The 7 most useful gadgets for moms

The birth of a child is a very important and important process for the family. The choice of strollers, toys, clothes for the baby excites every mom and dad. But no less important is the theme of "helpers" for moms - a topic of modern gadgets that will help simplify the care of the child, for himself and diversify leisure.

Smart Shopper — personal Secretary to every mom

The compiled shopping list Smart Shopper occupies a leading position as suitablenot only mothers, but also women, who have no time to go shopping .

The uniqueness of the Smart Shopper — saving information, spoken voice, and print a complete list of necessary products. The gadget is easy to use and can be hung on the wall to not constantly get out of the box.

To begin, just press one button, then Smart Shopper will start automatically create and organize electronic shopping list   . The gadget already contains 2500 names of various products, the electronic library can also be replenished at the request of the user.

The cost of the gadget Smart Shopper — 149.95.e.

Spoon the Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon, which helps the mother to feed the baby

Convenient spoon syringe combinescapacity for food and a spoon . And complete with a protective cover can be used on walks or roads. Easy to clean, composition — food grade silicone.

  It is recommended for feeding the baby after 4 months.

The cost of the spoon Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon — 9.99.e.

Pontikonisi from Clatronic — for a delicious Breakfast from mom

Stainless steel, can cook up to 6 doughnuts. Form for baking with non-stick coating, heat indicators and overheating protection make this product more attractive.

This brand is also creating crepes, and waffle makers.

The cost of a donut is 40 cu.

Baby monitor Philips Avent SCD 505/00 — for a relaxing childhood dreams and mother's rest

Worried when the baby is in the crib or want to keep the baby under control? - Then this gadget is specially for you.

Zero interference and data encryption ensures that the kid'll only hear You . The gadget allows you to setlullaby . to play before bedtime.

Equipment 2-way EME radiohelps the baby to hear Your voice .

  • Time battery life: 24 hours
  • Power source: 220-240V
  • Charging time: 8 hours

The cost of baby monitor Philips Avent — 150.e.

For reference:
  For Iphone / Ipad owners, it's enough to download the Best Baby Monitor or AirBeam application with similar functions in the AppStore and save by spending 5 and 3 cu. respectively.

Multiquick blender will help mom to prepare delicious meals for your baby

Wireless immersion blender Multiquick revolutionary speed control function Smart Speed — a convenient and powerful helper in the preparation of baby meals.

Milkshakes and "home" children's mashed potatoes will cease to be a problem for You. And various soups will please both mom, and dad.

The cost of the blender 80.e. depending on the model

Electronic steam sterilizer Philips help the mother to sterilize baby utensils

Works quickly, maintaining the sterility of the bottle 24 hours . Easy to use, with it, You can be assured that You will always have a sterile bottle.

The cost of sterilizer — 150.e.

The timer is All-in-One Timer Itzbeen will help the mother care for a newborn baby

This pocket "nanny" monitors the latest changes in your child's regime:feeding, sleeping, diapering, medication, bathing and even physical exercises .