This procedure is one-trouble, the other is fun. Approximately so see the problem with the screen flipping on the laptop monitor users. If you accidentally did not click something, it certainly is a problem. Adjust to the screen of the monitor, deployed at 90 degrees - that's still fun. However, it often happens that on portable devices such as netbooks or laptops, you need to look at a photo or video from a different angle. How do I flip the computer screen in this case? On Windows XP this required downloading a special program, and now you can turn the laptop screen with Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows Vista using the built-in interface. Thank you, Microsoft.

A few ways how to flip monitor screen

There are a few simple solutions. Let's talk about each of the items.

The first way - one of the simplest and most understandable, will take from you, from strength, a minute of precious time:

  1. Click with the right mouse button on an empty area of the desktop
  2. In the menu that appears, click on "screen Resolution"
  3. See the word "Orientation"? Alrighty, a little to the right is a list of the available angles. The default is "Landscape"
  4. Click on the arrow near the list and choose what you wanted
  5. Confirm your selection by pressing "OK".

The second method is even simpler than the first:

  1. Usually on laptop computers, clicking on the right mouse button on an empty space of the desktop, in the menu "graphics Settings"
  2. There? Well, to press it is not necessary that you have it in a separate window will not open. It's easier, just put things on it with an arrow and a submenu opens
  3. In the submenu, select "Turn" and opens another, "it podpodmenyu"
  4. You will provide a choice of four possible degrees that have the ability to flip the screen: 0 – leave it as is, 90 is to make the screen vertical (tilt head to left), 180 –screen looks down, 270 – vertical screen (head tilted right).

The third way is three keys and no menus.

Finally, the most convenient option is to turn the screen on the laptop using three buttons:

  1. left ctrl left alt down arrow – rotate 180 degrees
  2. left ctrl left alt left arrow – turn 90 degrees to the left
  3. left ctrl + left alt + right arrow - rotate 90 degrees to the right;
  4. left ctrl left alt up arrow to return the screen to its normal position.

Flip the laptop screen on Windows XP

As noted earlier, there is no built-in capability in XP to perform this function. But, it's not scary, because the programs for the Nvidia video card that are installed on many portable devices come to the rescue.

  1. Press the right mouse button on the desktop and choose "Nvidia control Panel"
  2. On the left, in the setup of the video card, look for "Rotate display" and select one of four options. Interesting you choose and confirm the selection by tapping on "OK".

If the screen is turned over in a laptop with Windows 7, 8, Vista or XP-solution is and not one. For those who want to do this consciously, the more problems there are, because it's easier for you to look at the monitor than for those who now have to read all this text in an uncomfortable pose.