The best Desk for two school children

  Very often two children have to share the space of one room. Immediately there is a question about the need to place in a confined space two berths, separate for each child places for storing toys and things, and, of course, two jobs. Here are some of the best options for writing desks for two schoolchildren.

How to equip a workplace for two children of school age?

Two schoolchildren who share a room can be a headache for their parents, because listening to constant arguments about who will be sitting at the table is very tiring. Therefore, even before your children go to the first class, you need to think about how to equip the room so that it accommodates 2 work places (table) in the limited space of the children's room. Here are a few options:

  • Desks in front of the window. If space allows, the 2 tables can be placed directly in front of the window. You should not go on about the climate of opinion that the light should fall on the left. Nowadays, it is perfectly possible to illuminate artificially. So, if the width of the room is 2.5 m, You can safely place the tables in front of the window, thus You can save space (the other wall) for placement of other furniture. However, one should not forget that the Windows usually are battery and move them very costly and difficult. Therefore, in this case, You will probably have to order the tables individually. If You still found any table, keep in mind all the security measures (to the back wall of the table not in contact with the radiator). And, of course, don't forget to insulate (replace) window, because Your children will have before them the lion's share of time. If You make a draft or a blow, Your children can often be exposed to colds.

  • Two desks on one line. Actually in the first case, the same occurred (aggregation of two tables in front of the window). But, if You decide to place them in one of the walls, keep in mind that this side will be less places for the location of other furniture. But on the other hand, this method is the most popular. The kids are here, while it does not interfere with each other. And You can acquire 2 tables of different shapes and arrange them as You wish.

  • Tables placed at right angles (the Letter "G"). This is the second most popular method of placement of tables. First, You have the opportunity to place one table in front of the eye, and the other against the wall, thus You have more options for the arrangement of the other pieces of furniture. And Your kids will not look at each other, which will increase concentration on studies.

  • The table where the children sit opposite each other. There is a simple and economical way of placing children at the table – a large table, no partitions. I.e. Your students share the space of one table for two, while sitting opposite each other. However, this method is not suitable for everyone. First, you need to have sufficient space to put a large table. Second, if You are not sure in discipline of their idlers, you will have all the time to monitor what they're doing.

If You decide to purchase a Desk for a child, pay first and foremost attention to its functional features:

  • A great option when you can adjust the height of the table. As the child grows, the Desk can be raised in accordance with its growth.

  • In addition, it is very important to think through the additional module with the boxes, it is very useful because the child will be where to put all the little things, it will not scatter them on the table, and in the creative mess of the box easier to find the necessary things.

  • And, of course, consider where the child will place their textbooks, workbooks and notebooks. The older he gets, the more books he appears. Well, if You can buy a special add-in on the table. In another case, consider purchasing a Cabinet for books.

Feedback from the forums from parents who have arranged a room for their kids:

When you are going to put tables in one room, then you need to take into account its capabilities. My brother and I had only one, but a long table (in fact 2 tables with bedside tables, shelves and other). This miracle our father created independently. And we bought two separate tables for our weather, all the same everyone has his own notebooks, textbooks, pen-rulers, it seems to us that it's more comfortable. True, the size of the children's room allows us (19 sq.m.).

Dimensions of our children's room - 3x4 sq. M. m. 3 meters wall with a window, where we, just below the windowsill, installed a regular table top made of laminate (bought on the market). And her legs (6 pcs.) Were bought in Ikea. They took those that are regulated in height. Ikea also bought two height-adjustable chairs and two nightstands to put under the table. Received a table 3 meters long. Children are happy and the place is enough for everyone.

In our baby room 12 sq. m. We set for kids 2 table along one wall. Opposite the shelves and a bunk bed. And wardrobe in the room no longer fits.

5 best models of desks for two

1. Desk Micke from IKEA

Dimensions: 142 x 75 cm; depth: 50 cm.

  • A long table top is easy to create a workspace for two.
  • There is a hole and wiring compartment
  • The legs can be mounted right or left.
  • With the finish on the rear panel that allows you to place it in the center of the room.
  • Stoppers do not allow the box to move too far, which will save from unnecessary injuries.

A stunning table, or rather, a table top. They took a black color, took up a little space, installed it across the window opening. Children are not enough places, of course, but they can do lessons at the same time, without interfering with each other. We decided to buy another such table, the price allows, and put it in the hall, so that we (parents) can work for it, and the children have more space. At one place the computer and then both will not fit.

2. Desk Competitor from Shatura

Dimensions: 120 x 73 cm; depth: 64 centimeters.

High quality writing desk from the well-known manufacturer Shatura. Furniture series Competitor - economical and high-quality. Desk The competitor is made of laminated chipboard. The model is simple and ergonomic. This table can comfortably accommodate, as one person, and two, absolutely not interfering with each other. The rectangular, spacious form of the table top gently and rationally will place all the stationery, folders, documents and other things. Desk The competitor is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the simplicity and reliability of furniture.

Practical and comfortable table! Our people always argue that he will be behind him. At us twins, accordingly go to one class and do lessons together. Here's the trouble: one is right handed, the other is left-handed! And they always sit down at the table to beat each other in the elbow! ? What can I say about the table: it's just a delight! In general, very much like the furniture from Shatura, therefore, as they grow up, we will necessarily buy them additional pieces of furniture from this manufacturer. In the meantime, everything is fine.

Dimensions: 180 x 74 cm; depth: 40 cm.

Made of high quality materials. This table perfectly fits into any interior. It can be placed both at the wall and in the middle of the room. At this table, perfectly fit two people, and doing homework will be more fun.

That's what is called "cheap and angry". The model is nowhere simpler, but at the same time it is very multifunctional. Our children at this table fit perfectly, and there are plenty of places for two, they also manage to put food on the table! Perhaps, it would not hurt to somehow diversify it with additional shelves and boxes, but for such a price we have nothing to find fault with!

Dimensions: 120 x 50 cm.

This school desk is performed in a modern design and with the GOSTs. The rounded corners of the table top for the school desk help reduce the risk of injury. The modern coating of the carcass and table tops of this table provide easy cleaning of the surface. For a long time this desk will look like new. The height adjustment is ensured by the telescopic movement of the pipes and reliably fixed using special bolts.

Very simple! Wherever you want you can put this table! Lightweight and compact. Used, at times, as an additional table for guests. Children are not enough places, but doing lessons is the most important thing!

5. Desk GALANT from IKEA

Dimensions: 160 x 80 cm; height adjustable from 90 to 60 cm; max load: 80 kg.

  • It is worth noting that this line of furniture has been tested and approved for use at home, as well as in offices.
  • The table meets the high standards of strength and stability.
  • A spacious work surface.
  • The ability to create the optimal distance from the eyes to the computer monitor without causing harmful influence.
  • Adjustable in height 60-90 cm
  • Top of tempered glass is stain resistant and easy to care for, perfect for students who spend most of the time at the table.

I do not even know what to add, the name of the manufacturer speaks for itself. The table fits perfectly into our interior, adjusted legs (height) several times already, it's very simple! I like that the surface is easy to clean, in fact, there almost never are spots. Although our artists often pour paint on the table, no speck, but on the floor ...

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