The benefits and harms dummy: whether the nipple of the child at all?

What are the only issues related to caring for kids, do not discuss today on the Internet! Regardless of whether it concerns the use of diapers, developing techniques or the benefits and harms of nipples - opinions are often expressed diametrically opposed. And, if using diapers, the arguments have already subsided, then discussions - whether a nipple is needed for a child - continues to gain momentum.

Before to join irreconcilable opponents nipples, let's try to understand — whether to give a pacifier to a child, how it is harmful or is it helpful.

For a start, you should know that pediatricians do not have a very specific and clear answer to this question.

  • First. each child must be treated individually, and what works best for baby friend for your child may be totally unacceptable.
  • Second. the situations are different, and not always the pacifier is evil, as it sometimes try to imagine.

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And whether baby a pacifier at all?

Pediatricians believe that if the child highly developed sucking reflex   - A dummy is a must. Due to age, the infant can not fully satisfy its sucking reflex, because it is not yet able to hold the finger in the mouth.

But when the baby develops, the action is he will continue to suck the fingers . as if to compensate for the time when I could not fully satisfy the need. This is a very negative impact on the development of the child. The sucking reflex gradually fades away in 4-5 months, and being unsatisfied by this time, continues to be dominant   . suppresses all other reflexes and prevents proper development.

On this basis, the use of pacifiers is obvious, and of course,nipple to baby's needs . However, everything must be on time, and later weaning baby from the nipples can significantly slow down his speech and General development.

To be objective and to better understand the issue, let us consider all the arguments for and against.

So, dummy for

The use of a pacifier is obvious if:

  • Your baby cries a lot . is restless and noisy.
  • Your baby's sucking instinct developed stronger . than you have to. Pacifier in this case much better of a finger.
  • For some reason you can't breastfeed . and the child is on artificial feeding. In this case, the dummy is the only option to satisfy the sucking reflex.

Dummy — vs

Harm from the pacifier is also possible:

  • If your baby is breastfed   . A dummy can provoke a rejection of the breast just because the sucking reflex is fully satisfied.
  • Dentists warn that the use of pacifiers affects the formation of occlusion . can affect the deformation of the teeth, etc.
  • The hygienic side of the question also remains open . sterilization dummy helps for a while.
  • Support and strengthen the sucking reflex leads to mental underdevelopment of the child .
  • Prolonged use of pacifiers slows down the formation of speech in a toddler .

As you can see, after all the nipples hurt more. However do not rush immediately to banish the dummy   from everyday life. A sharp ablation from the nipple will only bring additional problems to the child and you.

Everything should be approached wisely.   Future moms also should not go to extremes and buy nipples with a special bite, or contemptuously bypass them. Learn the range, but with the purchase is really not a hurry:maybe that your kid won't need the nipple   - this is typical for many newborns.

And You — for or against pacifiers? It is very important to know Your opinion!

I have two children. I did not give the first nipple - simply because when he was born - there was nothing. But the second boy is now half a year, and we bought everything: papillae, bottles ... What they did not buy! The main thing is that all the best, good, that now there is everything, and we can afford it. And then our little one began to refuse my milk. And only after reading literature, talking with other moms, I still became a son from a pacifier wean. Passed painlessly, now on the HS and very satisfied. We dummy was harmful.

The daughter with a pacifier grew, but she refused herself, for 6 months she spit out everything. He falls asleep, though, still with a pacifier, but I think, and from this will soon give up.

Strongly against the pacifier! And if any mother wants to be quiet or feed her own laziness, it's worth thinking about whether it is necessary to start a child at all!