Social networks are very popular among people of all ages and social classes. Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, and other similar services have become so ingrained in our lives that have become its integral part. Through social networks people communicate, meet and even start Dating. But there is a flip side to the coin. That is why, the most popular request in the search engines was "How to find the password from someone else's page VC?".

What to do if you need to get to a VK account

Suppose you forgot your password from your own page. It will not be difficult to restore it. You just need to click on the "Forgot Password" button and follow the instructions of the system. You will receive confirmation on the electronic mailbox and mobile phone, to which you tied your personal data. You can again log into your account and change it.

But this information is known to almost any user. Of far greater interest is the password from someone else's page VK. If you know the login and come from the same computer, it may not be. Here it is only necessary to consider whether or not you need it? Most people want to hack someone else's account to check her boyfriend or girlfriend, just to have access to other members ' messages or information. In some such way even promote their products or services, sending a dishonest way of advertising.

It should be immediately warned that any of the above actions is illegal and, although there is no criminal liability for hacking sites on social networks, it still does not fit with morality and the notions of personal privacy.

How to find the password, knowing the username

Suppose that you have absolutely clearly decided for yourself that it is vitally important for you to gain access to a foreign page and persuade your conscience to remain silent. Ways to find out the password, knowing the login is still there.

  1. You can get the password from one country to Vkontakte via the settings of your browser "Mozilla". Go to the tab "Tools. Settings. Protection" and next to "Save passwords" put a tick. Now you only need to make you are interested in the man sat in the social network from this computer, and everything you need will be automatically saved.
  2. You can find the password through a form of restoration used to be easier. Now this method only works if you have access to a mobile phone and the electronic box of your object. Technology the password, knowing the username is the same as when you restore your own.
  3. Special programs. Attempt to find the search engine a program that will select a password for the page, often fails. Not to say that these programs are not. They really are, but free access to find them is quite difficult, all the more so for start you need a good antivirus and certain skills when working with the computer. The creators of such programs will assure you that they guarantee the obtaining of the password from Vkontakte, knowing the username. But all you get at best is fraudulent pumping money through sending SMS. In the worst case is your computer has so many Trojans and other malicious programs that deal with them can only high-quality antivirus.
  4. You can try under the admin view to entice the person you need data from the page. But this trick will only lead novice users of social networks.
  5. Programmers often use the double-sites of the account of the right person for hacking. But if you do not have at least an initial knowledge of web programming, this method will not work for you.

Before you try one of the above methods, think about it, it would be nice to know that your page is freely available from another person. Moreover, if the reason is really significant (the machinations of the former guy or jealousy are not included here), you can always seek help from law enforcement.