What to play with children of different ages at home in cold weather?

Nowadays, when the Internet is gradually thronging real life with its joys, it is very important to spend more time with their children. Only live communication makes the relationship stronger and becomes a thread, which is so necessary for parents and younger children to trust each other.

True, many modern moms themselves do not know what to do with their kids and pupils at home.

Think about what to do with the child? We'll show you!

Age 1-3 years: more fantasy!

  • Puzzles. If the baby is still quite small, the puzzles can consist of 2-3 parts. Start small. Choose bright images that attract kids.
  • Drawn with mom and dad! Who said that to draw accurately? To draw from the heart! Use watercolors, finger paints, gouache, flour, sand, etc. The child was dirty? It's okay — but how many emotions! Spread on the floor large sheets of drawing paper, and create a story together baby. And you can allocate the creativity of a wall paste over her cheap white Wallpaper or securing the same sheet of drawing paper. There are no boundaries for creativity! Draw with brushes and crayons, handprints and cotton sticks, sponge for dishes, rubber stamps, etc.
  • Searching for treasure. Take 3-4 plastic jars, fill them with cereals (the cheapest, was a pity not to spill) and hide at the bottom of each a small toy. And fun and useful (fine motor development).
  • Do the beads! Again, develop fine motor skills and creativity. Looking for in the bins of large beads (you can make them together with Chad from dough or plastic), rings pasta, small bagels, and all that can be strung on a string. Do the beads in a gift for mom, grandma, sister and all the neighbors. Of course, only under the supervision of that the child accidentally swallowing one of the elements of the future masterpiece.
  • Running with the egg. Directly to eggs can not take it (otherwise the run will be very expensive), replaced them with the balls of ping-pong or a light ball. Put the ball on a teaspoon and give the job – run to dad in the kitchen, holding a ball on the spoon.
  • Fish! Another fun exercise for the development of fine motor skills. In a plastic bucket, collecting water and throw small objects (buttons, beads, etc.). The objective of Munchkin is to catch items with a spoon (collect so much water that the kid didn't have to dive into the bucket entirely – at the height of 2/3 spoons).
  • The cat in the bag. Put in woven bag 10-15 different items. Task for a toddler to stick his hand in the bag, take 1 item, guess what it is. Can be folded into a bag the items, for example, all begin with the letter "L" or "R". This will help in learning the alphabet or pronunciation of certain sounds.
  • Do not give the abyss the fish from dehydration. In the bowl put a toy fish. In another bowl, pour in water. Task: with a sponge "peretaskat" water from the full bowl to empty, so the fish could swim.

Age 4-6 years: how to entertain a child for a long winter evening

  • A picnic in the living room. And who said that picnics are only for nature? It is possible and relax at home with equal pleasure! Instead of grass – a carpet that can be covered with a blanket, food and drink and cook together, more pillows large and small, and watch an interesting cartoon. Or play games with the whole family. You can even turn off the lights, light the lanterns and listen to daddy play the guitar – picnic needs to be complete.
  • Do fortress. Who of us in childhood did not create middle of the room a fortress of pillows? Any child will love it, if you build such a "castle" together from scrap materials – chairs, curtains, cushions and so on. And in the fortress, you can read fairy tales about knights or tell horror-scary stories under a Cup of cocoa with tiny marshmallows.
  • The bowling alley at home. Set of plastic bowling pins in a line near the window (you can use plastic bottles) and bring them down (mom and dad) ball. The prizes are in advance pack in the bags and hang on the rope. Tying the winner's eye and give the scissors – it needs to cut the rope with his prize alone.
  • An unknown creature – Vernissage! Each sheet of paper and a pencil. Task: using the worksheet anything with your eyes closed. Further, from the resulting curves need to draw fabulous beast and paint. Painted? And now make designer frames for all unknown animals and hang on the wall.
  • The funny collage. Pull out cabinets of old magazines, Newspapers, paper, glue and scissors. Task: to create a fun collage on paper. "Anonymous" good wishes from cut out letters is a prerequisite.
  • Preparing the holiday dinner. The lack of celebration on this day is irrelevant. Because you can every day to make a holiday? Menu let the child comes up with. All the dishes to cook exclusively together. Set the table, lay napkins and serve in the selected style should your child.
  • The highest tower. Virtually every modern family has constructors. And certainly there are "LEGO" of large parts. It's time to compete on the highest tower.

