Pregnancy 26 weeks fetal development and a sense of the mother

26 weeks is the 24th week from the moment of conception and the end of the sixth month in the standard calendar. Before giving birth, it's already a stone's throw, two-thirds of the way is passed.

It remains some two weeks before maternity leave, and, of course, a woman in the workplace is already more of an outside observer. They try not to worry, do not demand superfluous and do not entrust difficult and important tasks.

A sense of the mother on the 26th week

Now all the thoughts of the future mother are busy preparing for childbirth and meeting with the baby. It is necessary to transfer your affairs and leave your workplace for three years with the prospect of return, prepare everything for the appearance of a child in the house and much more.

At this time the woman is already dependent on others. And, of course, now is the absence of stresses, only light physical exertion, support for loved ones, full sleep and nutrition.

  • It becomes difficult to put on shoes independently
  • When you walk almost can not see their feet
  • To go doubly careful, after the fall now – the risk of premature birth and the threat to the baby

And we have a son!)) In my opinion, the baby is even talking to us! Feels our touch and responds with jerks!)

And we wait for the daughter.) Pushes three or four times a day, at night I sleep quite calmly. The husband constantly ears to the stomach applies - heartbeat babes listens))

I added eight and a half kg for half a year. Initially, the weight was so quickly recruited, even wanted to save. Now, like nothing, normal. Does not hurt, does not press, does not press - at home well and calmly))

  Somebody can tell? I wake up at night from the cries of my wife, already scary! She has cramps. What to do with it? Probably, and the daughter in a stomach frightens ... Can, the egg shell to feed the wife?

)) I'm also so frightened of her husband at night. Now everything is fine. Just eat foods with potassium and magnesium. About calcium should not be forgotten. Cottage cheese – a must!

I do not know, I did not have any problems. It was lucky to see))) I drink vitamins, I recover stably. Is that the swelling ... But wait for something left - it is almost soon!)))

What happens in the mother's body?

  • Due to the rise of the stomach above the navel 6 cm, there is shortness of breath and the regular desire to take a deep breath
  • By this time the expectant mother gaining about 9 kg of weight
  • Occurs nausea and heartburn because of the increased uterus:

— amniotic fluid – 700 ml
— placenta — 300 g
— kid — about a kilogram
  - the womb itself, the wall of which has already gained the maximum thickness - 500 g.

  • Lower back pain and nagging pains in the abdomen – the uterus comes to a tonus, due to painless contractions training (read: how to remove the tone of the uterus )
  • Uterus since the second half of the term rises every week 1 cm ;
  • Total weight gain (rational diet) is from 7.2 to 10 kg
  • The pressure increases. returning to the figures, which were before pregnancy
  • Swelling of feet and shins can be added swelling face and fingers that is associated with the accumulated and time is not output to the outside fluid in the body
  • Can appear numbness and tingling possible symptoms of circulatory disorders
  • Available spots (moles, freckles) become brighter and more noticeable
  • Enhanced flatulence and heartburn
  • A period of 26 weeks may also be accompanied by the appearance of the nodes in the anus and on the legs (varicose veins)
  • Uterus. increasing and stretching, pressure on internal organs. thereby complicating their activities:

The diaphragm is held against the uterus, which prevents the full breath
— Increased strain on heart
Appear constipation, bloating and other digestive problems
  - In connection with the stretching of the uterine ligaments, pains in the pelvic region and in the back increase.

  • Not uncommon for this period and problems with vision .

Causes of vision problems:

  • A large amount of fluid in the body of the expectant mother (as a result — swelling of the eyelids)
  • The increase in blood volume (as a consequence, the load on vessels, the eye in particular, and microchromosome)
  • The syndrome of "dry eye" feeling in the eye foreign bodies and dryness, redness.

The development of the fetus at the 26th week

  • The child becomes active, and its perturbation painful for mom
  • Mainly lies head down, although his position many more times can change
  • The weight of the baby primarily recruited at the expense of muscle development and fat deposition
  • The skin is still red and thin, fine cheeks
  • The child is already able to see, and lives in a world of sensations. Formed vision allows him to see while a colorful blur of
  • The taste of amniotic fluid, which the baby feels directly depends on the food his mom
  • The child becomes accustomed to the mother's heartbeat. That is why, after birth, the baby immediately calms down, it is necessary only to press him to her breast
  • Baby remembers the sounds – the voices of mothers and relatives, the music. If you now sing the child a lullaby, then after birth he will quickly fall asleep to them
  • Ongoing lung development of the baby – he's already preparing for their first breath, swallowing the amniotic fluid. The lungs take the form of a triangle and are arranged with top up
  • In boys occurs prolapse testicles into the scrotum
  • The kid still has the "old view" — his skin is wrinkled but fat is continuing to develop, and the legs and handles – smoothed
  • The cartilage of the nose and ears of the child while soft, marigolds still do not reach the fingertips
  • Heart rate – 120 to 160 beats per minute
  • The ears are a bit protruding, the eyes are able to completely shut down
  • Starts synthesizing its own growth hormone by the pituitary gland
  • Sets the links between the brain and the adrenal cortex – is the formation of a hormonal background
  • There laying permanent teeth that are stored deep in the soft jaw tissue prior to their change of milk teeth to the age of 5-6 years
  • There is a strengthening of the bone apparatus;

The weight and size of baby at 26 weeks :

Weighs nearly 800-1000 grams
Length is about 32.5-34 cm
Head diameter is about 65,1 mm
The diameter of the chest – roughly 65.8 mm
  The diameter of the abdomen is 67.4 mm.

Dangerous symptoms on the 26th week

  • Pregnancy is often accompanied by such diseases as cholelithiasis  (especially it concerns lovers of fatty products). Heaviness in the right upper quadrant may be a symptom of stagnation of bile and the formation of stones in the gallbladder.
  • Heaviness in the lower abdomen can be a symptom of ICN (isthmic-cervical insufficiency). It is characterized by premature opening of the cervical canal and as a consequence, infection of membranes. That, in turn, may cause preterm labor. Under child infection can cause illnesses.
  • Swelling in the hands and feet. and also on the anterior abdominal wall, increased blood pressure, excess weight – possible symptoms of late toxicosis. This pathology, worsening the condition of the baby and threatening to women's health. Painful sensations he is, why expectant mothers often ignore these symptoms, unaware that their appearance may be an indicator of the extent of the disease.
  • Selection  of the genital tract may be a symptom of infection if they:
    — mucous
    — mucopurulent
    — cheesy.

This is the reason for the study of the microflora to conduct smears and tests. With the defeat of microorganisms of the membranes, there is a risk of fetal infection, and its subsequent stunting, and even death.

  • Highlight the bloody nature signal for emergency call ambulance. It could be placental abruption or praevia. Just go to the doctor – is absolutely contraindicated in order to avoid severe bleeding.
  • Watery discharge — a symptom of the outpouring of the amniotic fluid. When even the slightest suspicion they should call an ambulance.

Photo of the fetus, abdomen, ultrasound and video about child development

Ultrasound of a child on the 26th week

Ultrasound at the 26th week allows you to see the formed features of the baby's face - ears, nose, mouth, eyebrows and cilia.