The types, models and manufacturers of children's sleds

Most of all to the arrival of winter, preparing the children. This season always promises them loads of fun and amusements. And the most favorite pastime of all generations without exception – is riding downhill on a sled. About buying sleds many parents, tired to sew torn pants, and mend portfolios pulled you should think in the fall. And how to make this purchase correctly and buy a quality product, will tell our article.

It is necessary to know!

Of course, this "transport" the child necessary for normal walking and for riding the slides, otherwise, the winter, with all its charms, just fly past his nose. And, like, the choice of sleds – the usual thing (rails, rope, seat), but a wide range of products on the market today many parents baffled. How to choose a sled to and the child was comfortable, and parents?

The main criteria when selecting the sled for a child are:

  • The age of the child
  • Compact
  • The material of manufacture
  • Security
  • Weight
  • Comfort.
  1. The age of the child. For the kid whose mum still rolls in the stroller, is better suited sled that you can push in front of you and not to lose sight of the child, with a long handle and backrest. Today, there are many models, the design of which allows to change the position of the seat (up-down) and the handle (forward or backward). Babies first years of life, of course, required seat belts and foot support. Do not interfere, and special insulated mattress. The perfect solution – the baby. For older children you can purchase and lower the sled without back to riding a roller coaster. And for children older than three years will approach sledges, snowmobiles, snow-cats and pneumosan.
  2. Compactness. In this regard, the sled can be of three types: folding, clumsy and "transformers". For apartments that do not differ large size, for travel in public transport and the need for dragging the sled up and down the stairs is preferable to choose the sleigh inflatable or foldable, light and not occupying too much home useful places. "Transformers" is the best variant. The backrest, handles and armrests of such sleds can be folded or removed, and the weight does not exceed 4 kg.
  3. The material of manufacture. Usually, the manufacture of sledges are used combinations of materials:
  • Braided
  • Wooden
  • Metal
  • Inflatable
  • Plastic.

What are the sleds for kids?

One of the most popular and affordable. Without much stylistic frills and comfort, but durable and reliable. Aluminum alloy – for the basic parts of the frame, sheet steel for the runners. Facilitate weight design of the tubular elements, providing a good sliding on the road with a small amount of snow and ice. For loose snow also preferred flat and wide runners. The weight of these sleds does not exceed 6 kg.

Disadvantages:   control by rope; impossibility of transformation; the child is out of sight of the parents; frequent tipping over corners. A more modern version of the metal sleigh allows, thanks to the handle, to carry the baby ahead of him. They are convenient in storage, they are transformed, they have a leg support, and you can ride them on the slides. Paint on metal parts, unfortunately, quickly crumbles.

To exclude sudden folding, tubular runners design usually firmly fixed in position. The seat of the sled ("lounger") is made of polyurethane foam and is covered with a dense color material. Sled is fast and easy to fold for transportation, light and compact. Suitable for toddlers from one year old to four years.

Stroller on runners for kids from 6 months. Individual models allow you to change the position of the back so that the child can sleep on the street.

Benefits. belts, protection from the wind and snow, a footrest, storage pocket and bag for small details, warm tent for the legs and a raincoat.

The classic shape, the lacquer, the strengthening of skids metal inserts, traditional side (and back) stops hair loss, a pen-pusher or a familiar rope, and an elevated seat for easy placement of the feet. Material – beech.

Cons. a lot of weight, bulkiness.

Of classical form, aesthetic appearance, ease of construction, material – vine. These sledges have a good slide and movement on soft snow.

disadvantages. march, rapid loss of presentation, dents from dampness over time.

A new generation of plastic sled. Made from frost resistant high quality material.

Benefits. lightness, impact resistance, steel runners, no sharp parts and corners, handling.

disadvantages. the large size, the inability to fold a sled.

Plastic sleds for the little ones

Safe for the child and comfortable sled.

Benefits. streamlining forms, stability, seat belts, style, quality, the ability to ride with a slide, footrest, seat with straps, good cross-country.

The speed sled classic shape.
Benefits. lightness, high quality frost resistant plastic, equipped rear handle and skids made of steel.

Traditional sleds (substitutes for portfolios and cartons when riding with slides). The case without skids and additional conveniences, a corrugated seat, an ergonomic recess, low cost.

Plastic controlled sleds, having hidden in the body wide skis and steering wheel.

Benefits. impact protection, shock absorption, padded seat, signal and marker lights. Plastic case and low weight make it easy to move the snowmobile. Purpose – high-speed descents.

Classic sleds on skis, rudder-controlled. Restrictions on age: from five years to infinity - the steel frame of the sleigh is able to withstand the weight of an adult.

Modern saucers for air-filled cushion designed for children from five years. Round seat, side handles, durable materials. Folded to easily fit in the bag.

Inflatable sledge, softens the blow in a collision during a quick drive away. Quickly deflate and inflate, light weight, all weather (can be used in summer as a small raft or as a chair in the campaign). High strength material allows the sled to withstand any temperature changes. Designed for children six years of age.

Do not forget that there are also special carriages for children.

Favorite sledges for children and parents

Old fashioned sled was no longer interested in children. They were replaced by snow-cats, transformers and the tubing, which can boast of original design, high speed and wide range. What sled is the most popular today among parents and their kids?

