10 signs of readiness of babies for solid foods – when to start introducing baby foods?

Young parents are always eager to feed their baby something delicious. Therefore, the question "When can I introduce complementary foods?" Begins to occur 3-4 months after delivery. Do not hurry! Enjoy the moments when you do not need to cook, sterilize, wipe ... And in how to understand when a child is ready to get acquainted with new food, we will help you sort out.

10 signs of child's readiness for solid foods

Each child - individuality, development of each different, so you can not call a specific age when you can introduce lactation to the baby. Experts argue that there are only two factors that confirm the willingness of the baby to get acquainted with the new food. This is the maturation of the brain and nervous system, and the readiness of the gastrointestinal tract. If these factors coincide in time, then the child is ready for lure.

But to determine whether there has come the moment, on the following grounds:

  1. This moment comes at the age of 4 months (for babies born prematurely, is taken into account gestational age).
  2. The weight of the baby after the birth increased two times, if the child is premature — some two and a half times.
  3. The baby disappeared ejection reflex of the language. If you give your child to drink from a spoon, its contents will not remain on his chin. And the lure to be given only a spoon, so food was undergoing treatment saliva.
  4. The child is able to sit, able to bend the body forward or backward, turn head aside, showing their refusal of food.
  5. The baby who is not breastfeeding, not enough on the day one liter of the mixture. The baby one meal of sucking both Breasts, and eats not. Such children are ready to feeding.
  6. A child can hold in hand an object and deliberately send in your mouth.
  7. The boy cut the first teeth.
  8. Baby shows interest in food parents and is constantly trying to try it.

To begin to introduce solid foods, do not need to wait for all the signs   - however, most of them should already be present. Before you begin to introduce the child to new foods, be sure to consult a pediatrician. He will tell you whether your child is really ready for this and will help to make the right complementary scheme for him.

Basic rules start feeding babies – mother's note

  • The lure you can start typing only when the baby is completely healthy.
  • Experts recommend introducing new foods to carry out in the second feeding.
  • The lure is given a warm before feeding formula or breast.
  • Feed the baby only from the spoon. Vegetable puree for the first time, you can add a little bottle of milk. So the child can gradually get used to new tastes.
  • Each new dish is introduced gradually, starting with ¼ teaspoon and 2 weeks of age brought to the appropriate portions.
  • It is best to start the lure from vegetable and fruit puree — you need to select a characteristic region of residence. For example, the average young Russians are not suitable as foods banana or orange, but for the little Egyptian, it is the ideal products.
  • Each new dish is to be administered no earlier than two weeks after the introduction of the previous.
  • For the first complementary meal, only mono puree is suitable. So you can easily determine if your child has an Allergy to a particular product.
  • The first puree should be a little watery, and then gradually the density can be increased.