How to give infants medicine in the form of tablets or syrup correctly – instructions for parents

Unfortunately, there are situations when breastbits and pieces have to give you medicine. And every mother immediately faces the problem of how to make your child this medicine swallow? Especially if the prescribed medications. Understand "tricky" methods "how to feed the baby tablet" and remember the rules ...

The content of the article:

As a newborn to give the syrup or suspension – instructions on how to inject the child medicine correctly

To give a sick baby a doctor appointed suspension, special skills are not necessary. Don't worry follow the simple moms already trodden path .

  • Update the dosage of the medication. In no case do not give the suspension eye.
  • Carefully shake the bottle (spin the bottle).

  • Will smartem the right dosage specially designed for this case, a measuring spoon (5ml), pipette with divisions or syringe (after sterilization).
  • If the child stubbornly resists, pileniem it will either ask dad to hold the baby (so not cool).
  • Put on baby nagrudnik and prepare the tissue .

  • Keep the child as in the position of the feeding, but head slightly raise. In the case if your baby is already sitting and plant myself on my knees and hold the baby so that he flinched and knocked over "dishes" with the suspension.

And then give him the medicine the most convenient for you method:

  • A spoon. Gently put the spoon to the lower lip of the baby and wait, when all the medication is gradually poured and swallowed. You can pour the dose into two doses if you fear the child will choke.

  • Pipette. Recruited half of the desired dose into the dropper and gently drip a little in my mouth. Repeat the procedure with the 2nd part of the dose. The method is not suitable (dangerous), if the teeth of the crumbs already erupted.
  • A syringe (without needle, of course). Dial the desired dose into the syringe, put the end on the lower part of the lips closer to the corner of your mouth, gently pour the suspension into the mouth, with a slow head – to baby time to swallow. The most convenient way, given the opportunity to adjust the infusion rate of a medication. Make sure that the slurry flowed directly into the throat and inside the cheeks.

  • With pacifiers. Dialed the suspension in the measuring spoon, dip in her pacifier and give the baby to lick. Continue until all of the medicine from the spoon will not be consumed.
  • Filled with pacifiers. Some mothers and this method is used. Dummy is filled with the suspension and is given a baby (typical).

A few rules of admission of the suspension:

  • If the syrup gives bitterness, and the baby resists, pour the slurry closer to the root of the tongue. Taste buds are located at the front of the tongue, and to swallow the medicine easier.
  • Does not shunt the suspension in milk or water. If your baby won't, you need a dose of the drug in the body is not received.
  • The baby already has teeth? Don't forget after taking the medicine to clean them.

How to give pills to babies – how to give a pill or capsule infant

For infants today, there are many drug suspensions but some drugs still have to give tablets. How to do it?

  • Refine the compatibility of drugs with other drugs and food. who gets the baby.
  • Clearly follow the instructions of the physician calculates the dosage with maximum discretion, according to the recipe. If you need a quarter – we break the pill into 4 pieces and take 1/4 th. If you break I can't get it – we should crush the entire pill and divide the powder into 4 pieces, take as many as indicated by the doctor.
  • To crush the pill is easiest between two metal spoons (the capsules open and just dissolve the granules in the liquid, to clean the spoon): in the 1st spoon drop the tablet (or the appropriate part of the pills), on top of it put the 2nd spoon. Tightly pressed, pounded to powder.

  • Powder dilute in liquid (a small amount, about 5 ml) in water, milk (if possible) or other fluid from crohinga diet.
  • Give the kid medicine one of the ways described above. The best from the syringe.
  • To give a pill from a bottle does not make sense. First, pipsqueak, feeling the bitterness, maybe just give up on the bottle. Second, the holes in the pill bottle will have to grind almost to dust. And third, to give from the syringe is much easier and more productive.

  • If it is possible to replace the tablets or suspension of candles – replace. Efficiency does not lower, but the baby (and Mama) less suffering.
  • If the baby refuses to open his mouth in any case do not cry and do not swear – this will discourage the child's desire to drink medicines for a very long time. It is strongly recommended not to pinch the baby's nose to open his mouth – baby can choke! Gently squeeze the cheeks of Chad's fingers, and his mouth opens.
  • Be persistent. but without the rigidity and improve the voice.
  • Try to give the medicine in the game, to distract the baby.
  • Don't forget to praise your child – how he is strong and brave and good.
  • Do not pour crushed pill in a spoon with mashed potatoes. If your child is sad, then he'll turn down mashed potatoes.

What not to drink/eat medicine?

  • Antibiotics you can't drink milk (broken chemical structure tablets, and the body simply does not assimilate).
  • Any pills are not recommended to drink tea.  It contains tannin, which reduces the effectiveness of many drugs, and caffeine, which leads to overexcitation when combined with soothing agents.
  • Aspirin drink milk is also impossible. Acid, lye mixed with milk, forms a mixture of water and salt without aspirin. Such medication will be useless.
  • Juices contain citrates which reduce the acidity of gastric juice and partially neutralize the effect of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, sedative, anti-ulcer and medications to reduce the acidity. Citrus juice is prohibited to receive aspirin, cranberry and grapefruit are ready with most drugs.