  • Conventional metal sleds. They are chosen for versatility and light weight. Such a sledge is easy to carry, to bring-to make from home, roll along narrow paths and any slides. In other seasons the sled safely hang from the ceiling on a nail, without occupying space in the apartment.
  • Twin sled to ride two kids at once. One child is fixed by the belts on the seat, the second holding to the handrail while standing on the cart. Strong runners of the sledges lined inserts of metal. The sleigh is light, and the trolley, if necessary, removed.
  • Sled-stroller for the little ones. Runners slip, safety belt, awning warmer for feet, foot support, high back and convenient reversible handle for mom.
  • Canmobile. Sled on wheels, hidden under the seat and appear at turn of the lever.
  • Cat. Heavy model with a metal frame-the basis for steering and skids. Front strut has the shock absorber, the seat is padded and adjustable in height.
  • Cheesecake. Domestic sled – bus, covered with colored cloth.

You should pay attention to when buying?

  1. Runners. Wide runners are for the way fresh snow, and tubular skids on ice and not too snow-covered road. More sustainable Sani – those in which runners are widely dissolved in the parties.
  2. Weight. The weight to cost to pay attention because the sled will have to make and submit to the apartment (sometimes with no lift), move them together with the baby in a little snow-covered places, to bring them in one hand, when the second busy toddler.
  3. The back of the sleigh. For kids it is needed. Convenient – removable backrest, it can be removed during transportation, storing and in a situation when the baby is older, and the back is not a necessity. We should test how firmly connected to the housing and the backrest, in order to avoid injuries of the child.
  4. A pen-pusher. This element of the sled is necessary when you want to push a sled in front of him. Thus, the child always remains on view, plus, the baby significantly expands the review. Of course, the rope-tow in the kit too – it will come in handy for dragging the sled on the little snow-covered ground.
  5. Design   folding sleighs should be checked for reliability, to avoid the risk of their sudden folding and causing injury to the child.
  6. The presence of mattress or padded cover. It is better if they are attached to the body of the sled.
  7. Wide sled will allow you to place them in a warm blanket (Mat) and the child. A sled with a low rise will provide the baby easy lift "transport" when you stop.

5 best fIWW-manufacturers

  German company KHW - the leader of sales of children's sledges for the last years. The new generation of sleighs, represented by the company, favorably differs from the sleds of other firms.

  • High-tech materials (frost and shock resistant plastic)
  • Polished stainless steel rails and handles
  • Versatility (the transformation of the sled in snegohodnomu the stroller)
  • Seat position "to yourself-from yourself"
  • Folding handle (plus a tug rope)
  • The possibility of transformation of the sled as children get older
  • Resistance
  • The light module.

2. Child's sled made from the company globe

The most frequently used model of sledge-cheesecakes (or tubing) is a sled-cheesecake "Blizzard" intended for downhill from the snowy slopes, and "Water Snow" that can be used all year round (in winter for skiing, in summer for swimming).

Features sleigh firms globe:

  • Resistant to UV and mildew, the material can withstand temperature range of -70 to 45 degrees
  • Handles of durable webbing, sewn on the basis of a specific method
  • Camera domestic production
  • Hidden under heavy lightning and tightly closed with a protective barrier a hole for the camera
  • Treated nylon ribbon, and stitched with strong Dacron thread stitches.

3. Child's sled made of frost

Domestic company included in the group of companies Grand toys, laid in the basis models Russian tradition – runners of metal for the best slip and heat retaining wooden seat. New note new sled on wheels, reversible handle for sledge, support for the legs of the baby and the belts.

Domestic company, with production in Izhevsk. Sleigh Nika reliability, stability and security, thanks to the wide base and low skids. Making the sled comes from a frost-covered enamel thin-walled tubes.

  • Convenient pen-pusher, covered with soft rubber cover
  • Belts
  • Longitudinal and transverse slats for the seat
  • Ergonomics (ease of sliding brush on the handle to protect your hands from freezing, the angle of inclination of the pusher, not straining the parent's back)
  • Striking design
  • High-quality, safe, certified materials.

Today, the canadian company Pelican is one of the leaders in this segment. Every product undergoes obligatory test of strength, security, great attention is paid specialists. Sled Pelican is, primarily, cold-resistant plastic of high quality. Material that can withstand severe sub-zero temperatures, retains its impact resistance and ductility. Most of the models are able to withstand the great weight of the passenger.

  • Molded handles on the boats for easy descent from the hill
  • Padded seat softens bumps and keeps out the cold
  • Brake levers for speed adjustment and motion control
  • Storage compartment tow rope
  • The corrugated surface of an emphasis for feet and a seat
  • Reinforced double-stitching liners.

Parents' comments

Bought the sled KHW. The price is certainly high, but the sled is worth it. Beautiful, stylish. For our baby (10 months) a perfect fit. Very light, which is a huge plus (to carry something out is me. ? The handle is for pushing, you can see what baby is busy. And the seat belts. Now, though, no need to twitch that Sonny will fall out of the sled. In General, a real find. We loved the sled.

We for the eldest son sled KHW took. Three years used. A lot of pluses. Also note the seat belts. ? And stylish design. Today you can have led to take – children love them. The handle is removable, easy to burn. Walks a little, but nothing broke. Of the minuses: we had no warm mattress included. And heavy little sled.

But we bought a sledge Timka (nick) with a visor and a cover for the legs. Specially to sleep on the street (daughter likes to make sleeping in the cold), and walk longer. Now we go by car. ? Very light, by the way. Raise the sled with the child. The cover for the feet high, Velcro – warm and comfortable. The visor is from the snow, the backrest can be "reclining" to do and sitting. Runners wide, the sled is very stable. The fabric washes well, is waterproof. A good sled.

Wanted sledge to inexpensively and bloat bigger. ? Bought ADBOR Picollino. They were so huge that even I can fit. The horror! Upset. But when we went for a walk with these sleds, just love them. In the snow it is easy to go by weight – one hundred kg can withstand, the envelope is very warm – my daughter just fell asleep in it. ? Minus that the handle on one side only. And so, in General, the super-sledge.

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