The new vaccination calendar for children in 2014 will be supplemented with a free vaccination against pneumococcal infection

Pneumococcal infection is one of the most dangerous infections, because of which people are already dying for a year now. The Ministry of Health of Russia proposes to vaccinate against pneumococcal infection in the vaccination calendar. Why do I need a pneumococcal infection?

What is pneumococcal infection and than it is hazardous?

Pneumococcal infection   - this is the reason for a fairly large group of diseases that are manifested in various pyoinflammatory processes in the body. To such diseases it is possible to carry the following:

Getting into the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, blood, spinal fluid, etc. the infection is actively developing, causing diseases in the human body. Infection suppresses the production of immunity, resulting in this or that disease. But some people are onlycarriers of pneumococcal infection and feel wonderful.
  Most often, children are carriers of pneumococcal infection. Especially, this applies to those children who attend educational and educational institutions (kindergartens, schools, circles, sections, etc.) The causative agent of the infection spreads everywhere and is transmittedairborne .

The highest risk of infection have the following groups of people:

  • Children under 5 years who are sick
  • HIV-infected children
  • Children with a remote spleen
  • Children with diabetes
  • Children with chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system and the respiratory tract
  • People over the age of 65 years
  • People with lowered immunity
  • Alcoholics and drug addicts
  • People, often ill with bronchitis and diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Most often due to pneumococcal infection and complications of the diseases caused by it, people die fromsepsis and meningitis. The highest percentage of deaths observed in elderly patients.
Vaccination against pneumococcal infection is with prophylactic and therapeutic purposes . As a therapeutic means of vaccination should undertaken with the combined treatment.

At the moment, according to The national immunization schedule. Vaccination against the following diseases is carried out:

In 2014, this calendar will complement vaccination against pneumococcus   . and hence - against the diseases that are provoked by this infection.

The result of vaccination against pneumococcal infection:

  • Decreases duration of disease with bronchitis and pneumonia
  • Reduced the number of acute respiratory diseases
  • Reduces the number of repeated otitis;
  • Reduced levels of carriers of pneumococcal infection
  • Increases immunity.

Vaccination against pneumococcal infection is carried out in many countries as part of the national vaccination calendar. Among the countries are: France, USA, Germany, England, etc.
In Russia has approved the bill according to which in 2014, vaccination against pneumococcus is mandatory. This decision was made by the Ministry of Health of Russia. The development of the document is envisaged in accordance with the instructions of Arkady Dvorkovich (Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation) in order to prevent high mortality from pneumococcal infection.
  The RF Commission approved the bill on improving the immunization system of infectious diseases introduced by the Ministry of Health.