What backpack to buy baby in first class?

  So the summer is coming to an end. Today your child is still a baby, and tomorrow he is already a first-graders. This joyful event for parents is very troublesome: the psychological preparation of the child, the purchase of all the necessary school attributes, the main of which is, of course, the school bag.

What is the difference between a briefcase, a satchel and a backpack?

When choosing a school bag for a small first-grader in front of many parents is not an easy choice. After all, there is a very large number of various portfolios, backpacks, backpacks on the market. So what is better to choose, what would a small schoolboy like, and at the same time his health did not cause harm?

You first need to understand, than differ among themselves briefcase, backpack, and satchel:

  1. School bag . which is known to our grandparents is a leather product with solid walls and single handle. Most often it is made of leather or imitation leather. Its quite hard to find in modern children's stores or school bazaars, because orthopedists do not recommend it to buy. Since the portfolio has only one handle, the child will be wearing it in one, then in the other hand. Due to the constant uneven stress on the hand, the child may develop a wrong posture, the result of which can cause serious back problems
  2. Satchel other school bags you'll be hard shell. which is undoubtedly its advantage. It video tight backrest helps to protect the body of a child from scoliosis, evenly distributing weight throughout the body. Due to the thick walls of the textbooks and other school supplies can be most convenient to place inside him. Also all the contents of the container are well protected from external influences (shocks, falls, rain, etc.). this school bag is suitable for children of primary school age, whose bones and correct posture are still forming
  3. Backpack has much less benefits, so it not recommend to buy first-graders. This bag often buy children of secondary school age, which he approaches with a practical and aesthetic point of view. But in today's market you can find backpacks with a tight back, which helps to evenly distribute weight and reduce strain on the spine. This reduces the risk of scoliosis.

Popular models and their advantages

On the modern Russian market of school goods, school portfolios, backpacks and backpacks of both foreign and domestic manufacturers are widely represented. The most famous manufacturers of school bags are Herlitz, Garfield, Lycsac, Hama, Schneiders, LEGO, Tiger Family, Samsonite, Derby, Busquets. A variety of shapes and designs, colorful colors attract the attention of young buyers. The most popular and respected parents use the knapsacks of such manufacturers:

Schoolbag Garfield

  Rags from this manufacturer meet all the requirements that make for school bags. They have a colorful coloring and a large number of different offices and a pocket, a schedule of lessons. These bags are made of modern EVA material, which has a waterproof coating made of PU material. This fabric has a high level of wear resistance, resistance to UV rays, water resistance. Backpack straps have a special design that allows you to reduce tension in the back and ensure a uniform weight distribution. The back is made taking into account the anatomical features of the children's spine and is perfectly ventilated.

The weight of such a backpack is about 900 grams. The cost of such a knapsack depending on the model on the market is about 1700 - 2500 rubles.

Schoolbag Lycsac

  School knapsack Lycsac - a long-known school bag in modern execution. The big plus of this satchel is its orthopedic back, an excellent internal device, light weight, about 800 grams. It is made of durable wear-resistant material, has comfortable wide straps, a metal lock. Rigid back in the bags of this manufacturer are made of environmentally friendly and lightweight material - special cardboard. The corners of the cases are protected from abrasion by special plastic pads with legs.

The cost of the Lycsac school backpack, depending on the model and equipment, can vary from 2,800 to 3,500 rubles.

Schoolbag Herlitz

  Herlitz Bags are made of a modern safe breathable material. It has a practical and stylish design. The knapsack has an orthopedic effect, which helps to maintain the correct posture of the child. The load is distributed evenly over the entire back. Straps that can be adjusted make it easy to wear. The knapsack has many compartments and pockets for a variety of school supplies and other personal belongings.

The weight of the Herlitz knapsack is about 950 grams. The cost of such a knapsack varies from 2300 to 7000 rubles, depending on the model and the bundle.

School backpack Hama

  School bags of this brand have an orthopedic backrest with paths for air passage, adjustable wide straps, front and side LED lighting. Also in the knapsack is well organized space, there are compartments for books and exercise books, as well as many pockets for other school supplies. Some models in front have a special thermo-pocket, so that the schoolboy's breakfast would remain warm.

The weight of the Hama knapsacks is about 1150 grams. Depending on the configuration and filling the price of the knapsacks of this brand range from 3900 to 10500 rubles.

