To home the cat was healthy, you need to remember the importance of prevention, which is known to better the treatment of various infectious diseases.

Among such preventive methods is vaccination. And if you become a possessor of a tiny fluffy lump, think about whether to vaccinate a kitten, and whether they are needed, we will answer unequivocally-to do it. In this case, not one, but all necessary.

About that, when and what vaccinations it is necessary to do to kittens (including thoroughbreds), and our article will be.

Before vaccination, you should pay attention to the condition of the pet - it should be completely healthy, and it does not matter whether you are vaccinating kittens to British, Sphynx or Scottish (lop-eared or pryamouhim) - this rule is common for all breeds.

The animal should have a normal temperature, a good appetite and a normal stool. There should be no external signs of illness, such as sneezing or cough, discharge from the eyes. The second nuance about which it is necessary to remember - vaccination is spent after preliminary processing of an animal from fleas and worms (for 10 days).

What shots do kittens

Some owners of cats do not even know what dangers threaten their pets. This and cat's leukemia, and rabies, and infectious peritonitis, and viral rhinorrhea, and panleukopenia ...

From all these diseases, the kitten must be vaccinated. And for all thoroughbred kittens they will be the same.

Of rabies vaccination for kittens

What vaccinations need a small pet? If you intend to take a pet on trips or to attend exhibitions, kitten compulsory vaccination against rabies.

Suitable for both domestic and foreign vaccine. When to get a vaccine against rabies kitten? He must be the first to be transferred at the age of three months. For those pets that do not come into contact with other animals, the period may be different - eight months.

The fact that a kitten after vaccination may have health problems, because such drugs have a fairly strong effect on his body.

Vaccination against rabies has a limited duration of one year. Therefore, annual vaccination is mandatory.

At what age do kittens need to be vaccinated?

A very important question is when to do the first vaccination of a kitten. Primary vaccination is prescribed when animals reach 9-12 weeks of age. It includes inoculations from the main feline diseases - panleukopenia (plague), viral rhinotracheitis and calicivirus infection.

There is also a vaccine, which at the same time will provide protection from feline chlamydia. The first vaccination of the kitten is done - now after three weeks it will be necessary to conduct a booster vaccine with a similar vaccine. Two weeks later, the kitten will develop a permanent immunity. The third vaccination is done when the cat reaches the age of one year.

Then it will need doing every year. If the animal inoculated, already reaching six months old, the vaccine can be done once, as his immunity is strong enough.

This will be the answer to the question of when to vaccinate British kittens and pets of other breeds when they are taken slightly grown.

To protect the pet from ringworm, you can also use the vaccine. How many kittens are vaccinated is not so important, since such vaccination is not connected with the above described and is done twice with a break of 10-14 days.

In order not to forget which vaccination and when was done, it is better to have a special passport in which all dates and other necessary information will be recorded.