How to dissuade a woman from abortion?

Often women face a choice — to do or not to do abortion. Some of them are in unsuitable social conditions in order to have a baby, others deliberately take this step. But is it worth it to deprive the little man a chance at life. but of the happiness that comes with the appearance of a child? Let even without a father, even in a communal apartment, even in difficult conditions ...

We can't predict the future. respectively — don't know how to change our life. In any case, the world is not without good people —   and, if God sent you a child, then - will send and to the child.

In life, we constantly face a choice and do not always make the right decision, and in such a situation, any woman can become confused and do not know how to act. Perhaps you are this woman, or maybe it's your friend, a friend, just a close person who needs support and advice.

Below, we have selected for You addresses and phone numbers of the support centers. where you will be provided with full information, support and help make a final decision.

The national centers maternity support (sites): http: // sm.

Helpline for the prevention of abortion is open daily

The hotline on crisis and unplanned pregnancy, which operates under the Charitable Foundation for the Protection of the Family, Motherhood and Childhood, expands the time limits for the provision of psychological assistance.

Now calls number 8-800-200-05-07   are accepted daily:

  • weekdays from 10:00 to 21:00
  • in weekends from 10 to 18:00.

Calls from all regions of Russia absolutely free.

The task of psychologists taking calls on this number is to do everything possible to protect a pregnant woman from a tragic mistake and save the life of an unborn child.

The work of the helpline is supplemented by specially created Internet sites - for example, - on which a woman can learn detailed information about the dangers of abortion and seek help through a special feedback form or by e-mail. On all leaflets, posters and other materials distributed in women's clinics and maternity hospitals, next to the phone, the address of the site is indicated.

This hotline is the only Federal project in this direction. Through his work manages save at least dozens of children every month .

The project desperately needs financial support. Contact information for those who wish to support the helpline or help pregnant women in a difficult life situation:

Each of us can save the child!

Crisis centre for unplanned pregnancy

Tel. 8-800-100-44-55
Calls from any RF region free, anonymously.
Hours: weekdays from 9.00 to 21.00 (Moscow time).
Also advice network   Internet: see the site

The Orthodox medical educational center "Life"

125167 Moscow, Krasnoarmeyskaya street, house 2, building 4, room 206
A hotline for pregnant women: +7 (495) 790-77-99

Calls from Moscow are free, anonymous.

While working crisis services: weekdays from 16.00 to 21.00.

The clinic "Euromedcenter" provides free psychological assistance to women who find themselves in a difficult situation.

Reception is conducted by a perinatal psychologist, Malinovskaya Anastasia Kirillovna.

Record on consultation by phone. +79037643682 or [email protected]

Moscow, Prospekt Mira, 95.

Charitable Foundation for protection of family, motherhood and childhood

Helpline: (495) 790–77–99
Phone/Fax: (495) 612–64–95
E-mail: [email protected]

Club parental culture "the Gift of Birth" (Ramenskoye, Moscow. reg.)

Support and protection of women during pregnancy in difficult life situation (psychological, legal). Meetings of pregnant women in difficult situations. Support and protection of paternity in difficult situations.
Ramenskoye, St. Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy, 16
Tel. +7 (926) 206-41-97
The website.

Fund of the help to large families and orphans, "Russian birch" (Zhukovsky, Moscow. reg.)

We can offer accommodation in our charity home to one or two pregnant women who have difficult life situations.

The office of the Foundation: 140188, Moscow region, Zhukovsky, Gagarin str., 85, office 19.
Hours:   from 10.00 to 18.00 DAILY (for letters, requests, visits).

Office telephones:
8 (495) 649-91-43;
8 (915) 085-87-79;
8 (498) 48-111-39;
8 (985) 314-38-15

Kirov oblast, Kirov

We want to help girls and women save the life of their unborn child. We offer help:

  • food
  • clothing
  • housing before the birth of a child and 2 years later
  • medicines
  • physician, psychologist, priest.

