Best ideas of birthday of the child 5-8 years

  Every child's birthday is a great joy and a very big responsibility for the whole family. A child under the age of 8 years remains quite mobile, curious, but he already has his own preferences and interests that he will defend. For a boy or girl aged 5 - 8 years, the usual family children's holidays are no longer suitable - the child wants to invite friends, play. How do you celebrate a child's birthday so that he and his guests and he and his guests will remember?

The birthday child's house

Due to a number of reasons – lack of the right amount of money, unwillingness to go to public places, lack of time, desire to arrange a holiday yourself, etc. — parents prefer to spend the birthday of a child up to 8 years at home. This holiday, undoubtedly, has certain advantages :

  • home furnishings familiar to the child, and he feels comfortable, relaxed
  • parents do not have to pay for the services of a waiter, cooks, cleaners, animators, governess
  • home you can invite as many guests as you wish, without limitation
  • holiday to a home will be easier to prepare by collecting the attributes for games, decorations, Souvenirs, etc – for a long time.

But holiday of the child, which satisfied at home don't have to be boring . If parents want to diversify it, they should pre -to consider the terms of tenders, festive table and a concert program. It must be remembered that even a very calm and quiet children under the age of 8 years who gather together often become very noisy, difficult to manage. It should be remembered that children are not very fond of the holidays linger at the table – this means that the very "meal" will be very short-lived. To the rest of the children's home celebration, the birthday child is not turned into a chaotic running around and jumping in advance plan a special program of games and contests   with prizes and treats. Quiet and moving games, competitions must be alternated.

Arrange in a cafe or children's theatre

In every big or small city there are special institutions that take on the responsibility and duties at the professional organization of children's holidays in honour of any Grand, festive event, including the date of birth. This can be a variety cafes, shopping centers, movie theaters or children's theatres, bowling clubs, summer cafe in the Park, recreation, river buses   etc. Parents will have to pay a rather large amount of money for organizing a children's holiday, but they will free themselves from cares about making delicious dishes of the children's menu and organizing the birthday of the child.

There are a few rules that will perform well, the holiday is not marred by misunderstandings:

  • Agree on the day of the birth of a child in the cafe, the theatre, the other school must be no later than for one or two weeks before the Grand event and some institutions require an appointment and advance payment for the month before the celebration.
  • In some cafes is mandatory requirement the presence at the festival at least 15 people . moreover, the presence of adults may also be paid.
  • Before you book room for a children's party, you need to see it, to ask whether the next hold another Banquet .
  • Advance find outwhether in a café with your photographer and entertainers. If not – you need to take care of this by inviting specialists.
  • The program of competitions and games should be discussed in advance . to avoid unpleasant surprises on the day of the holiday. When ordering an animator, it is best to evaluate his work based on video recordings – professional certainly has them in abundance.

Celebrate at the water Park or fitness club

If the child is very active, plays sports, and Your family is not averse to support it in mobile games, the birthday of Chad can be arranged in the water Park or fitness club. At the majority of parents such ideas cause sincere surprise, but today it is possible to find clubs or pools which also are engaged in the organization of children's holidays, offer the program.

  • As a rule, the organization of the festive table is up to the parents. It is best to organize a buffet table with lots of fruit and sandwiches, pizzas, canapés.

  • If the birthday child's parents want to do at the water Park or the sports club, they need to keep in mind – most institutions accept children aged 5 years .
  • What the simulators and rides, children will be engaged must be arranged in advance .
  • Parents need to provide that children, doing to the gym, playing outdoor games, are drink a lot . It is necessary to store drinking water, juice, and tea. You should bring to the feast a lot of wipes .

  • To make beautiful pictures and to organize a solemn congratulation of the birthday boy, should the parents of the other children to warn in advance about two sets of clothes . It will be good if the children will come in fancy dresses and suits, but then change into sports uniform.
  • If a holiday is planned at the water Park, parents should to worry about the necessary "attributes" for each child is hats, towels, washcloths, soap, flip flops, swimsuits or swimming trunks.

Birthday child club laser wars

The game of "laser wars" can be great fun on the day of the birth of a son,   and he and all his little guests will simply be in an indescribable ecstasy from the opportunity to play "in the war." These clubs are in many cities - they offer the organization of children's leisure, special scenery for playing "laser wars", special protective vests, protective helmets, laser pistols.

