10 educational games and applications for the iPad for the smallest children from 0 to 1 year old

No matter how trying the responsible parents to protect their child from the dominance of technological novelties - fashionable and necessary gadgets confidently enter our lives. Games for the iPad for kids sometimes become a real rescue for the mother, and in some cases contribute to the development of the child. However, to use gadgets as toys for crumbs should be carefully, thoughtfully and with all responsibility.

So, which of the developing applications for the iPad is chosen by modern moms?

Games from Wonderkind, a series of applications Toddler's Seek \u0026 Find

Used for babies from 11-12 months and older.

  • Animated images with images of animals, people, objects, the main functions of which are demonstrated with the help of "easy movement of the hand."
  • The application "My Animals" is an opportunity for a child to "visit" the zoo, the farm and the forest. The animals in the game come to life, they make sounds - the kid will be able to feed the burenk, wake up the sleeping owl or even force the camel to spit.
  • The game promotes the development of the imagination and replenishment of the vocabulary, helps to study the surrounding world and sounds, trains attention.

Sound Touch

Used for babies from 10-12 months and older.

  • Program for kids - images and sounds (more than 360), through which the crumb can be introduced to the outside world (transport, animals and birds, household items, musical instruments, etc.).
  • In the game form, the crumb gradually learns the names and images of objects, animals and sounds that they publish.
  • There is a choice of 1 of 20 languages.

Zoola Animals

Used for babies with 10-12 months and older.

  • The main task of the application is to introduce the baby to animals and their sounds. When clicking on a certain animal, it is mooed, squeaked, barked or otherwise sounded.
  • Animals are divided into categories (farm or forest, aquatic inhabitants, rodents, safaris, etc.) and by "families" (father, mother, baby). For example, the father-beaver "moans", my mother crunches a cob, and the child squeaks.

Phone for Kids

Used for toddlers with 11-12 months and older.

  • A series of developing games in a single application - fun and colorful games, with music, flying bubbles and other joys (24 games - developing and entertaining).
  • "Content" of the application: familiarity with notes, the study of the seasons, the first steps in learning English, the compass (studying the sides of the world), the gaming phone, the simplest "risovalka" -molbert for kids (in the process of drawing from the finger, "Spray"), a treasure island (a game for tiny pirates), race cars, learning the colors and voices of animals, searching for animals, cheerful cuckoo clocks, learning geometric shapes, fish (swim and hoodlum, depending on the tilt of the ipad or finger) figures, stars, balls, train (study days of the week), etc.

Good night, little lamb!

Used for babies from 10-11 months and older.

  • The application is a fairy tale. The task: help in the daily ritual of "stacking on the barrel" with the help of simple narration and pleasant music, the study of animals and sounds.
  • The main idea: the lights go out, the animals on the farm are tired, it's time to put them to bed. Every animal needs to turn off the lamp, and a pleasant voice behind the scenes will wish to specify (and so forth) a good night.
  • Excellent design, graphics; animation and illustrations 2D, interactive little animals (chicken, fish, mumps, dog, duck, burinka and lamb).
  • Lullaby - as a musical accompaniment.
  • Select the desired language.
  • Useful function Autoplay.

Baby eggs

Used for babies from 11-12 months and older.

  • Developing and interesting game for the crumbs, simple presentation, beautiful graphics.
  • Tasks: studying flowers, animals, voices of animals.
  • The main idea: the pictures depict adult little animals and an egg, from which the baby hatches from clicking on the picture (in the game involved 7 species of animals).
  • The entertaining part of the application is the coloring of little animals, adapted for toddlers. It is enough to press a finger on the color, and then on the subject itself, which you want to color.
  • There is a musical accompaniment, as well as a story about how the cubs of different animals appear, what are their differences, how they live.

Baby Play Face

Used for babies from 10-11 months and older.

  • Tasks: a fun study of parts of the body. Or rather, a person's face.
  • Ability to choose a language.
  • Contents: a three-dimensional image of the baby, focus on individual parts of the face (eyes winks, the head turns left / right, etc.). Sound accompaniment ("mouth", "cheek", "eyes", etc.).
  • Of course, much easier to explain to your child where the eyes and nose, "his", but the application invariably in demand – through play children learn and develop memory much faster.

Fun English

Used for babies from 12 months and older.

  • Tasks: exciting and fun learning English through the game. In the process of playing, the kid remembers English words, which in the future will surely come in handy.
  • Contents: several blocks-themes (in each - 5-6 games) - fruits and figures, body parts, animals, colors, vegetables, transport.
  • Scoring - female and male voice, different intonations.
  • For older crumbs, it is possible not only to learn English words, but also to memorize their writing.
  • The application is simple, the assistance of an adult is almost not required.

Talking Krosh (Smeshariki)

Used for babies from 9-10 months and older.

  • Contents: the awake fidget Krosh, able to speak, react cheerfully to touch, repeat words for the child. You can feed the character, play football with him, dance, etc.
  • Tasks: development of auditory / visual perception and fine motor skills with the help of developing animation effects.
  • Bonus – shop the cartoon series about the Game.
  • Great graphics, nice music, the video.

Talking Tom \u0026 Ben

Used for babies from 12 months and older.

  • Educational game, voice stimulator with a fun cast of characters familiar to many children (harmful dog Ben and cat Tom funny).
  • Content: characters repeat the child's words, conduct news. There is an opportunity to create a real report and put video on the Internet.
  • Of course, Tom and Ben, as befits a cat with a dog to co-exist together can not – their antics amuse children and add a unique "flavor".

Of course, lullabies from devices will not replace the mother's mother's native voice, butexpensive electronic toys will not replace the games with parents   . The benefits and harms of innovation are always a matter of dispute, and each mother decides - it is necessary to use them, or not.

Whether to use the ipad as a toy (albeit a developing one)? The time – definitely not. According to the experts, for kids under 5 years old, using such gadgets can do more harm   . rather than benefit, if you use them, like a wand-zashchalochku throughout the day.

The benefits of using an ipad – a less harmful alternative to TV   . lack of advertising, the possibility of self-installation of really necessary and developing applications, the ability to distract the baby in the queue to the doctor or in the plane.

But do not forget that no one, even the most modern, super-gadget will not replace a mom . And also remember that the maximum time of use at that age – 10 minutes a day   ; that wi-fi at the time of the game should be turned off, and the distance between the crumb and the gadget should be optimal for a minimum load on the eyesight.

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