First aid kid for insect bites – what to do if child bitten by mosquitoes, gnats, wasps or bees?

Summer - the time of mosquitoes, midges and other flying insects. Their bites can lead not only to intolerable itching and allergies, but in some cases - to death.

To be saved from the terrible consequences, you need to know the symptoms of complications and rules for providing first aid kid for insect bites .

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First aid for children through the bites of mosquitoes or midges – what to do if mosquitoes or gnats bit a child?

Mosquitoes — the most common blood-sucking insects of our band. In the summer they take on all, from small to large. Meanwhile, the mosquitoes are not only unpleasant bloodsuckers, but also dangerous infections.

As you know, blood suck only females in order to leave offspring. So, the hungry mosquito lays about 50, and the well-fed - up to 300 eggs.

Discuss the steps you need to follow when you and your child are bitten by insects.

  1. If bitten by a mosquito, you need to make cold compress. It will reduce itching.
  2. To not itch the bite, it is necessary for him to make soda pulp every 40 minutes.
  3. You can lubricate the bite green paint. It will stop infection mikroranki.
  4. When multiple bites a child can be given the pill antihistamines inside and topically applied anti-Allergy ointment for example, fenistil or fukortsin.
  5. Some people prefer to escape from itching tomato juice. wiping disturbing the bite.
  6. It also can lubricate sour cream or yogurt. Harm of such a remedy will not bring, and about the benefits you will be able to judge for yourself.
  7. Folk medicine calls applied to the affected area plantain leaf .

The bite of midges more insidious – he's not felt immediately, because the saliva of this insect contains an anesthetic, freezing the bitten place. And only after some time will appear unpleasant itching and redness, and suffering so the bite does a lot more than a similar attack of a mosquito.

To ease the child's suffering through the bites of fleas, you need to:

  1. Applying to the bite the cold compress to stop the swelling, redness and itching.
  2. The child should be allowed to comb through the bite. Because so it can be recorded in a blood infection.
  3. The itching and anxiety are removed by the same methods used in mosquito bites.

What to do if child bitten by a wasp or bee – stings wasps, bees, bumblebee, hornet

More dangerous for the baby bee stings, wasps, bees and hornets, because their attacks take place with the introduction of poison that can not only harm the health of the baby, but also dangerous to his life. Especially dangerous are cases of multiple insect bites or stings in the mouth and throat.

I want to especially note the fact that a similar reaction can cause ant bites, because it is — insects of the same biological class as wasps, bees and bumblebees, the only difference is that the biting ants do not sting, and jaws, after which the abdomen inject poison.

Many people have intolerance to the poison manifests itself only after some time. So need to monitor the child's condition for several days   after bites.

There are several specific symptoms characteristic of the bites of wasps, bees, Bumble bees and hornets:

  1. Swelling of the bite and nearby tissues. A very dangerous symptom, especially if a child was bitten in the head or in the neck as possible suffocation.
  2. Bright rash. localized to the site of the bite.
  3. Dizziness and headache.
  4. Nausea and vomiting talking about small sharp intoxication of an organism.
  5. The pain in his chest.

Of course, it is better to protect the child from the danger of being stung, but if the trouble does happen - do not panic!

Know the rules of first aid in case of bites by wasps, bees, bumblebee, hornet:

  1. If bitten by a bee or bumblebee, it should remain the sting, which must either be carefully removed with tweezers. or scrape off a solid surface. Do not remove the stinger with your fingers because this way you will only squeeze the poison from the gland, which will only exacerbate the intoxication.
  2. To wash the bitten place with soap and water in order to protect him from infection. Wash should economic or ordinary baby soap. Moreover, the simpler the composition of the detergent, the better.
  3. Not to give the child to scratch the bite!
  4. Sooner or later the bite will begin to swell. In order to stop this process, you need applying cold. preferably the ice, wrapped in a towel.
  5. To give the child antihistamine in order to reduce the allergic reaction. It is important to consider the dosage recommended on the instructions of the medication. For kids will fit fenistil, for older children you can take and strong suprastin.
  6. Remembering people's money, is to say that attach the ground to the bite in any case can not. So you can only get infected from the soil, but does not relieve pain and swelling.
  7. It is possible to reduce itching to make fresh potatoes cut on skin or a slice of tomato. The latter, incidentally, can be replaced by lotions of tomato juice.
  8. The same medicine is capable of processing the bite onion juice. As it has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

When the insect bites in children, you need to see a doctor – don't view alarming symptoms!

Not always the bites of insects are so safe. In some cases, you need to urgently contact your doctor.

If you're after a bite is noticed in a child the following symptoms, immediately call an ambulance:

  1. Wheezing   may be the result of suffocation. For example, with allergies to a bite of wasps and hornets, such a symptom is more than common.
  2. Multiple bites — a reason for immediate call an ambulance.
  3. Pain behind the breastbone is the heart's reaction to a large dose of poison that was ingested.
  4. The baby catches his breath. The kid says with a shortness of breath, breathing and often inconsistent. It is possible the tumor in the throat or an allergic reaction of the lungs.
  5. If you notice the child difficulty in swallowing or playing words. you the road to the hospital. It can be as choking and failures of the nervous system, blocking important reflexes.
  6. If bites after enough time has passed, but the wound began to fester or bother. it is also a reason to seek help because of possible infection of the bite.
  7. Dizziness and shortness of breath important symptoms that should call an ambulance. They arise because of intoxication, tumors of the larynx, and spasm of the lungs.
  8. If the child who was bitten by a bee, wasp, bumblebee or hornet less than 3 months. you need to see a doctor.

Of course, it is better to use special repellents and other means to protect from insects and to prevent their bites. But if you still to escape from attack failed, use the tips in our article, and do not hesitate to appeal to doctors when complications!