The best educational games for children up to years: toys, descriptions, reviews

The first six months of life crumbs is the study of the environment through hearing, sight, gums and palms. The next six months, the baby explores objects by dragging them, throwing, examining, and investing in each other.

What is better to play with the baby at this age and what toys will contribute to his development?

Tactile toys for kids develop fine motor skills

In the first place, to choose such toys should be meaningful. The kid tries all tastes and through touch, and the development of his nervous system at this age is very fast through the sense of touch. Accordingly, the development of the crumbs to a large extent depends the number and diversity (to the touch) toys  . Such toys can be:

  • Tactile Mat. It can be purchased in the store, or to make, made from colorful scraps of fabric and adding a variety of laces, beads, buttons, etc.
  • Toys bags. Fabric bags should be filled cereals (hard to avoid spilling!) – beans, peas, etc.
  • Finger paints .

Functional toys for kids — interesting tools for manipulation

In this age of the baby more interested in the ability of various manipulations with the object, i.e., Assembly-disassembly, skating, throwing, pulling levers, pressing the buttons, the insertion of one object to another and so These toys needfor the development of fine motor skills, logic, attention . And, of course, preferable to take one multi-functional toy than five is useless. For example:

  • Buckets, boxes, posudka etc., Preferably transparent and of different sizes, with the ability to stack them by the "nesting dolls".
  • Educational wooden toys — cubes, pyramids, wheelchairs, figurines, lace, designers, construction sets etc.
  • Music box .
  • Cups-pyramid with holes. You can take them in the tub, in the sandbox, build their towers and collect "dolls".
  • Cubes with colorful pictures . They contribute to the development of attention, eye, coordination.
  • Pyramid with rings . Pyramid of several vertically arranged rods, with the possibility of stringing beads and rings.
  • Plastic liners. These toys a lot today. Slot in a special box have the form of small items that need to be put inside. You can replace purchase toy plastic piggy Bank, which you can throw coins.
  • Rattles. Musical toy with many buttons and different sounds. Musical instruments.
  • Bath toys (various shapes and colors, floating and spinning, blowing bubbles and changing color).
  • Balls. Better to buy three goals – one huge, one bright ordinary to the child could hold it in my hands, and one "bubble".
  • Cars and animals on wheels . Pull along toys.

Expanding the horizons of children under one year

We should not impose to the child the vision to which he is not ready yet. All the time and your age. Pay attention to what the kid reaches out, and gently try to interest him in something new.

He loves to roll cars? Develop the child in a given direction. You can buy cars from different models (train, truck, fire truck, etc.). You can not buy? They can draw or cut out cards. Through the game a little better will remember:

And if you put in the cars of passengers, we can tell baby, who and where goes on the machine (bear in the woods, the doll – house etc.). Half of you said the child will not understand, but things will begin to learn and memorize, highlighting their common features.

Developing games with cards for the baby of the first year of life

Traditional educational game. Is to explore with the baby cards, which depict letters, numbers, animals, various objects and so Introduce the child with each picture, not forgetting to accompany familiarity with the sounds and stories about the properties of an object. You can make them independently  . cut from magazines and pasted on cardboard rectangles.

And what games the kid You have to offer? Reviews mom

"My son likes the toy with molds the most. The various shapes of objects (an asterisk, a flower, a triangle, a square) should be pushed into a special house. Or build a tower. And then it is with pleasure to break it.))

— And we pour in a bowl of several kinds of cereals (pasta, peas, beans and the like), then there is throw all sorts of buttons and beads, and stir. Son can spend hours poking around in the bowl, her fingers feeling every pea. For the development of fine motor skills – cheap and cheerful.))) Importantly, not step to move away from the child.

— We saw a TV program about drawing in the sand. Sand in the house to carry as it is not wanted. My husband and I, without thinking, poured on the tray of semolina in a thin layer. Here is a child hrisoulas you!)) Yes, and themselves too. Cleaning then lot. But pleasures weight! And the best of the game, as you know, the ones that bring the most positive emotions.

— For my daughter just did: poured into a basin of water and threw different balls and plastic toys that don't sink. The daughter of a spoon caught and squeaked in pleasure. Is a good option too – fish with magnets, which is necessary to catch the bait.

We tried a lot of things. A favorite pastime was the molding of the bread. Right from the crumb mold. The most simple figures.

— Master's son "architecture"))). Bought cubes. A variety of sizes, colorful cubes, plastic. Learn to build towers so that they fell. A week went by, the son finally understand how to put to not immediately collapsed. It is interesting to observe his "discoveries" and pant.))

— Best educational games is nursery rhymes! Purely Russian people! Ladushki, Soroka crow, from tussock to tussock, and so Importantly, with expression, with emotion that the kid got carried away. And took seven months Yulu and carousel buttons. Came cheap, but played from morning to evening. However, self start Yulu learned only by 11 months.))

— And we the cups fold. The most common, bought in IKEA. There patterns are different and the holes. Carry them around with me. Bite, build turrets, toss them all in a row, push toys, stacking dolls. In General, the thing for all ages and occasions.)))