3 pregnancy weeks – fetal development and feelings women

And then came 3 weeks of waiting for the baby. It is during this period that the fertilization of the egg takes place. This is a very important period, because it is now the development of the fetus and the migration of the egg, which will soon join the uterus.

  During this period there is a division of the egg, respectively - this week you may have a twin or even a triplet. But the same period is dangerous because the egg can not be implanted in the uterus, and eventually there is an ectopic pregnancy.

That means the deadline is in 3 weeks?

It is worthwhile to understand what is meant by the term "3 weeks".

3-I obstetric week  - this is the third week from the last menstruation. Those. this is the third week, starting from the first day of the last menstruation.

Signs of pregnancy in 3rd week

Most likely, you still do not know that you are pregnant. Although this is the most common period in which a woman learns about her situation. Signs of an interesting situation at this time are not yet expressed.

Embryo on the 3rd week

You may not notice any changes or write them off as typical symptoms of PMS. These symptoms are typical for the first month of waiting for a baby and for premenstrual syndrome:

  • Breast swelling
  • Drowsiness
  • Lethargy
  • Irritability
  • Dragging pain in the abdomen
  • The lack of or increased appetite
  • Dizziness.

What happens in the body of a woman on the 3rd week?

As you know, between the 12th and 16th day of the menstrual cycle, the woman is ovulating. This is the most favorable time for conception. However, fertilization can occur before and after it.

However - the organism of every future mother is individual. Some women still have no signs at week 3, while another may have an early toxicosis.

In any case, buy a pregnancy test doesn't make sense, home analysis does not give a clear answer on such an important issue. If you have doubts, you should visit a gynecologist.

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It is very important to quit smoking at this time and stop using alcohol and medications. Now you have to become a "good mommy" and take care of yourself in a double degree.

Of course, it is necessary to inform the doctor if during this period you took medicines that are forbidden to pregnant women.

In addition, it is very important during this period to take up your physical condition. If you attended the gym before pregnancy, then you should reconsider the load and slightly reduce it. If you did not attend, then it's time to take care of yourself. Just remember that now your position is not the time to set records.

I have no signs. Only the test "zaplosatilsya." Checked a few times! On Monday I'll go to the consultation, I want to confirm my assumptions.

I have been going the third day no. A feeling that caught the flu. Head spinning, vomiting, no appetite, sleep too. I do not know if this is a pregnancy, but if so, then I'm at 3 weeks.

Every girl has everything individually! At me, for example, signs were shown very much early, somewhere for 3 weeks. There was an unreasonable appetite, often began to run to the toilet and the chest poured strongly. A few weeks later she found out that I was really pregnant.

I got pains in the lower abdomen. The gynecologist prescribed special medicines and vitamins. It seems like these sensations are the norm, and in my case it is a threat of miscarriage.

I have no signs. Before the expected monthly week, but the usual symptoms of PMS are also absent. Maybe I'm pregnant?

The development of the fetus in the 3rd week

Despite the external signs or their absence, in your body a new life is born.

  • On the 3rd week the baby is determined with the floor. but you will learn about it soon. When the embryo enters the uterus and attaches to its wall, he begins to develop rapidly.
  • In this period the hormones your baby and give your body about its presence. Your hormones, and in particular, estrogen and progesterone, begin active work. They prepare favorable conditions for the stay and development of your baby.
  • It was during this period begins to form the placenta. which will protect and nourish your baby the whole period before the birth.
  • Your "baby" now still do not look like yet it's only a bunch of cells, size is 0.150 mm. But very soon, when he will take his place in your body, it will begin to grow and form with great speed.
  • After the embryo is implanted in the uterus. start a joint experience. From this point on everything you do, eat or drink, take medication or do sports, even your addictions you split it.

Photos and video of the 3rd week

Video: What happens on the 3rd week?

Recommendations and tips for a woman

At this time many gynecologists advise:

  • To refrain from excessive physical exertion, which may cause menstruation, and accordingly, termination of pregnancy
  • To control your emotions and avoid stressful situations
  • Revise your diet to avoid junk food and drinks
  • Refuse bad habits (smoking, alcohol, drugs);
  • To refuse medication that is contraindicated in pregnant women
  • Start taking folic acid and vitamin E
  • To begin moderate exercise
  • To make the relationship with the future Pope, while your position is not yet known and you can wear any dress.

It was in this week that I learned that I was pregnant. We did not wait, but tried) I led a normal lifestyle, late for the bus, I constantly ran after him in the mornings, jumped on fitbole ... felt a sharp shooting pain inside and why I did the test, and then a weak strip, a day later made a more sensitive test and saw a bright second strip, went to the uzi - and there a fetal testicle in the uterus is sitting))) began to lie more and rest, because in the first trimester the uterus should be at rest)

learned about pregnancy by accident, nauseated 2 nights in a row, at home lay the old pregnancy test decided to just check and throw that in vain lies, did the test showed 2 strips (thought defective). went to the pharmacy yet for the tests, made 2 more again positive. the beginning of the third week I have, I went to the gynecologist did uzi there a black dot, on Wednesday I go to the uzi and register, was drowsy, at first there was no appetite at all and now I often eat.