Skype is the most popular application in the world, which provides its users with the possibility of free voice, video or text communication. In this case, you can organize a conference (group communication), transfer files and even call ordinary telephone numbers. The list of useful properties is wide, and their implementation is at the proper level.

Other users, like you, can communicate with you by adding your nickname to your contact list. Login to the program is carried out by entering the login, which you previously registered and password. But at many times there is a desire to change it.

How to change Skype username

We are forced to disappoint you. Change once registered login is impossible, except how to re-register. In this case, all funds and contact lists will disappear. But, there is a mechanism by which you can change the name displayed for other users.

  1. Included in the app
  2. In the upper left corner, below the toolbar and next to the app icon, click on your display name
  3. This will open your personal data, where at the top right, then click on the display name. Should look like the one shown in the picture below
  4. Enter the name that we want. By default, it will be displayed in the contacts your friends
  5. Click on the check mark or press Enter, confirming the name
  6. The final result should look as shown in the screenshot below.

Also, you have the opportunity to change the name of any of your friends who are in the address book to the convenient and familiar to you:

  1. Secreted by the mouse the user name of your contacts and once click the right mouse button on it
  2. Shows a text menu in which you find "Rename" and select the action
  3. Enter a name and press Enter
  4. Now always a user in your contacts will be displayed with the name you gave him.

How to find out your username

If the program is started by default, bypassing the window with the login and password, then it is not difficult to view it in new versions of the application. All you need is to look slightly above the toolbar, to where the window control functions (a cross, underscore, that is, close or collapse a window). Right on the center is written your login.

In that case, when you login forgotten and can't log in – follow the simple password recovery process. All you need to remember the email address you entered during registration.

  1. We pass to this page;
  2. Under "Skype login" and "Password" have clickable links "Forgotten your Skype name?" and "Forgot your password?", respectively
  3. Depending on what you want to restore, click one of the links
  4. On the new page, enter the e-mail address registered in the system and click "Send";
  5. Go to their mail looking for the letter and look at their data.

Despite the fact that you can not change the login, the program provides us with a wide range of other features, including changing the display name from other users. So do not be discouraged, there is not a lot of loss, because the login is only needed to enter Skype, and so that friends or acquaintances can add you to their contacts.

We hope that the article on how to change your login on Skype helped you in finding the solution to one of the most common problems.