Child under years not sleeping at night — can you help?

  A strong and healthy night's sleep is very important for a small child. In a dream, there are many important processes. In particular, the growth of the baby. And if a child does not sleep well, it can not help but worry the loving mother. A woman begins to look for the true causes of a child's bad sleep. not wanting to put up with this state of affairs, but it's not so easy to sort out. However, the reason still needs to be clarified. An unhealthy dream can lead to bad consequences.

The consequences of sleep problems in newborns?

  Unstable sleep can cause a malfunction in the immune system. Inadequate sleep strongly affects the nervous system of the baby, hence the whims and bad sleep even during the day. Someone will think: "Well, nothing, I'll wait, everything will be fine later, we'll sleep again." But do not let things go by themselves. It is important to know that no sleep disorders occur for no reason. This is a clear evidence of an incorrect lifestyle and the regime of the child's day or of violations in the health of the baby.

If the crumb sleeps badly from birth, then the reason should be sought in a state of health. If your child always slept well, and sleep disturbances arose suddenly, the reason is likely to be a failure of sleep and wakefulness, but in this case the health version also needs to be considered.

  If the cause of poor sleep of your crumbs in the incorrectly organized mode of the day, you need to try to adjust it. It is necessary to make an optimal regime for you with the baby and strictly adhere to it. Gradually your child will get used to it, and the nights will become calmer. And the stable repeatability of everyday procedures and actions will give the baby peace and confidence.

How to establish? The most important moments!

  A child up to six months usually needs a three-day daytime sleep, and after 6 months, babies are most often already twice as likely. If at this age your child still has not switched to a two-time sleep, then try to gently help him in this, stretching time and games, so that the child does not pour in much during the day.

In the afternoon, stick to quiet games, so as not to overexcite the still fragile nervous system of the child. Otherwise you can forget about good night, as well as about a strong dream.

If you used to sleep closer to 12 o'clock at night, then immediately put the baby at 21-22.00 you will not succeed. Doing the teaching will have to be slow. Every day, put your child a little early and eventually get to the desired time.

Bathing in the evening perfectly strengthens night sleep at any age.

Bad night sleep have a healthy baby

  It is best to form a regimen for the baby even during the newborn period. Until a month you, of course, this will not work, because at this age, waking with sleep is chaotically mixed. But even so, there may be a semblance of a regime: the baby eats, then wakes up a bit and after a short time falls asleep, wakes up before the next feeding. At this age, nothing can disturb the sleep of a healthy baby other than hunger, wet diapers (diapers) and stomach pain due to gases. You are able to eliminate these problems.

  • Frompain in the tummy now there are many effective remedies: Plantex, Espumizan, Subcomplex, cough syrup. These drugs have prophylactic and method of application, preventing the formation of gases. You can still brew fennel seeds (1 tsp per Cup of boiling water), leave for a while and give your child to drink this infusion, an excellent preventive measure.
  • If the baby woke up from hunger, then feed him. If the baby regularly eats not and for this reason awakens, then reconsider your feeding regime.
  • If the baby's diaper is full, change it. Sometimes a kid feels uncomfortable in diapers one of the manufacturer and well behaved in another.
  • Bad night sleep of a healthy child from 3 months to a year
  • If your kid nervous agitation . due to active play, fright, different experiences after a long day, then, of course, you need to eliminate all these causes from your child.
  • Grown toddler as well as newborn can hurt his tummy and to disturb his slumber. The preparations of gases are the same as those for the newborn baby.
  • Child can greatly disturb growing teeth . and anxiety they can deliver even a few months before the eruption, patience and some kind of painkiller, e.g., Kalgel or Kamistad, you can still Detoxing, but this is of homeopathy. Another great homeopathic remedy that has analgesic effect – candles Viburkol.
  •   Another factor similar to the cause of poor sleep in newborns -a full diaper . Now there is a good company, in diapers which the baby can sleep without problems all night, if you don't want to poop in the night, but usually with age, this process kids begin to make the middle of the day. Use these as opportunities.
  • If the child screamed in a dream, but did not wake up, it is quite possible thathe is concerned about the feeling of hunger . in this case, give him a drink of water from a bottle or breast if you are breast-feeding .
  • Is that the kid during the day spends little time in contact with the mother, then the consequences will affect the night sleep, as produced the lack of tactile contact . The kid will require the presence of the mother during sleep. To avoid this, often take the baby to handle during wakefulness.
  • And an important point – the humidity in the room where the child lives should not be below 55% and temperature above 22 degrees.

  If all the rules are met, the causes of poor sleep are eliminated, but sleep does not improve, it is possible that the child is sick. Most often these are infectious and viral diseases (influenza, acute respiratory infections or ARVI, various childhood infections). Less often helminthiases, dysbacteriosis, or congenital diseases (brain tumors, hydrocephalus, etc.). In any case, consultation and examination with doctors is necessary, and further treatment is needed.

Reviews of young mothers

My son is now 7 months old. Sleeping really badly, like you describe. There are times when you fall asleep in the afternoon for 15-20 minutes. Babies up to a year and many sleep. They have a regime change. We now have a day less draw mode. Became the night to feed him formula, and not breast. I began to sleep better. The night also finish feeding mixture. Then falls asleep instantly. And if I do chest all night able to hang on it. Try also at night to feed better, or a day put to sleep after 2-3 hours of wakefulness. In General, adapts to your child:)

I advise you to pass tests for eggs of helminths or parasites. They often cause the child's nervousness, bad mood, sleep and appetite. At one time, my niece always had this condition. In the end we found lamblia.

It is worth trying to tire the child during the day. With an 8-month-old baby it's not very simple, compared to a child who already walks around, but you can try a pool or baby gymnastics, for example. Then feed and get out into the fresh air, many kids on the street sleep well, or you can go to bed with the baby. Checked - my so much sleep falls asleep and rarely wakes up, if I'm next to her. If the daytime sleep does not work out, then there will not be a night's sleep either ... Then it will be necessary for doctors and for analyzes.

During this period I spent about a week giving my daughter an anesthetic (Nurofen) before going to sleep and gel gums smeared! the baby slept just fine!

There is a homeopathic preparation "Dormikind" for normalizing sleep in small children (from the "Dentokind" series, you know, if you used something for the teeth). He very much helped us in combination with the fifth part of glycine 2p per day. We took so 2 weeks, pah-pah sleep normalized and the child became calmer.

At us too at such age there was a problem with a dream. My son is very active, I was overexcited during the day. Woke up later at night with crying 2-3 times, I did not even recognize. The same thing was repeated in daytime sleep. The children in this period have a lot of new impressions, the brain actively develops, and the nervous system does not have time for this all.

At me similar signs were at a constipation at the son. It seems that he did not cry so much, he did not even press his legs, the fart was normal, without tension, and woke up at night every hour. Apparently nothing hurt, but very worried about the discomfort. So it was with him until they solved the problem of constipation.

At us the situation such was - as it was executed to us 6 months, became capricious on business and without, the dream became simply disgusting both day and night. I kept thinking, when it will pass - and the doctor spoke about it, and we gave the tests. And this lasted for us until 11 months, while I did not find Komarovsky to find that calcium deficiency can give such problems. We began to take calcium and after 4 days everything went away - the child became calm, not capricious and happy. Now I think now - whether it helped calcium, or just outgrew. Drank these drugs for 2 weeks. So look, Komarovsky has a good topic about a child's dream.

If a child sleeps very little during the day, he will not sleep well at night either. Therefore, try to keep your baby sleeping longer and longer. Well, a joint dream with GW is an excellent option.

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