37 weeks pregnant – fetal development and a sense of the mother

  The beginning of the 37th week of pregnancy means the transition of your child to full-term, mature, fully ready for birth. You have completely coped with your task, now you just have to give birth, besides, very soon you will take your baby in your arms. Try not to plan any long trips at this time, do not leave the city, because the birth can begin at any time.

What is the term — 37 weeks?

37 the obstetric week is 35 weeks from conception and 33 weeks from the delay of menstruation. Pregnancy for a period of 37 weeks is a full pregnancy. This means that you have already reached the end of the journey.

Waiting is already very tiring, the stomach is getting bigger every day. it's very hard, especially when the heat is incredible. To sleep too it is serious, often insomnia torments. But I understand everything, I do not want to hurry my daughter, I have to endure and treat everything with understanding. Moreover, the first son gave birth at 41 weeks. When she wants to get out, then I'll wait for her. I wish all light births and only healthy kids!

I already have 37 weeks, what happiness! The husband and daughter are hugging, kissing the tummy, talking with our baby. I wish you all a light birth!

Oh, and I have 37 week and the twins. Weight gain is really quite small, 11 pounds. The feeling that something is in my stomach constantly. When you meet friends, at first, all belly see, and then only me. Clothes no closure, I can't wait to end. Very difficult for me to sleep, and sit, and walk, and is...

We have 37 weeks! Feeling wonderful! This is the first long-awaited pregnancy. To me in general, everything is easy, sometimes I even forget that I'm pregnant. Taz pains from time to time, then I immediately go to bed and try to sleep. There is no special traction for food. She gained 16 kg already. I slowly collect the bag every day, stretch the pleasure.

So we got to 37 weeks. Never leaves a feeling of excitement. This is my second pregnancy with a difference of 7 years, from the first time everything is already forgotten. The pregnancy in 21 and 28 years is perceived in a completely different way. The bag with the medicines has already been collected, the things for the child are washed and ironed. In general, the mood is a suitcase, although it is still possible to wait at least 3-4 weeks.

What happens in the mother's body?

  • Here you heroically got to the finish line. imagine, for 37 week. Soon, your baby will be born. After reading on different forums reviews mom at this time you may notice that some already has some kind of painful. I want to have that baby as soon as possible. Do not run ahead of the locomotive, each after his time
  • Many by this time have already occurred prolapse of the stomach. As we know, it is a sign of approaching the moment when your baby will finally see our beautiful light
  • To 37 weeks women do an excellent job with contractions at Braxton-Hicks. Important not to confuse them with the true labor pains
  • A lose weight, that's fine, although for some reason women are very worried about this. Do not worry in vain, if there were some unpleasant moments, your doctor would long ago have told you about it. But by now you need to be constantly alert.

Fetal development in the 37-th week

At the 37th week of pregnancy, the weight of a child can be about 2860 grams, and height - about 49 cm.

  • Child fully ready to be born and only waiting in the wings. As soon as his body will be fully ready for birth, the birthing process will begin. By this time your baby totally looks like a newborn
  • Body almost got rid of lanugo (downy hair) on the head of the child even may be a fine hair
  • Nails of the baby is long, reach the edge of the fingers, and sometimes even go for them. Because of this, the child maybe he yourself scratch ;
  • Under the skin has accumulated the necessary amount of fat. especially his lot in the face. All this makes the baby more chubby and cute
  • Way of life baby at 37 weeks is approximately the same as in the newborn. Sleep occupies a large part of his time, and if he's not sleeping, it sucks everything that you come across: fingers, forearm, the umbilical cord. Child clearly reactsall. what is around his mom
  • Hearing and vision are fully matured. the child sees and hears, and his memory allows to memorize a lot of interesting things, from mother's voice. Scientists have proved that if during pregnancy the mother will listen to a lot of music, then it is likely that she will have a gifted kid
  • Perturbation become less frequent. This is due to the darkness of your uterus and in no way should scare you.

Photo of the fetus, abdomen, ultrasound and video about child development

Photo of the fetus on the 37th week

Ultrasound of the child on the 37th week