Breast milk - composition, fat content, amount

Every mother knows about the importance of breastfeeding for her baby. Let's talk about the value of breast milk, how to properly calculate its right amount for a child and how to increase lactation.

Why is breast milk most useful for feeding a newborn baby?

Mother's milk contains all the necessary and vital components for the child, it is adapted to all the digestive processes and metabolism of the child.

  • Proteins of mother's milk serve as the basis for building cells and tissues of a rapidly growing baby's body. They are very easily absorbed, digested and digested.
  • Fats of mother's milk are also easily absorbed by a child, they contain fat-soluble vitamins A and E. very important for a young child.
  • Carbohydrates of breast milk are lactose, which promotes the development of a useful microflora in the intestine of the child.
  • With the mother's milk, the child receives all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

The value of mother's milk is also in the fact that it enters the body of the child sterile, free of germs.

And the very process of breastfeeding is the universal possibility of direct contact of the child with the mother. Not only corporal, but also spiritual, favorably influencing both.

Composition, fat content of milk of mother

Young mothers often worry that insufficient fat content of breast milk becomes the cause of malnutrition. But, if a child eats well and gains in weight, then there is no need to increase the fat content of breast milk, because it can contribute to the development of dysbiosis in a child.

  The very fat content of milk depends on the degree of fullness of the breast of the mother. The fatter the milk, the less it is contained in the chest.

Breast milk can be "back" and "front". The front milk is given to the baby at the beginning of the feeding, and the back appears later and is considered to be the most fat and healthy milk. If the mother alternates between the breasts during feeding, the baby will receive only light and less fatty breast milk. And that the child learns and fatty back milk, during feeding it is recommended not to change the breast while the baby is actively sucking.

How much breastmilk does the baby need? Calculations

1. Formula Finkelstein in the modification of the Tour.

Volume of milk per day (in ml) V = number of days of life of the child (n) * 70 (if the body weight at birth is less than 3200 g) or 80 (if more than 3200 g)
V = n * 70 or n * 80

Example.   The body weight of the baby at birth is 3500 g, the baby is 3 days old. Number of feedings per day 8 times.
  V = 3 * 80 = 240 ml (volume of milk per day).

To know the amount of milk per feed, you need to divide the volume by the amount of feeding 240/8 = 30 ml (the volume of milk per one feeding).

2. Formula Zaitseva (before the 8th day of life).

V (milk volume per day) = 2% of the body weight at birth * n (number of days of life)

Example. Body weight at birth 3100г, child 5 days, the number of feedings per day 7 times.
  V = (2% * 3100g / 100%) * 5 (days) = 62 * 5 = 310 ml of milk (per day).
  For one feeding 310/7 = 45ml

3. The amount of milk, taking into account the capacity of the stomach.

V = 3ml * day life * body weight (in kg)

Example.   To the child 5 days, body weight 3.3 kg
  V = 3 * 5 * 3,3 = 49,5 ml per one feeding.

1. Geibner's three-dimensional method

- 10 days - 2 months - 1/5 of the body weight (actual)
  - 2 4 months - 1/6 of the body weight
  - 4-6 months - 1/7
  - 6-9 months - 1/8
  - 9-12 months -1/9

The volume of food should not exceed 1 liter.

Example.   To the child 2 months. 10days, body weight 4450, number of feedings per day 6 times.
  The volume of milk per day = 4450/6 = 741, 6 ml
  The volume of milk per one feeding = 741, 6/6 = 123.6 ml.

2. Caloric Maslov method (used prior to the introduction of complementary foods-5-6 months)

A - age requirements in kcal / kg of body weight
  B is the actual weight of the child's body
  C - caloric content of 1 liter of human milk

The daily requirements of the child in energy 1 kcal / 1kg of body weight

1-3 months. — 120 kcal/kg
4-6 months. — 115 kcal/kg
7-9 months. — 110 kcal/kg
  10-12 months - 100 kcal / kg

1 liter (1000ml) of female milk contains 700 kcal.

Example. The child is 3 months. body weight — 5300 g, the number of feedings per day 6 times
V milk per day = (120 * 5.3 * 1000) / 700 = 908.5 ml

For one feeding, 908.5 / 6 = 151.4.

Tips to increase lactation

If your mother needs to increase the fat content of milk, then you must follow a certain diet. Introduce in your daily diet vegetables, fruits and various cereals.

Very important for the mother will be the nutrition of cottage cheese and cow's milk, which contain calcium, which is favorable for the fat content of milk. A lot of calcium is contained in fish, beans, cabbage, mushrooms, carrots and greens.

  Kasha is desirable to eat every day. But, if the baby suffers from constipation, rice porridge from the diet should be excluded. Also, the fat content of milk is favorably affected by the inclusion in the diet of cheese and butter.

Perhaps the most useful products that increase fat content of milk,   are walnuts and broccoli cabbage. Broccoli is great for making soups and salads. But with walnuts tedious to be a little cautious, they can cause an allergic reaction in the child. Therefore, to begin with, you should try them in a small amount.

Great increase of milk, fruit juices and tea. Tea is preferably green and better with milk. Juices should be drunk natural, without the use of artificial colors.

What to do if breastfeeding is not possible?   If due to circumstances your child still needs supplementation, it is necessary to approach the choice of the mixture correctly. In such cases, experts recommend a mixture that is as close to breast milk as possible so that the child does not experience metabolic disorders, allergic reactions, skin and digestive problems. Closer to the composition of human milk, the adapted mixtures on goat milk with a protein of beta casein, for example, the gold standard for baby food - MD mil SP "Kozochka." Thanks to this mixture, the baby gets all the necessary substances that help the child's body to properly form and develop.

And we were told in the maternity hospital, and I read more than once that sugar and condensed milk are better not to be consumed. In children, belly swelling can be from sweet. I drank tea sweet, but did not eat condensed milk. In general, a plentiful drink is warm, compotes of dried fruits are good or cocoa. If you do not feel very much milk, Apilak has a good drink. He well restores lack of milk and natural.

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