Information about getting help by phone: 8-8332-37-57-98

Address:   610025 Kirov Region, Kirov, ul. Depovskaya, 10

Saint Petersburg

Orthodox center of the Novodevichy convent. SPb. office PETS "Life"

Address: St. metro Moskovskie Vorota, Moskovsky prospect 104

Mode of operation:   on weekdays from 12 to 18

(812) 388-61-91 (weekdays from 12 to 18 hours)
(812) 936-13-54 (mobile)
The website.

The Foundation of St. Demetrios
Telephone crisis services: (812) 931-23-44 (hours)
Phone for those who want to help: (812) 324-71-14

Address. 190068 Saint-Petersburg, Fontanka river embankment 127/59
Tel/Fax: (812) 310-04-92
Email. [email protected]

The heart of the family and children Primorsky district of St. Petersburg

Emergency psychological assistance to families in difficult life situations
Helpline: (812) 344-08-06

St. Petersburg public organization for the harmonious development of the family and the individual "Center "RADOMIR"
Helpline: (812) 327-60-30
Crisis centre women
Helpline: (812) 373-06-73

The Organization Angels Of Mercy

- Phone:+7 (919) 924-93-14
Address for letters: 625000, Russia, Tyumen, Central post office "Angels of Mercy", Alex Ugryniv
E-mail: [email protected]


The center of protection of motherhood "Cradle"

Advice and assistance to pregnant women in crisis situations.
Cell phone: (4232) 541-444


Medical-educational center in the name of St. Luke

Address. Kaliningrad, Litovsky Val street, d. 64"a", KAB. 71
Phone: (4012) 75-09-10

Volgodonsk, Rostov region.

Public movement "For Life!"
Phone. 8 (928) 227 38 40

Charitable Fund "Care for women"

Additional information and addresses on the site.

Miass, Chelyabinsk region

Center care for pregnant women and families with newborns "Hope"

Address: Miass, ul Pobedy, d. 20 — ground floor (from the hall first door on the left)
Phone: 8 908 577 86 45

Helplines in other cities of Russia:

Non-state educational institution "Center of development of family forms of placement of children"
8152) 44-11-31
(8152) 44-41-51

Complex center of social service of youth
  (8152) 27-75-55 - helpline (psychological help)

Department of Social Protection of Population
  (83147) 4-07-07 - helpline

Center of social aid to family and children
(83-147) 6-32-86

Women's public organization "VERA" (psychological and legal assistance)
(86137) 3-80-03

State social service institution "REGIONAL FAMILY CENTER"

Regional public organization Crisis center "LUBAVA"
(3512) 66-32-43

Center of social aid to family and children "WARM HOUSE" Industrial area of Izhevsk
(3412) 44-40-33

Center of social aid to family and children
(4722) 52-57-92

The center of PSIKHOLOGO-mediko-social support
(4832) 64-88-08

The centre of protection of motherhood and childhood
(4912) 99-25-73

Medical and Psychological Center "Mother and Child"
(4742) 22-39-98
(4742) 22-37-28

YOUR helpline (anonymously)
(831) 468-38-38

Regional center of social aid to family and children "ZHURAVUSHKA"
(831) 4172154

Nizhny Novgorod women's crisis center
(831) 433-54-75
(831) 433-76-71

I probably would not have been able to have an abortion. It's a crime! How can you kill your own child? It's not a kitten of some kind. Some even kitten does not raise a hand to kill, and that abortion please!
  In our city on many bigboards hang photos with inscriptions such as "Mom, do not kill me, I'll help you ..." and a sweet girl in the photo. Well, that sort of thing.
  And in our hospital, when I was laying on the preservation, there was also a similar picture (on the wall hung), and such a touching poem as if a child who had been "killed abortion", and he says: "... I still forgive you, mother, and I love you ... "something like this. Very touching, right up to tears. Poor children, how I feel sorry for them ...

I, too, was on the verge of abortion. The young man wanted it, I was against my parents and friends. And then I listened to the song about abortion, how bad it is, the child's voice said that he was not born but still loves his mother. But I do not know what it's called and who sings, I have Abortion recorded. Straight to tears these words rap artist. Girls, do not kill your children.