The life of modern man no longer seems to be without close contact with the laptop. For many, this is a tool for work, a convenient place for leisure, the ability to store a large amount of necessary information and have access to it at any time. And at a certain point in time, for various reasons, we need to reset the BIOS on the laptop. Of all the manufacturers of data devices, we show how to do this on the example of the ASUS laptop.

Reset BIOS on ASUS laptop: why do it?

To begin with, it should be understood that the BIOS (BIOS) is the most important part of any computer. It is a system of customizable software tools that are responsible for the orderly turn-on of components, ensuring interoperability between devices and the correctness of their operation.

It happens that the average user starts to make changes to existing settings, trying to increase the performance of your gadget (timing change memory settings bus frequency, specified incorrect parameter), or sets the password for the login that appears when you restart the laptop. In this case, does not remain anything else how to reset the BIOS.

How to reset BIOS on laptop ASUS

There are several ways how to reset BIOS on ASUS laptop. Let's look at some of them.

  1. Unplug the gadget from the mains. Folding and turning the device, look at its back side the inscription "CMOS". Next to it is a small hole. Insert into it a thin, sharp object (toothpick, needle) and a little pressure, hold for about 10 seconds.
  2. The other way is to remove the battery which powers the CMOS memory in the switching points of the device. In some models, there is no technological hole that was used in the first case. Therefore, using a Philips screwdriver, Unscrew all the screws. Then carefully lift the cover. For convenience, you can disconnect several ribbon cables. Next, find the battery on the motherboard (it looks like flat washer), and remove it using a flat screwdriver. In most cases, missing a few hours of downtime where you extracted the battery, but it is better to leave the laptop in this condition for days. Then insert the battery back in, carefully assemble the gadget and turn it on.
  3. Disassemble the laptop you can do without pulling the batteries. You will need to rearrange a special jumper (jumper), located near the battery on the motherboard. Usually looks like a small blue cap. In the case of two contacts just close them, and if they are 3-4, then move from the existing position to another for a few seconds (it is better to check the user guide for your motherboard). Some models of ASUS laptops have a special button zeroing, on which is written "CMOS".
  4. If the warranty period has not expired, you can reset BIOS laptop ASUS can software. After switching on the device press the key F2 or Esc, from there select "StartBios". In the menu "Main" select "UseDefaultSettings" or "SetBIOSDefault", press Enter, then press Y. Then press F10, then press Y. again, the Laptop will reboot, and you will be with the standard (factory) settings the BIOS.

It should be understood that BIOS reset on the ASUS laptop should be performed only in the most extreme cases. If the OS and devices work stably, then do not try to pull out the battery. It should be noted that such actions may deprive you of the warranty service center (provided that the warranty period is not over).