Technical progress in recent years, developing so actively that affects almost all spheres of life. To use the Internet to refill on the mobile is much easier than to visit the offices of mobile operators or to replenish the account through the terminals. Especially in some terminals for the recharge service will have to pay a Commission, and when transferring money with a Bank card to the account mobile additional fees are not contracted.

How to put money on the phone with a Bank card

There is a certain sequence of actions that allows to recharge mobile, writing off a certain amount from your credit card.

Other ways of depositing your account via the Internet

Lately become very popular to use electronic money. Although many are afraid to use them for fear of fraud, but many people do not only use such systems to pay for certain services, but even receive payment for work done or services provided to e-wallets.

Therefore, if you are suspicious of such systems, you should revise your position, since their use is really beneficial in terms of saving money and time.

To throw money through the Internet using electronic payment systems you can, if you have wallets at WebMoney, Yandex money and QIWI wallet. Try to use them only once, you can make sure that you will pay a much lower Commission and save the personal time to search for terminal or ATM.

The security of these payment systems. To perform any operation with money, you need to go to your wallet, and for the transfer of money will need to enter a verification code from the SMS system.

If you get more money on e-wallets, you will not be difficult to replenish balance of your mobile account in the payment section telephone or the Internet. But if you are just beginning familiarity with such payment systems, and money on electronic wallet you don't have to refill it, you can at most terminals or ATMs. Some banks also provide the service of transferring money from your Bank account to electronic.

To replenish their mobile account using a web wallet, enter your wallet in the menu "Services" and select "Mobile communications". You will be prompted to choose the mobile operator, enter your phone number and specify the amount of Deposit. You will then receive an SMS message with the password confirmation and the money will be credited instantly.

  1. To throw money on a mobile phone online can be the case if you are connected to Internet banking.
  2. Go to the official website of your mobile operator, then visit your personal account and there you can put money on the phone under "Mobile communications".
  3. In this section you will need to specify the account number that will be charged, the phone number to which you transfer the finances, and the amount of the transfer.
  4. Most mobile operators offer save the completed data as a template, and a further Deposit you will not have to re-fill them, and to specify only the amount. The fee for this replenishment is not contracted.
  5. Be sure to check that your card has positive balance. If desired, some operators you can choose to have automatic Deposit. When the balance on your account reaches the minimum, the Bank card will be automatically charged a certain amount. To learn about such services, visit the official website of the mobile phone company and connect it.