Full list for a child in the hospital – what to bring?

2-3 weeks before the birth, everything that can be needed in the maternity hospital, as a rule, has already been decomposed into packages - things for mom, hygiene items, crossword books and, of course, a bag with things for a new member of the family. But, in order that mother should not feverishly ring up all relatives after the birth and drive dad to the shops, it is necessary to make a list of everything necessary in advance. Especially - taking into account the fact that not all maternity hospitals will provide you with sliders, hygiene products and even diapers.

A list of needed items for the baby — packing the bags for the hospital!

  • Baby soap or baby bath gel for bathing (to wash away the crumbs).
  • Package of diapers. Go to gauze diapers you will have at home, and after delivery, mom needs to rest – diapers will give you a few extra hours of sleep. Just remember to pay attention to the size of the diapers and the specified age. A day usually takes about 8 pieces.
  • The vests thin – 2-3 PCs or body (preferably with long sleeves, 2-3 PCs.).
  • Sliders – 4-5 PCs.
  • Thin diaper (3-4 units) flannel (similar).
  • Thin and warm caps. in accordance with the weather (2-3 PCs.).
  • Bottle water. Urgent need for it (the newborn is enough of mom's milk), and sterilize the bottle in the conditions of the hospital you can not. But if you plan to feed your baby formula, ask in advance for this question (do you provide bottles in the hospital, or what opportunities there are for sterilization).
  • Socks   (Two pairs).
  • "Scratchy," (x/b gloves, so that the baby scratched himself accidentally in the face).
  • Without blankets also you can do (in the hospital it will be given), but your home will, of course, much more comfortable.
  • Wet wipes, baby cream (if the skin requires moisture) and baby powder or diaper cream. Use them only when necessary, and don't forget to pay attention to the expiration date, composition and marked "hypoallergenic."
  • Disposable diapers (to spread on the scale or changing table).
  • Towel (it is useful for cleaning, but instead fit and thin diaper).
  • Nail scissors for children's nails (they grow very quickly and babies often scratch themselves during sleep).
  • Whether dummy – you decide. But remember to wean from the nipples then it will be much harder than learning how to do without it.
  • Smart suit.
  • Bodysuit and socks.
  • A cap cap.
  • Envelope (area) with ribbon.
  • Optionally, a blanket and warm clothes (if winter).

And, of course, keep in mind first, the quality and comfort of our clothes, and only then – her elegance .

What a pity that when I searched the list to the hospital (it was a year and 9 months ago), I did not see your article. Everything is laid out on shelves, painted the points. I used to think that this list should give the gynecologist, but then I was told that they do not give a list, and then I started asking all of their experienced friends and relatives.
In fact, I lack something, but fortunately, that close relatives: will carry. The main thing is to have everything you need for the first day and first night after birth. I think the main thing is not to forget the passport, a pregnant card. Of course, important clothes for baby and mom, and at least two sets of bed linen for mom (at least sheets), because I have a very soiled in blood (his).
Of course, much depends on the time of year: if it's cold, you need to take more warm clothes and if it's hot something easier (for the child and for mom).
  Another irreplaceable thing is breast liners: when milk comes, it can flow out of the chest and make clothes dirty, and also cause discomfort. I still use them, because I have not yet weaned the baby from the breast.

I also looked for a similar list of things - I also asked in the maternity hospital where I was going to give birth, so they told me: "Collect everything as if you are going to the sea" - that's so :). By the way, in the maternity hospital it is still superfluous to take a thermometer (better electronic), baby oil, cotton wheels and its dishes (a cup, a plate, a spoon).