Scout schoolbag satchel

All the bags of this brand are certified in Germany. They have a water repellent coating, are environmentally friendly and undergo dermatological control. 20% of the side and front surfaces are made of luminescent material to protect your child's movement on the street. The knapsacks have an orthopedic back, which evenly distributes the load and prevents the development of scoliosis.

Depending on the bundle, the prices for the knapsacks of this brand range from 5000 to 11000 rubles.

Schoolbag Schneiders

  This Austrian manufacturer pays much attention to ergonomic design. School knapsack Schneiders have an orthopedic back, soft wide straps. with which the load on the back is evenly distributed.

The weight of this knapsack is about 800 grams. Depending on the bundle, the Schneiders knapsack prices range from 3,400 to 10,500 rubles.

Tips for choosing

  • Appearance – it is best to opt for a satchel, which is made of waterproof, durable nylon material. In this case, even if the baby will drop it in a puddle or spill juice on it, you will easily be able to clean it simply by wiping with a damp cloth or wash.
  • The weight – for each child's age, there are hygienic standards the weight of school bags (with school supplies and a daily set of textbooks. According to them, first graders are the weight of the container should not exceed 1.5 kg. So empty it must weigh about between 50 and 800 gr. A high-quality product, its weight should be indicated on the label.
  • The back of the pack – it is best to buy a school bag, on the label which States that it has an orthopedic back. The portfolio should be the kind of design that would at the time of his wearing it was located on the back of the student. So he must have a hard back that cradles the spine, and a sturdy bottom. And padding on the back should prevent pressure portfolio on the back of a little schoolboy. Lining on the back should be soft and the mesh that the back of the child not misting.
  • Webbing and straps should be adjusted that you could change their length depending on the child's growth and style of clothing. That they would not pressure the child on his shoulders, the straps must be wrapped in soft cloth. The width of the straps should be at least 4 cm, they should be strong, stitched a few lines.
  • Security   - since most school children have a road to school that involves crossing roads, pay attention that the knapsack has reflective elements, and his belts were bright and well-conspicuous.
  • Handle satchel should be smooth, without bumps, cuts or sharp parts. Well-known manufacturers don't always make the container the handle is comfortable. This is done to ensure that the baby wore it for a spin, and not carried in hand.
  • Fitting is the most important part when choosing school bags. Little schoolboy should definitely try on a pack, what it is desirable that it was not empty, but with a few books. So you can easily see the defects (distortions of joints, improper weight distribution of knowledge). And of course the portfolio should be not only high-quality and practical, it is necessarily have to like your kid, this way you will be sure that the first knowledge Day will begin without crying.

Parents' comments

We bought my son in the first class Garfeld satchel - very satisfied with the quality! Comfortable and roomy. The kid is happy, although of course he does not like to go to school!

Today we took our HERLITZ backpack from the intermediary. To say that I and the son are happy - do not say anything! The easiest, very comfortable latch and soft straps - this is what immediately noted. A beautiful, practical, complete with a bag for shoes and 2 pencil cases (one of them is completely stuffed by the office).

We lived at one time in Germany, the eldest son went to school there, he did not really need a portfolio, and when they returned to Russia, the youngest son went to Russia. It was then that we faced the choice - which satchel is better? I then asked for a Scout backpack from Germany. Excellent quality, practical and "knowledge" fit! ?

Honestly, I do not really respect the things of the Chinese manufacturer. We are used to the fact that they are fragile, and still can have side effects.

I guess if I had to choose, I would never have bought her grandson a similar backpack. But this pack I bought my daughter-in-law and, of course, I treated this purchase very skeptical. But the daughter-in-law convinced me that the backpack Tiger Family of high quality, despite the fact that the Chinese. The manufacturer has made this backpack with a rigid orthopedic backrest, straps can adjust the length, and that is very valuable — there are reflective stripes on the straps. The pack has compartments for textbooks and notebooks. There are also side pockets. The backpack is very lightweight and it's a positive thing, since first-graders are still hard to carry portfolios from home to school and back.

My grandson is already completing the first class with this backpack, and he's as good as new. And it is cheaper than school backpacks of other manufacturers. Perhaps not all of the Chinese poor quality.

And we have a backpack firm GARFIELD. We wear it for the second year and everything is as good as new. The back is rigid - like an orthopedic back, there is a belt that fastens on the belt. A bunch of functional pockets. Fully unfolds, so it is convenient to wash. In general, we are satisfied and the price pleases.

So, we shared with You the secrets when choosing a satchel for pervoklashki. We hope that our recommendations will help You and Your student will bring in the knapsack only five!