Age 7-9 years: no longer a toddler but not yet a teenager

  • Board games. Even if your child does not pull on your computer, the opportunity to spend time with mom and dad will certainly help you to get it to turn off the monitor. Choose checkers and chess, play Lotto or backgammon or any other Board games. Don't discard the idea of puzzles – even the big kids they are fun to collect, if mom and dad participate in the process. 10 best Board games for the whole family
  • Surrounded by enemies, but our tanks are fast! Create an obstacle course that will be of interest to the child. The task: to sneak into the lair of the enemy, to grasp the "language" (let it be a great toy) and bring it back into the trench. On the way hang "stretch" (strung at different heights of the bands or ropes, which cannot be hurt)
  • Draw on the stones. Pebbles, large and small, like to keep all children and adults. If in your house such stones is, it is possible to attach a child to draw. Paint the stones that are gathering dust idle in the Bank or in the Cabinet, in accordance with the upcoming holiday, or just in the imagination. And of the small pebbles make beautiful pictures for living room.
  • Learn traffic rules! Using bright tape to recreate on the floor in the room your neighborhood – with its roads, traffic lights, houses, schools, and so on. After the construction trying to get from home to school on one of the machines, remembering the rules of the SDA (through the game, they are remembered better!).
  • Winter garden on the window. Children at this age do not feed bread – give anything to plant in the ground to dig deeper. Let the child arrange their own garden on the window sill. Make him of capacity, buy the land and together with Chad in advance, find the seeds of those flowers (or vegetables?), he wants to see in his room. Tell your child how to plant seeds, how to water, how to care for a plant let it be his personal responsibility.
  • Fashion show. Fun for the girls. Give the child everything that you can dress up. Do not worry about their clothes, eat dumplings the child in them is not going to. And don't forget about attics and old suitcases – certainly there is something old fashioned and fun. It will not hurt as jewelry, hats and accessories. Your child today – fashion designer and model at the same time. And mom and dad – admiring spectators and journalists with cameras. Spotlight more!

Age 10-14 years of age: the older you are, the harder

  • Dance and fitness. Dads and sons are sent to the store, not to interfere. And for mother-daughter – day dances, sports, and karaoke! If father and son to send a little further away (fishing, for example), it is possible to continue and in the evening, arranging a warm and friendly bachelorette party in front of the TV with the culinary pleasures and intimate conversations.
  • Conduct experiments. And why not a little pohimichit? Chemistry for all ages! Especially because there is a lot of interesting books, which are available and steps are some of the most interesting experiences for children and their parents. Even the teenager will be interesting to create a starry sky in a jar, a mini volcano or a tiny stove.
  • Remove the clip. Your child sings amazing, and he still has no own video? Disorder! Urgently correct! Programs in which you can edit the videos today. Moreover, they are simple and understandable even for computer "dummies". Capture the song on video, overlay audio, create clip. Of course, with your baby!
  • Japanese dinner. Prepare Japanese-style living room (the repairs do not necessarily fairly light decoration) and make sushi! Don't know how? It's about time to learn. You can start with the most simple sushi. The filling can be any according to your wishes – from herring and shrimp to processed cheese with red fish. The Essentials – a pack of sheets of nori and a special "Mat" for rolling rolls ("Macy's"). Rice can be used plain, round (quite a bit to digest it to a state of stickiness). Will certainly buy sushi sticks! So theirs is much more interesting, especially if you do not know how.
  • Learn to earn pocket money for themselves! If your child is a teenager, no problem with the Russian language, and have a desire to work, register it on one of the exchanges of articles and teach these articles to write. If the child loves the computer, let the student work on it for the benefit of themselves.
  • Arrange a day of kinomania. Nagotovila with children delicious meals and the whole day watching your favorite movies.
  • New life of old things. Daughter bored? Get out your sewing basket, open the Internet and look for the most interesting ideas to return to life old clothing. Make trendy shorts once torn jeans. original shirt with stripes of the one with the frayed sleeves, worn on the classic jeans, POM-poms on the scarf, and so on.
  • Plan mandatory cases for the year. To do this with your child much fun, and the occasion is remarkable – at least for a couple of hours to tear the child from the laptop. Give your child a special calendar (tear off from the heart your or buy a new one), and together write to-do lists and desires that need time to implement before the end of the year. Implementation start now!

And what you're playing at home with the kids? Parent share your recipes in the comments below!