Milk formula for children popular brands and reviews

There is no objection to the usefulness and ideality breast milk for feeding young child. But there are cases when the kid from birth or later have nurse with artificial milk formulas.   To date, this type of baby food is represented by a wide range of products of various companies, types, compositions, price categories, etc. Sometimes even the most sophisticated parents find it very difficult to choose the right formula for their baby. What can we say about young and inexperienced moms?

A rich range of dairy blends

Until recently in Russiawas widely known only in the domestic mix "Baby", "Baby". But in the 90th years the Russian market began to rapidly fill imported dry dairy blends that are substitutes for breast milk and packaged cereals, applesauce, and canned meals for children that do not require long preparation, ready to eat. Closeattention pediatricians, and parents   is riveted to the mixtures for feeding the first year babies, because at this age the dry milk formula is the main food of the baby, or the main lure.

Today in the Russian market enter formula milk for young children, made manufacturers of America, France, Holland, Germany, England, Finland, Sweden, Austria, Japan, Israel, Yugoslavia, Switzerland, India. It is a pity that among the rich range of products of baby food of the Russian and Ukrainian milk formula represented by only a few names, and modestly get lost on the background of almost 80 types of foreign compounds .

The main types and their differences

  • adapted formulas (close in composition to breast milk of women)
  • partially adapted formulas (vaguely mimic the composition of breast milk).

The vast majority of infant formula is produced on the basis of whole or removed cow's milk. Also known are infant formula based on soy milk, goat milk. Baby milk formula, produced from cow's milk, is divided into two groups:

According to the form of production, infant formula can be:

  • dry (powder mixture that must be diluted with water in the right proportions, or cooking, depending on cooking method)
  • in liquid form (premixed for direct feeding the baby, just require heating).

Baby formula, substitutes for human breast milk, in terms of quality and quantity of protein component in them are divided into:

  • whey (as close to the composition of breast milk-on whey protein)
  • casein (the presence of the casein of cow's milk).

  When choosing the right formula for your baby, parents should remember that the substitutes for women's milk are

  • standard (adapted formulas made from cow's milk intended for nutrition of babies)
  • specialized (these special mixtures designed for specific categories of kids – for example, children with food allergies, prematurity and lack of body weight, kids who have difficulty with digestion, etc.).

Popular brands

Despite the fact that today in the domestic market of dairy infant formula presents a very wide range of products, among them are clear favorites   . which are most in demand among caring parents, as the best food for their baby.

1. Closer to the composition of breast milk adapted formulas goat milk protein beta-casein, for example, the gold standard of baby food — MD mil SP "Goat".   Thanks to this mixture, the baby gets all the necessary substances that help the child's body to properly form and develop.

2. Children's dairy mix "Nutrilon" (the company "Nutricia", Netherlands) designed for a healthy child from birth . These compounds are capable of to normalize the microflora bowel baby to prevent and eliminate intestinal colic . baby vomiting and constipation. increase immunity   the kid. Nutricia produces special mixtures (Lactose-free, Pepti-Gastro, Soya, Pepti Allergy, Amino acids, mixtures for premature, small babies) for babies with special nutritional and other needs, as well as dairy, adapted mixtures for baby food of healthy children from birth (Nutrilon @ Comfort, Hypoallergenic, Sour-milk).

Price mix "Nutrilon" in Russia varies from 270 to 850   rubles per bank, depending on the type of release, type of mixture.

  • The availability of the mixes you can buy in different regions of the country.
  • A wide product range for children with various disabilities, as well as for healthy children.
  • Mixture designed to supply babies from birth.
  • Many mothers noted the improvement of the digestion of the baby by feeding this compound.
  • Some parents don't like the smell and taste of the mixture.
  • Poorly soluble, with the lumps.
  • High price.

I feed the baby with a mixture of "Nutrilon @ Comfort", the baby eats well, but there is one problem - the mixture does not mix up to the state of milk, there are grains that clog the nipple.

Lyudmila, we had the same. At the moment, we use the NUK pacifier (it has an air valve), or the nipples of the Aventa (alternating flow) for feeding this mixture.

Prompt, after "Nutrilon @ Comfort 1" the child has constipation and green stool - is this normal? Should I switch to other mixtures?

Katya, about any changes in the stool, as well as about choosing a mixture for the baby should consult your pediatrician.

3. Milk baby formula "NAN" (Nestle, Netherlands) presented several kinds, for kids of different age categories, health. Mixtures are the unique composition . which allows boost immunity child to normalize a chair   . provide the crumb with the most necessary useful substances. Mixtures of "NAN" come in several forms - "Hypoallergenic", "Premium", "Lactose free", "Sour milk", as well as special mixtures - Prenan (for premature babies), ALFARE (for a child with very severe diarrhea, feed this mixture it is possible only under the constant supervision of the pediatrician).

Price 1 cans of milk formula "NAN" in Russia varies from 310 to 510   Depending on the type of output, type.

  • Quickly and without lumps dissolve.
  • The taste blend sweet.
  • The presence in the composition of omega 3 (dezoksiholeva acid).
  • High price.
  • Some moms are saying about the green chair, constipation in babies after feeding this mixture.

Before this mixture the child ate "Nutrilon", "Bebilak" - a terrible allergy, constipation. With "Nan" the chair returned to normal, the baby feels well.

The kid eats with pleasure "NAN" liquid, in packages - and it is much more convenient for me to feed him. First time with a chair there were problems - constipation, added to the diet sour-milk "Nan" (on the advice of the pediatrician) - everything was fine.

To us this mixture (it is very a pity!) Has not approached or suited - the kid had very strong locks, colic.

