'm not worried. I make preparations for a week ahead, I throw in the freezer. In the evening I just get out and quickly cook. The only thing - I cook soup a couple of times a week, but not for my husband, but rather for children (they need soup necessarily). And so - salad there, pjureška with cutlets (the husband loves it more than any restaurant delights), pizza or shavermu homemade, etc. Charlotte also quickly do. He loves. But something like this - only occasionally, when there is time and there is an excuse. He already knows this and is always waiting for holidays because of the table.

My husband is cooking. I can, but laziness. And tastier with him. I'm mostly soup and salads (and that's rare), and he does the rest. My husband knows that I like to eat delicious, pampers me. Even to apologize after a quarrel, he always takes me to a cafe or carries something delicious home. )) I am grateful to him that you do not need to jump at the plate. He is clever.