Note on go-kart track

All children love ride on cars and bikes. therefore, the child is a boy or girl – can be arranged holiday on the kart track. Of course, in order to organize a festive event, it is necessary to know in advance - where there are kartogi for children, what requirements are available. Many indoor stadiums or sports complexes have karting routes, where you can practice even in the cold season.

  • To the birthday boy and all his little guests were on the road alone, should to agree in advance with the club, to pay the full rent .
  • The event was exactly the holiday you need to decorate cars ribbons and flowers, and the car of the birthday child should be the most elegant.

The child's birthday in the group of kindergarten, grade school

If parents do not have the possibility to organize birthday of your child in a specialized institution, it can be great to celebrate it in kindergarten or in grade school. This festival is a definite plus – the event will be open to all children, it is very make friends of them, and will allow the child to see at a birthday party all friends, and not a few select people. Tutor or teacher will gladly help in organizing this festival with him in advance to arrange a celebration, to discuss the program, distribute roles.

  With children you can prepare a theatrical performance or a concert. A feast should not be the "center" of this holiday - it's betterarrange table buffet with an abundance of fruits, juices, cakes, candies, gingerbread. For contests and games you need to prepare the gifts, prizes, memorabilia, postcards or badges. If the party is held in the form of carnival in advance to worry about carnival costumes   for all children.

Sprawled in the Museum

In some major museums in recent years, began to engage in the organization of thematic children's parties. Do not think that the holiday in the Museum is very boring and uninteresting to the child, because the proper organization of such an event allows to acquaint children with the exhibition and captivate them with an interesting pastime .

As a rule, in the first part of this holiday the Museum staff conduct a little tour through the halls . Then, in a special room is available buffet . for which parents can be treats, drinks. After congratulations to the birthday and tea parties Museum staff hold different contests that are themed close to exposure   - Children travel through the halls, look for treasures, participate in contests and quizzes. Parents should think in advance about the prizes and souvenirs for each child.

Celebrate in the Park

A holiday for a child in the Parkcan be carried out only during the warm period of the year . You need to choose such the Park in which the rides   corresponding to the age category of the birthday person and all his young guests, a sports ground, a picnic area or a summer cafe, entertainment, for example, pony riding, ice rink, velodrome etc.

About holding parties for children with the Park's employees must be arranged in advance. To discuss best time for the celebration,to buy tickets or passes for rides   for all children. If there is no cafe in the park, then parents need to think about the treat they bring with them.

The birthday child on the nature

In the warm period of the year the child's birthday, you can organize with departure on the nature. A picnic to plan not for one day, and two or three days   . for example, that children can live in tents, participate in fishing, collect mushrooms and berries.

The place for such a vacation, it is recommended to choose very carefully, more importantly, to it was safe, and interesting   for children up to 8 years old. Tents and camp sleeping bags can be taken from friends. Children need to go to several adults to ensure complete safety.

Celebrating on the tour

The child's birthday may be noted in a special tour old Russia – this excursion is carried out in the settlements Drevlyane. These vouchers are sold in travel agencies, employees of which to agree on the route and about entertainment moments   for children.

On excursions children will to participate in the ancient rites, fair games, bake bread   . It is necessary to take care of sweets and treats for children in advance - all products must be brought with you, because there are no stores in such settlements.

Child's birthday at McDonald's restaurant

Today, many parents try the birthdays of their children to celebrate the restaurant "McDonald's". Such holidays are always fun, becausethis restaurant has the animators involved in the organization of the program. Children's menu for evening it is necessary to discuss in advance to make reservations.

Before you book a birthday party, parents should to meet with the audience   . where the celebration will take place, and also to ask the most up-to-date birthday person if he wishes to invite his guests to this restaurant.

Wherever the birthday child up to 8 years, the most important thing that the birthday boy and all his little guests received a huge portion of attention from the adults. Do not leave children unattended . because they can Rosalitsa, fall and get injured. Very good yield – invite children together with their parents   . trying to make this holiday interesting for everyone. Such family gatherings will breed more than one friendship in the future, because the popes and mothers of guests on the holiday will want to celebrate their children's birthdays as interesting and fascinating.

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