Medical indications for abortion

  More and more often today they say that abortion is a legal murder, more and more often in many countries appeals are heard and bills are being created to ban abortions. Followers and opponents of such measures give strong arguments in favor of their point of view. However, there are cases when abortion can not be avoided.

Medical indications for termination of pregnancy

Indications for abortion in our country is not so much, and the main ones are:

  • the death of the fetus in the womb
  • ectopic pregnancy
  • pathology of the fetus incompatible with life
  • diseases of the expectant mother, when carrying of a pregnancy impossible or will lead to the death of the woman.

There is also a series of diagnoses, in which case the doctor will strongly recommend a future mother to have an abortion. As a rule, these diagnoses lead to either irreversible consequences for the developing child, or they threaten the life of the woman herself. At the present stage of medical development, the list of medical indications for mandatory interruption of pregnancy is significantly reduced.

Today, medical indications for abortion are more often diseases or their medicamentous remission, which lead to fetal pathologies incompatible with life.

Dangerous disease for the development of the fetus

  • Disorders of the thyroid gland in a pregnant woman. such as graves ' disease with complications (failure of the cardiovascular system, other intoxication in bar form). The thyroid gland is one of the "producers" of hormones in our body. Violation of its work leads to various consequences, especially if not in time to hold the medication, and in some cases surgical intervention. Graves disease (diffuse toxic goiter) is a disease in which the growth of the thyroid gland leads to excessive secretion of thyroid hormones, accompanied by a strong tachycardia. Such violation is dangerous for both the mother and the child. In particular, thyrotoxicosis pregnant can cause premature birth, miscarriage, spontaneous abortion, heart failure. For a child the disease of the mother is threatened by intrauterine growth retardation, malformations, until the death of the baby in the womb.
  • Diseases of the nervous system such as epilepsy, meningitis, encephalitis. Otherwise epilepsy called epilepsy. Despite the fact that some women give birth with the diagnosis "epilepsy", drugs of the patient with epilepsy the mother can have a negative impact on the unborn child, causing various malformations. However, generalized seizures pregnant is much more dangerous in the consequences to the fetus than the potential risk in the administration of specific drugs. Treatment of meningitis and encephalitis during pregnancy is impossible, so the doctors make a choice in favor of women's health. Medicines pregnant in multiple sclerosis, and myopathies are also always lead to irreversible abnormalities in the development of the fetus because the drugs that can make pregnant women without risk to the unborn child, yet to be developed. These diagnoses are also the basis for abortion.
  • Diseases of the blood system. Such diagnoses as aplastic anemia and hemoglobinopathies lead to hypoxia and fetal death.

What other factors influence the development of future pathologies in the fetus:

  • Identified and confirmed a number of studies of severe forms of intrauterine pathologies baby
  • Work of pregnant women to radiation and the influence of other harmful factors of production,
  • When taking some medicines with a strong teratogenic effect,
  • Hereditary genetic diseases in the family.

Harmful factors faced by the expectant mother, can not affect the child's development. However, pathology in the prenatal development of the baby, not compatible with life, always trying to force the woman to termination of pregnancy.

Such pathologies may be, for example, regressing (frozen) pregnancy   - when for some reason a baby dies in the womb of the mother, the lack of vital organs in the developing child, without which the functioning of the body is impossible.

When the woman's condition is an indication to abort?

Some indications for an abortion depend only on the conditions of the future mother.

Most often, doctors recommend abortion in the following cases:

1. Some diseases of the eye. Optic neuritis, retinitis, neuroretinitis, detachment of the retina in the diagnosis of these diseases, an abortion may be performed at any time because the lack of treatment will lead to loss of vision in women, and in the case of treatment during pregnancy — the death of the baby. The choice often is made in favor of the greatest possible preservation of view of women.

2. Leukemia provokes the development of malignant course of the disease in the mother. In the case that the study blood tests have confirmed the risk of a woman's life, the decision on the termination of pregnancy.
3. Malignant tumors most often pose a threat to the life of the organism. During pregnancy, women with malignant tumors, it is impossible to predict the course of disease in the expectant mother. Pregnancy as such does not affect the course of disease in women, but the very form of malignant tumor may be life threatening pregnant. Before you recommend the expectant mother to have an abortion because of her malignancy, a thorough study that will allow us to objectively assess the situation. In case of unfavorable forecasts for the life of the pregnant woman, the doctor leaves it to the discretion of the expectant mother and her family to solve the issue of childbirth.
Some malignant tumors, such as cervical cancer, some severe forms of fibroids and ovarian tumors make child bearing impossible.
4. Complicated diseases of the cardiovascular system. Heart disease events with decompensation, severe hypertension, vascular disease — with these diagnoses pregnancy can lead to the development of life-threatening future mother States.
Note! Although most of these diagnoses are sufficient grounds for an abortion according to medical indications, known cases when pregnancy is not only harm the expectant mother, but also significantly improved the state of her health. So, according to statistics, most pregnant women with a diagnosis of "epilepsy" not only did not worsen the condition after childbirth, but also there were fewer seizures, and their course was facilitated. Part of the listed diagnoses, although included in the list of indications for abortion, is already successfully treated without harm to the unborn child (for example, some including severe forms of cardiovascular disease, Graves disease, etc.).

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