Her daughter had the strongest allergy to a mixture of Nestozhen and Malyutka. We switched to "NAS" - all the problems ended, the mixture was very good for us.

4. Baby milk formula "Nutrilak" (company Nutritekuses only natural and high quality products .

Price 1 jar mixture "nutrilac" — 180 to 520 rubles (depending on the method of issuance, type of mixture).

  • The price of the mixture.
  • Cardboard box.
  • Good taste.
  • The absence in the composition of sugar and starch.
  • The composition has a protein in cow's milk, some children causes diathesis.
  • Foaming during preparation of a portion of the child.
  • If the diluted mixture is a little stand in the bottle, it can occur clots.

Feedback from parents about the formula "nutrilak":

I raised two children on this mixture - no allergies, no problems with digestion or a chair we did not have, sons ate it with pleasure.

We had a diathesis for the mixture, we had to switch to "NAN".

My daughter ate a mixture of Nutrilak with pleasure, only for some reason did not eat up - I had to switch to Nutrilon.

5. Milk formula Hipp (the company "Hipp" Austria, Germany) is used for feeding young children from birth . These infant formulas are completely meet the needs of a rapidly growing child's body, they contain only organic substances, non-GMO and sugar crystals. In these mixtures is the balanced vitamin complex   . as well as the microelements necessary for the baby.

Price 1 box mix "HIPP" — 200-400   rubles per box 350 gr.

  • Dissolves well.
  • Pleasant taste and smell of the product.
  • Bioorganic product.
  • The child may be constipated.
  • High price.

Very poorly soluble in a bottle, all the time some lumps!

Anna, you try to pour the mixture into a dry bottle, and then add water - everything is well dissolved.

I liked the taste of the mixture - creamy, hearty. The little son eats with pleasure, problems with the digestion of the mixture, there was never a chair.

6. Milk formula Friso (Fuds Friesland, the Netherlands) manufactures products and for feedinghealthy babies from birth, and for kids with any violations . Milk for the preparation of mixtures "Friso" is purchased only high-quality, environmentally safe.

Price 1 jar (400 gr.) the mixture of "Friso" — 190   up to 516 rubles, depending on the type of release, type.

  • Good taste.
  • Nutrient mixture, child eats.
  • Mixed bad.
  • Sometimes in the mix are the inclusion in the form of crumbs much dried milk.

From the first feeding the child was sprinkled, allergy was treated for two months!

When preparing a serving of the crumb mixture, it found floating dark crumbs that do not mix. The same was said to me by my friends who feed the babies this mixture.

7. Milk formula "Agusha" (the company "AGUSHA" together with the company "Wimm-bill-Dann"several types of mixtures for babies from birth . which contain the most useful and high-quality components. Mixture "Agusha" increase the immunity of the crumbs, promote it growth and right development .

Price 1 jar (box) of the mixture "Agusha" (400 gr.) – 280420   rubles, depending on the type of release, type of mixture.

  • The sugar content of some types of mixtures often cause severe allergies and colic in children.
  • Very tough cover on the package (the Bank).

Parents' comments on Agusha mixture:

The child is allergic. We fed the "Agusha" mixture anti-allergenic - the baby was covered with a small rash, red spots around the mouth.

When breeding according to the norm, a child does not eat for 3 months. The mixture is liquid, it seems that one tinted water.

My child after "NAN" this mixture eats with great pleasure! We do not regret that we switched to "Agusha".

Control purchase

In 2011, the program "Control purchase" it was held a popular and professional expertise of children's milk dry mixes brands "HIPP", "Friso", "Semper", "Nutricia", "Baby", "Nestle", "Humana "   . The people's jury preferred the infant formula "Malyutka", noting its pleasant taste, the ability to quickly dissolve in water, a "milky" pleasant smell. Milk mixture "Friso" at this stage of the competition dropped out.

The experts of the test center checked all formula milk for the presence of harmful and non digestible substances, and also to balance the composition. The main measure was the result of the osmolality of the product – if it is too high, then the milk mixture to be poorly absorbed by the baby. At this stage of the competition has been eliminated dairy dry mixes brands "HIPP", "HEINZ", "HUMANA", as a measure of osmolality of these products exceeds the norm, and milk formula "HIPP" contain potato starch. Formula milk "NUTRILON", "BABY". "NAN" recognized by experts, perfectly balanced on all counts, safe for kids, useful for baby food – they became winners of the program.

How to save on buying baby formula?

Although infant formulas differ in cost, parents sometimes can not save on them. If a child needs special, special mixtures - and they always cost much more than usual, then in this subtle question one should clearly orient oneself to the advice of a doctor and not engage in independent selection of cheaper products.

  But if the child is healthy, growing and developing normally, he needs a full-fledged basic nutrition. If the baby has no contraindications to one or another component of the mixture, among which parents want to choose the most beneficial for themselves and optimal for the child, then you can use some tips for calculating the beneficial formula:

  • You must record the price of infant formula of different companies that are represented in the store, as well as the weight of the mixture in a jar (box). Calculating how much to pay for 30 grams of dry mix, so you can compare the cost of different brands, choosing the best. the child is well suitable milk baby formula of any specific brand, you can buy the necessary number of cells of these compounds at the outlet or wholesale store where it is much cheaper. It is necessary to consider, of course, the age of the baby, calculating how much mixture you will need to change to another, and also carefully check the expiration date of the product. When storing infant formula must fulfill all the conditions below it is not spoiled ahead of time.
  • You should not choose for the baby mixture, guided only by a loud and advertised brand name product. "The most expensive blend" does not mean "the best" — the kid has to give a product that suits him. In choosing baby formula, you should consult with your pediatrician. The results of the program "Control purchase" the best show that best for your new baby can be infant formula is very affordable prices.

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