Karelo-Finnish Laika is the smallest of the existing breeds of huskies. The status of this breed are quite uncertain: some sources you can read that it is an independent breed, some will say that this is the Russian name of the Finnish Spitz. Where is the truth?

From the Karelo-Finnish Laika and Finnish Spitz common ancestors — aboriginal dog "deep red" (red) color, which inhabited the territory of modern Finland and Karelia{!LANG-babd0ae2baf9d77ae84fbd24c56504b5!}

Russian breeders who breed huskies, drew attention to these little red dogs in the late 20-ies of XX century. In the late 60-ies in Russia formed a separate breed, called the Karelo-Finnish Laika{!LANG-7db4fe6ac4cefa2afdb81a3b40fb9fcd!}

Despite the fact that the Karelo-Finnish Laika does not differ from Finnish Spitz for a long time it was considered a separate breed in Russia and was known abroad, but at the same time was not included in the ICF classification .

In 2006, the Russian cynological Federation and the Finnish kennel club have signed an agreement on the recognition of the Russian population in the FCI (international film festival). Thus, both varieties are again merged into one{!LANG-75d866f04bd4b4e57b62f19a03acf459!}

Despite the merger of breeds Karelian-Finnish huskies continue to breed primarily as hunting dogs, while the Finnish Spitz is also used as a guard dog and a companion dog. Karelo-Finnish Laika cannot be attributed to one of the most popular dog breeds in Russia, and the Finnish Spitz is extremely popular at home. In 1979, this breed was recognized as the national breed of Finland .

Karelo-Finnish Laika is a small breed of dog. growth of males is 44-50 cm, females — 39-45 cm 12-13 and 7-10 kg respectively. Their appearance this breed resembles a Fox. Build strong, with good posture and an almost square proportions.

The stiffness and length of the coat of the Karelo-Finnish Laika vary depending on body part{!LANG-2899945e419c4e65755340eeb8ceea39!}


{!LANG-41192f2f202127f42abaf51015017f73!}Puppies can be born with dark gray, black, brown hair{!LANG-b9333cd6cec26e603dc7e0f8fcf033db!}

The Finnish Spitz is lively, energetic and brave dogs. They are very active: Karelo-Finnish Laika in need of one or two long walks a day, in addition, it will be quite active, even while at home. By the way, to make time for games with the dog to not only walk, but also at home.

Finnish Spitz get along well with people and usually are sincerely attached to their owner and members of his family, while maintaining a degree of independence. To outsiders, they can be a little bit reserved, but in any case, not angry. Karelo-Finnish Laika perfectly applies to children{!LANG-b2c5607e9aaba9bb50b55955de35dddb!}

Usually Finnish Spitz get along well with other dogs{!LANG-6b1395a5de7335f79e0db3fda82a4dd3!}