Pregnancy 39 weeks – fetal development and feelings women

39 weeks – the beginning of the second half of the last month of pregnancy. A period of 39 weeks means that your pregnancy is coming to an end. Pregnancy is considered full term already on 38 week. so your kid is ready to be born.

What does the term 39 weeks?

This means that you are on the 39th obstetric week and 37 this week from the conception of the baby (fetal age) and 35 week of menstruation.

The feeling of the mother for the 39th week

  • Emotional sphere. At this period a woman experiences a whole range of emotions: on the one hand, fear and nervousness, after childbirth can begin in any moment, but on the other hand, the joy in anticipation of seeing the baby
  • Also occur changes in well-being: the child descends lower and breathing becomes easier, however, many women have noticed that in the later stages of pregnancy it increasingly difficult to be in a sitting position. The discomfort in the sitting position is also due to the advancement of the fetus lower into the pelvis. Falling below, the baby becomes more restricted in their movements. Fetal movements are less frequent and are less intense. However, the expectant mother should not worry because it is evidence of an emergency meeting with the kid
  • Things intimate. In addition, 39 weeks, women can begin thick mucus streaked with blood is leaves the mucous plug, which means you have to be ready to go to the hospital!
  • Bladder experiencing at 39 weeks very strong pressure to run to the toilet "small" accounts more often
  • In the later stages of pregnancy, many women experience stool softener, caused by changes in the hormonal background. In connection with the reduction of pressure on the stomach improves appetite. However, before the birth appetite decreases. The disappearance of appetite – another signal of the imminent trip to the hospital
  • Contractions: true or false? Increasingly, the uterus is reduced in the training battles, ready to carry out its primary work. As not to confuse contractions with true training? First, it is necessary to measure the time between contractions. True contractions become over time more about the irregular and the interval between them is shortened. In addition, after the true fight, the woman usually feels relief, about bout leaving a tugging sensation even when you retreat
  • {!LANG-b6f2401278165d3b38108e33d172915d!} Another sign of imminent childbirth, "nesting", that is, the desire of women to create or find a cozy nook in the apartment. This behavior is inherent nature, because when there were no hospitals and our ancestors gave birth with midwives for childbirth, it was necessary to find a secluded, safe place. So if you notice a similar behavior, so be ready!

Feedback from the forums about the health on the 39th week:

Went yesterday to the hospital to meet doctor, who will childbirth make. Looked on my chair. After the examination came home – and I have a tube to move along! The doctor warned, of course, that will "smear," and that after 3 days waiting for me, but I wasn't expecting that so fast! I'm afraid, sleep poorly, then fight, then chin's turns. The doctor, however, said that it should be. A bag already gathered, all the baby things washed-ironed, bed made. Readiness number one!

I have the procedure simply to wait and listen. Or you contractions training or you in a toilet running – once in the night to go and all. Maybe I have that wrong? Worried, and my husband laughs, says pregnant no one is left, all gave birth sooner or later. In consultation, too, say not to panic.

With the first I in this time already from the hospital were discharged! And this little guy is not in a hurry, I see. Every morning looking at myself in the mirror, not down whether the stomach. The physician in consultation said that with the second is not so much the prolapse will, but I'm eyeing. And yesterday something strange with me it was: first kitten on the street saw from the basement got out and squinted in the sun, I burst into tears with emotion, was barely home came. House looked at himself in the mirror blubbered – amused as to laugh so hard, and about 10 minutes could not stop. Even frightened from such emotional extremes.

It seems that the fight has begun! Before I met my daughter there quite a bit. Nails cut, called an ambulance, sitting on the suitcases! Wish us luck!

Already 39 weeks and for the first time tonight, pulled the belly. New sensations! Haven't had much sleep. While in the queue to the doctor today is sat, almost fell asleep. The fight training more often, a General impression that the stomach is now more toned than relaxed. The tube, however, does not pass, the stomach does not fall, but it seems to me that soon-soon.

What happens in the mother's body?

39 weeks pregnant hard time. The child has reached maximum size and is ready to be born. A woman's body ready for childbirth.

  • The most important change is softening and shortening the cervix, because she will have to open up to let a child
  • The kid, meanwhile, falls lower, his head pressed to the exit from the cavity of the uterus. The woman, despite a number of inconveniences, improves
  • Decreases pressure on the stomach and lungs, eating and breathing becomes easier
  • It is at this period a woman loses little weight and feels relieved. Intestines work harder, the bladder is emptied more often
  • Do not forget that at this period a woman can give birth to a completely full-term baby, so all changes in well-being must be heeded. Lower back pain, urination in the toilet bowel, thick mucus yellow or reddish-brown color indicates the beginning of childbirth.


A period of 39 weeks is quite suitable for the birth. The baby is completely viable.

  • His weight is already more than 3 kg, head is covered with hairs, the nails on the hands and feet had grown, lanugo hair is almost completely absent, the remnants you can find them in the folds on the shoulders and forehead
  • To the 39th week the baby is fully developed. Do not be afraid, if a gynecologist says that the fetus is too large, in fact it is very difficult to calculate the weight of the baby in the womb
  • The child is quiet – he needs to gain strength before the upcoming event
  • The baby's skin – soft pink
  • Lunge space in mom's belly is less so in the later stages women have noticed a decrease in the activity of the child
  • If the appointed date of delivery has passed, the doctor checks if the child amniotic fluid. Even if everything is in order, you can discuss with your doctor the likelihood of medical intervention. In no case do not try to bring the contractions on their own.

Photo of the fetus, abdomen, ultrasound and video about child development

Photo of the fetus at 39 weeks