What cartoons have to watch the kids?

Every child loves cartoons, but sometimes it becomes a threat, although a lot of parents don't think about it. Studies that were carried out in the world, showed the influence of cartoons on the psyche of children, it allows you to determine what cartoons you watch, and which we should refrain. Children's psychoanalysts were created recommendations on the selection of the best cartoons  for a child.

Tips for choosing

  1. On the mental state of kids cartoons have a big impact, and for kids each cartoon is required to demonstrate good and something useful . the character has a desire for learning, helping others, not showing greed, shows honesty. In a good cartoon often found an instructive manner of the narrative and demonstrates examples of the main characters .
  2. Even the instructive and good cartoon can be a danger to the mental state of the kids, if it uses very bright colors . Colors that are dramatically not blending with each other, or very bright, over-saturate the child's mind, as a result, the child may be overexcited, and aggressive. Calm, pale, warm colors on the contrary affect the child's psyche calming, not distracting from the full story.
  3. Sound design plays not less important role than the image. Audio series also do not have to allocate much sharp sounds, music should be soothing and calm.
  4. In addition, an important aspect to consider and flow text data your child. A good cartoon should contain not only the dialogues between the main characters, but, in fact, monologues of the characters . Their thoughts, experiences, rationale and motivation of actions portrayed kid has voice-over. It is the monologues help children to be involved in the events of the movie and actively participate in your imagination.

The selection of the most instructive and useful cartoons for children

  1. "Smeshariki" — animated series with a fun balloons-animals that live in a good world where cruelty has no place. In this cartoon there is Intrusive moralizing and silly sweetness. Why kids love the game and love to learn together with them to find extraordinary solutions to ordinary problems.
    Useful: Among smesharikov negative characters do not exist, not counting the evil clone Losyash. Almost each episode is based on some problematic situation, which can meet the baby in life. For children's innocence and apparent simplicity of the storyline hidden philosophical and even quite serious themes . to develop the child's thinking.
  2. "The Adventures Of Luntik" — Russian entertainment training series for children of preschool age. This is the story of a fluffy little animal Luntik born on the moon and fell from it to the Ground. The action takes place in the forest clearing near the pond. A huge number of actors is small animals: fish, insects, frogs, etc. They represent both children and adults.
    Useful: The animated series very good . it pokazyvaetsya children's view of the world. In its meaning, there is no entirely negative characters, even hysterical leech and the bullies—caterpillars often shown very different sides, multi-faceted characters that have positive features of character.
  3. "Masha and the bear" — Russian animated series about a little girl Masha, which does not give rest to anyone, and in the first place — his friend Bear. Cartoon veryfun and good . primarily designed for children aged 3 to 9 years . but adults will laugh at the adventures of Masha and the Bear, remembering his carefree childhood.
    Useful: When kids see this cartoon, it starts to understand the world and human relationships . he begins to learn about mutual help and friendship, the development in the modern world.
  4. "Bambi" kind, sincere, true cartoon about the adventures of the little fawn Bambi. The picture deals with the events of the period of his birth until the age of adult deer, similar to strong and proud leader of the deer herd.
    Useful: The kids start to understand the world through cartoon characters of Walt Disney, though at the same time with them while getting lessons of love for all living things and kindness. This is a very educational cartoon.
  5. "Peppa Pig" informative, fun and very good cartoon for young children . about fun Peppa Pig who lives with mommy Pig, daddy Pig and brother George. Fun peppa pig loves to play with his friends, to mingle and dress up. Each series is a new adventure of fun in peppa, which always ends with explosions grunting and laughter.
    Useful: In each picture is played the new situation . look at which can be useful for your child. In this animated series a lot of kindness .
  6. "Sponge Bob" is an American animated series. The main character is a smart adapted to the psyche of children . he is kind, cute, soft, and what should be a real sponge, and besides, nothing can not happen. Spongebob is always different: it can be good and bad, funny and sad, so it is interesting for everyone.
    Useful: To watch this cartoons for children of any age. And for kids inattentive, restless, with a constant change of mood and are inclined to aggressionand . it is particularly useful.
  7. "Dasha traveler"educational and informative cartoon . Dasha – a girl of seven, she is the protagonist. Dasha has a faithful friend – a monkey named Slipper with which she overcomes all the obstacles and difficulties, and also travels in search of new adventures and opens up the world.
    Useful: The storyline will involve your kid in the adventures. This cartoon will help your child study the words of the English language, to develop attention, learn to count, distinguish colors, shapes and sizes .
  8. "The adventures of Leopold the cat"instructive and good Russian cartoon can bring a lot of fun, for both children and adults. Interesting stories will interest every viewer. 2 cute mouse tries to annoy kindest cat. Cartoon about a good cat that catches no mice live in friendship with all.
    Useful: A cartoon like this was created not only to entertain, but also with the purpose to teach kids the simplest things: kindness, moral values . Teaches cartoon good deeds, forgiveness  . Kids, viewing it, can understand a lot.
  9. "Beware of monkeys!" — animated series, which was filmed in the Soviet film Studio. Malarial tells about the adventures of 5 young monkeys, which live in the zoo with his mother. Kids are different fantastic energy, naivety and penchant for adventure, his mom has to save them from troubles and to correct their antics.
    Useful: This cartoon can teach children good behavior . Actions are always important. Using this cartoon they learn to behave and listen to parents .
  10. "Horton" — elephant Horton such big ears that he can hear even the flowers. Rather, the animals that reside in them. But, if the elephant Horton will start talking to invisible babies, other animals start to think that he is inadequate. But Horton didn't care. He considers it his duty to save the population of flowers from external threats.
    Useful: Lovely cartoon which allows children to understand that the features which others will be able to call weird or funny, no need to hide, because it is possible that they are considered manifestation of some talent .

