Interesting contests, poems and fun tasks for children 3-6 years old to a Christmas party or a home holiday and New year

  All scenarios of holidays and New Year's matinees for children should be based on the active creative activity of the children themselves, otherwise it will be simply uninteresting for them. Any event can be accompanied by original tasks, competitions, riddles and reading poetry - and a small participant, of course, should receive interesting prizes for his activity - even if he does not succeed.

So, what competitions and assignments can be offered to children from 3 to 6 years old at the New Year holiday?

New year competitions for children 3-6 years

1. New year contest "Magic icicle"
The kids sit on chairs in a circle to the music they pass each other is made of foil icicle. That child, in whose hands there will be an icicle when the music stops, have to tell a Christmas poem or sing a song to keep warm.

The original script of the New Year's matinee for children aged 5-6 years of the senior group of the kindergarten

2. New year relay race "Christmas garland"
Children divide into two teams. The first members of both teams run forward signal, run around the chair and back to the team. Now they take the hand of the second team members run together, then three and so on until, until all the players a long "garland" is not going to run the chair and not return to the start. Won the "garland," which ran to the start of the first complete.
New year contest in the kindergarten "Magic bag"
Kids divide into two teams (for example, "snowflakes" and "bunnies"). On the floor, paper spread carrots and snowflakes. Each team music collects items to your bag or cart. Snowflakes – the snowflakes and bunnies – carrots. The winner is the team that without errors and quickly gather all your items into the bag.

3. New year contest "Snow"
  For this competition you need to divide the kids into pairs. One participant from each pair is given a large empty package, which he must keep open. The second participant receives several snowballs made of paper. Participants become opposite each other. The distance should be the same for all players. At the signal of the host, the participants who received snowballs begin to throw them into the partner's package, whose task is to catch as many snowballs as possible. The pair that won the most time caught the most snowballs wins. If there are many participants, then it is possible to divide the kids into two teams. Then the team wins, in which the total amount of snowballs caught by all the pairs turned out to be the largest.

4. New year contest "Ice brook"
  Two children raise their hands, forming an arch. The rest of the guys, breaking into pairs and holding hands, pass under the arch with the words: "The ice brook does not always pass, it's the first time saying good-bye, the second time it's forbidden, and the third time it's freezing us." At the last words, the arch lowers his hands. The caught couple becomes the "Ice stream".

Children's Christmas poem with the last word secret

  • Beard overgrown,
    All the gifts we had brought.
    Loves the little children
    Very good Barmaley. (Santa Claus)
  • Her invited to the feast,
    Balls, toys dressed up.
    Not scared of the frost
    All needles Birch. (Tree)
  • Like a star she is beautiful
    Shining in the cold clear.
    The window flew wide open.
    Snow white Daisy. (Snowflake).
  • Grandfather Frost's granddaughter to visit us came,
    Tinsel, garlands children brought.
    Loves white snow
    This Grandmother Yaga. (Snow maiden)
  • Snow covered trees,
    The ice on the river is put.
    Very happy kids
    In guests came to us Hot. (Winter)

Baby Christmas poems for the game of Confusion

Children listen to a Christmas poem — and, if they agree with the content of the poem, they shout "Yes!" and clap their hands, and if you disagree, shout "no!" and stomp their feet.

  • Santa Claus with a beard our
    It is insidious and very evil.
  • The Snow Maiden the Beauty
    Kiddies love it.
  • The snow is hot and edible
    It is delicious and unmatched.
  • Tree with white bark
    Softly stirs the leaves.
  • In the gift bag of millions
    Sitting there is a real elephant.
  • Decorated Christmas tree toys
    Garland and even crackers.
  • In winter we play snowballs,
    Get up on skis and skates.
  • Santa Claus gifts bag,
    The guys tell him his poem.
  • Snowman-our melts,
    In the summer it always happens.
  • Good winter guys
      We shovel a snowball with a shovel.