Social networks have firmly become an integral part of our lives. With their help, we have the ability to communicate, to know the latest news, share and view photos, miscellaneous pictures and video. In General, the practical benefit of these projects is undeniable. On sites such as "Vkontakte" has almost everything except the view pages. We don't know what motivated the developers and why not added this feature to the site. But we are confident that most people happy would want to use the opportunity to get to know the guests of your profile. So, let us understand whether there are General methods for solving this interesting secret.

What are the options for visitors to the page in VC?

This option in a social network "Vkontakte" has not been created, the developers of various gaming applications offer us to use their services.

For example, there are several types of "traps", the link of which is posted on your page with some enticing preposition (you can write "Dirt on me" and post a link), and if the person clicked, it is automatically recorded as a visitor to your profile. But the problem is that people are users of the VC have long understood that it's just a trick and many people simply ignore such stunts.

There are applications that supposedly catch random visitors to your page. In fact, these services only provide you with a list of people who recently "licked" your note or photo, or responded to your wall. That is, if a person secretly visited your page and did not make any likes, records or other options, then he does not get into this list, the application simply does not see this user.

This implies that 100% of everything the guest list in the contact of different kind of app can provide. But let's find out whether there are any options to see the visitors in touch.

Is it worth it to trust paid services?

A few years ago the main Creator of a social network Pavel Durov said that developers VK will never launch this function on our site even in the paid format. Most likely, this decision was taken in order to avoid large kolichestvennykh pages. And today, despite the fact that Pavel Durov left the post of the head of "Vkontakte", the leadership of this network is not going to change these principles. This implies that any kind of tempting advertisement like "the Real way to know who visited your profile", nothing like pure fraud. It is possible that by paying the criminals the money, you will be given false information to have you again had a desire to use their services. Therefore, I advise you not to trust this kind of advertising and wasting your precious time.

As you can see, currently there is not yet a clear cut methods to solve the mystery guest page in contact.So while we can only guess and speculate who it could be. But don't worry, it was probably for the best. After all, once you also want incognito to visit the page of a specific person, and to track changes in life. It is likely that the developers of this social network will reconsider its decision and the site will be a treasured button "my guests", but as long as our fans go unnoticed. But, as they say "the less you know, sleep tight."