I hope the authors will read this and they will be ashamed of what they recommend "spongebob":
  The series amazes with its primitive jokes like these: knocked on each other's heads, threw ice cream into the glass. Or another: Sponge and his friend ten times could not get on the bus, because in the queue Sponge then fell asleep, then put a candy in his ear, then ate a flashlight. So do not be surprised if your child, after watching the show, comes up with something to put in his ear. And this, you see, is quite dangerous.

Counselor Olga Stashuk believes this cartoon is very primitive, and indicates that the world of autistic people richer and more logical than the world of Sponge Bob. But if the goal of parents is the dullness of the child, "spongebob" is the best helper.

By the way, in Virginia (USA) an experiment was carried out: group of preschoolers showed a few episodes of one cartoon, and then tested them on focus, aggressiveness, and hyperactivity. It turned out that after watching "Sponge Bob" children showed the worst results.

Spongebob is a homosexual?
  American Christians (the Family Council) charged SpongeBob with Square Pants in the propaganda of homosexuality. Let's try to figure out whether this is really true. First of all, it should be noted that SpongeBob lives in the "world of men", where women do not have a place, or the faces of the female are portrayed extremely ugly and negatively. Almost all his free time he spends together with his friend - the pink sea star Patrick, who constantly wears underwear. The Wall Street Journal wrote that SpongeBob really can be a homosexual, because the sponge and starfish Patrick often hold hands and clearly have an attraction for each other. In addition, American publications have given data according to which toys depicting SpongeBob and Patrick, as well as things with the symbolism of the series are in great demand among representatives of LGBT people. "Yes, it really is, SpongeBob really likes homosexuals. Even those who are far beyond 30, find it ridiculous and gladly buy different things on the subject of this cartoon, "- said the manager of a gift shop from San Francisco, Raymond Riddering. Also, some viewers tend to think that the series has many hints that are characteristic of homosexuals, for example, an episode of the cartoon in which Patrick and Spongebob adopt a small oyster and look after the baby together. In this case, SpongeBob is a so-called "mother", and Patrick is a "father."

Another character - Squidward, the neighbor of Bob's sponge, works with him in one eatery. By the number of characteristics characteristic of homosexuals, it is even ahead of the main character. For example, takes a shower in a funny cap, takes a great interest in cosmetics (often makes a face mask for himself), surrounds himself with "female" things in everyday life ...

Summarizing the above, the conclusion suggests that SpongeBob is a deceptively attractive image of a homosexual subculture.