Reliable helpers for your home — vacuum cleaners

A vacuum cleaner can rightly be considered a helper around the house №1. No other appliances may not claim a spot cleaner. This cleaner is the portal of price comparison Aport. On its pages ( )contains any products that can compare price.

Category vacuum cleaners for the home are available at the link There's all kinds of modern home helpers. The advantage of the portal is that it can be used to filter the selection according to individual requirements. Consider the main parameters of choice of vacuum cleaner.


Equipment for the house is in the assortment of many companies. As practice and demand shows, the following brands produce the most high-quality and popular models:

* Samsung.  The assortment is very large. The price policy is from several thousand to several tens of thousands of rubles. Models that are in demand are worth around 9 thousand rubles.

* Bosch. The manufacturer produces a wide range of inexpensive models, but you can find the Deluxe vacuum cleaner. Due to cost, features more modest than the Samsung. For example, the suction power of the average models is not above 350 watts.

* Philips. The device of this brand is often worth more than the average price of analog models of similar brands. But in this case, and features are richer. For example, a suction power of 500 W, the main power – 2200 watts.

* Dyson. If to speak about quality, this manufacturer belongs to the leading position. Most of the models are excellent choice. The dust is collected in Bezmenova the filter. The device is very light, so effortlessly moved across.

Type of cleaning

There are 3 types of harvesting, which individually or in the aggregate can be equipped with modern vacuum cleaners:

* Dry.  A vacuum cleaner with a dry type is suitable for a small room. He performs the main task - to collect dust and small debris.

* Humid. A vacuum cleaner with function of wet cleaning and will fit to the large room. Has a wide range of functions: cleaning of Windows, wet cleaning of floors, suction of liquids.

* Steam.  As a rule, this function is optional, not the main one. With its help you can clean furniture, in some cases clothes. Steaming by steam increases efficiency.

This is an indicator that the manufacturer indicates on the package, as a higher value than the suction power, so to speak, for vozdejstvija on the buyer's decision in favor of the acquisition model.

The power consumption of a regular household cleaner equal 1700-2500 W. But do not rush to choose the most powerful vacuum cleaner. With the increase of this indicator increases

power consumption. If you plan to regularly use this type of equipment, think about a low-power vacuum cleaner.

Suction power

In this case, on the contrary, you need to pay attention to the highest rate. From the suction power depends on the result of cleaning and the time required for it. The average suction power is considered to be 350-400 watts, high – 500-550 watt. Power less than 300 W should not be considered. At medium power you can clean a typical living room. High power required for cleaning carpets in a house where there are animals or which is characterized by high permeability.


When choosing a vacuum cleaner you need to consider the noise level. This figure is relevant for families with children and Pets. Many familiar picture, when the animals hide in the far corner of the house to avoid loud noise, children are frightened, no less. The standard measure for a vacuum cleaner is 70 DB. It is comparable with a shout or loud cry of a person who sounds with a loudness of 70-75 DB. The quiet ones are the vacuum cleaners robots (45-55 DB). Above 80 DB – loud enough vacuum, which can be frightened not only the child but also the adult.

Kind of dust collector

On the portal you can choose among the following dust collectors: plastic, aquafilter, cyclone, permanent, bag, removable. But the bulk of the demand comes from:

* Bag.  It is used more than 50 years. The vacuum cleaner is always ready for use. Does not require cleaning after each cleaning. But, when this moment comes (as far as filling), the process is not the most hygienic.

* The Aqua-filter. Involves the use of water and cleaning after each cleaning. Holds fine dust, which settles to the bottom of the container to collect dust. Cleared the air that then comes out. When the dust level rises, the water begins to spray to go beyond the container. Requires drying to avoid the formation of unpleasant odors.

* Felony filter. Chinese invention that allows you to carefully suck the dust. Power is not falling as its filling. Does not require the changing of bags. But perhaps the accumulation of static electricity, no power adjustment, the rapid clogging of protective filters.

The amount of dust

It all depends on the frequency and area of cleaning. Vacuum cleaner for home use comes with container of 2 to 5 liters. For example, for a Studio apartment enough vacuum container 2 liters, and for a large home should consider the options from the 3.

With the help of Aport you can specify all these parameters and get the result with the most suitable models, by sorting them by price.