True the best pregnancy tests

  The test for rapid diagnosis of pregnancy today is very popular - most women do this the simplest testing themselves to make sure of their pregnancy, or in its absence. Tests for rapid diagnosis of pregnancy do not require special conditions and complex procedure - they are simple, have everything that is necessary for self-diagnosis, can be used in any conditions.

Types of modern tests to determine pregnancy. Reliable rapid tests for pregnancy.

Today tests for rapid diagnosis of pregnancy are known in four types:

  • "Strip tests" (the strips for inserting in a container of urine), which have a value of from 5 to 100 and a sensitivity of 25 mME/ml
  • "Jet" tests (devices that can substitute directly under the urine stream), with a cost of 150 to 250 rubles, and sensitivity from 10 mME/ml

The modern pharmacy market presents a wide range of domestic and imported tests for determining pregnancy, in a wide variation of prices and design. Every woman who wants to buy this simplest but very "wise" device wants to be sure that the test will not fail her.

How to understand the vast world of proposals? Which pregnancy test to give preference?

A list of the best pregnancy tests: Frautest, Evitest, Clearblue

Test a quick (home) pregnancy diagnosis "FRAUTEST" (manufacturing Human Gesellschaft, Germany), is the most popular among women as the most accurate. These tests represented a wide variety of all types of tests – "FRAUTEST Express" and "FRAUTEST Double contro" (strip, strip) — from 30 to 100 rubles100 to 140 rubles140 to 350rubles.

Tests "Evitest" (the production Helm, Germany), are also very popular. They also have a wide number of types of products – "Evitest No. 1" and Evitest Plus №2 (strip-test) from 30 to 85 rubles162-185 rubles110-120rubles.

Although tests on the Express diagnosis of pregnancy "ClearBlue" (manufacturing UniPOS Ltd. Britain) leads in numerous polls of women who used it, it is much inferior to the first two leaders of the rating for its price it is too high. The fact that the tests "ClearBlue" belong to the new generation of products of this type, and are available in digital form, which is easy to use. This test is characterized by the highest accuracy – there were times when he pointed to a pregnancy for another 5-6 days before the expected date of menstruation. The price of the tests "ClearBlue" around 700-900rubles.

The true tests for rapid diagnosis of pregnancy of the Russian production

Tests on the Express diagnosis of pregnancy, like all drugs and medical equipment, registered in the Department of state control of medicines and medical equipment from Russia, and are required to be certified. Today the Russian market presents tests on the Express diagnosis of pregnancy 6 domestic and 23 foreign  manufacturers.

Unfortunately, tests on the Express diagnosis of pregnancy, which are produced by the Russian firms, presented a narrow number of products. Besides, Russian tests are often inferior in quality and sensitivity . same from Germany and the United States. Today among Russian brands the most famous and popular tests "to Be sure"  (test strips) produced by the enterprise "Progressive Biomedical Technologies".

Rating tests — toso do not cheat?

1. Test one-step (HCG-rapid-IHA) "To be sure" (production of the "Progressive Biomedical Technology Ltd.", Russia) strip strips sensitivity from 25 mME/ml, the value of 13-15  rubles. These tests are in demand among women, as they are very accurate, and do not require special conditions for use. The test strips must be lowered into a container with a portion of urine up to the control line. The result will appear within 2-10 minutes.

I did this test three times, three days in a row, starting from the first day of the delay. First clearly showed one strip, just one ... But. After 2-3 minutes, a weak second strip was drawn, which could not be seen (if I had not waited for my pregnancy, and did not consider these tests "under a microscope"). On the 5th day of the delay, this test showed already two clear strips, and all doubts and worries ceased to exist.

By the way, many tests this "sin" - the stripes at the very beginning of pregnancy are very weak, almost invisible. In particular, I was so with the test "Faith".

I bought this test by accident, just asked in the pharmacy "some inexpensive". On the third day of the delay he showed a confident second lane, and from the very beginning I had no doubt that I was pregnant. I left it to myself in my family album!

Test strip for immunochromatographic determination of human chorionic gonadotropin / in-hCG / "EACS" (manufactured by EACS, Russia).

2. Tablet test "BIOCARD HCG" (production of "Dialat Ltd", Russia) – a set of reagents for testing for pregnancy cost 60 to 90  rubles. The test kit includes a special plastic cassette pencil with a window, a pipette for adding drops of urine.

It seems to me that the "BIOCARD hCG" test is the most sensitive, because it can predict pregnancy before delay. He showed me two strips two days later from the beginning of the delay - an excellent result, given the fact that this test is made in Russia. By the way, I did two tests with a difference of one day, and the test "Evitest" still could not catch my pregnancy.

3.Test strip "HCG-IHA-RECIPE"  (production of "Recipi", Russia), the cost is from 12 to 15 rubles. This test for rapid (home) pregnancy diagnosis leads in the sales ratings. The test is very convenient in use - a strip to a special mark is placed in a container with urine, the result will be obtained within 3-5 minutes.

4. Test strip "HCG-IHA-FAITH"  (production of "FACTOR-MED", Russia) - sensitivity from 20 mIU / ml. The cost of the test "Faith" from 4.5 to 8 rubles. This test is in demand among customers in Russia, since it has a low cost.

Flimsy test before use is falling apart right in his hands! I bought it because the pharmacy did not have tests "Bi-SDC" which were always used, and trust. The same test when lowered into a Cup of urine for so long inhaled the liquid, I spent a few unpleasant moments, waiting for the result. Receiving a negative result, I don't believe this test – but it is, honestly, not lied. The next day I did another test, "UniTest", and only then was able to calm down.

I almost got a heart attack, because the test clearly showed two strips the day before the expected monthly. In the pharmacy I was told that there are often mistakes with these tests. More for anything I will not buy!

I'll never forget these thrill when two stripes showed up on the test! By that time we quarreled and broke up with a young man, and I bought this test. To calm down and finally make sure that in my life nothing is left of him. I was sure how! The test clearly showed two strips! Two days (it was the weekend), I spent in tears and experiences, and then went to the doctor ... What do you think I was told at the gynecologist? That's right - I'm not pregnant!

5. Test Of "Faith Plus" (IHA-HCG-FACTOR) (production "FACTOR-MED", Russia) is a jet test (test pen), its sensitivity of 20 mIU/ml. the Cost of this test – from 80 to 100 rubles. The test "Vera-Plus" loses test strips of the same firm at its price, but it is very convenient to use: the test-pen can be lowered into a stream of urine, or into a shallow container with a portion of collected urine.

An inkjet test is much more convenient than a strip and a cassette. Although the first two win in price. I used this test twice with a delay, the result showed correctly both times - negative, on days 2 and 5 of the delay. I would like to separately give advice on the choice of tests - if you want to buy a few, then buy in different pharmacies, and better - different manufacturers. When buying, pay special attention to the expiration dates, because the "fresh" test, the more correctly it will show results.

I agree with the previous opinion! I want to give one more tip - do not ask the pharmacist himself, which test is better - he is interested in selling you the most expensive one. In principle, the difference between expensive and cheap tests, I did not notice, if you do not take into account the different conditions for the use of strips and inkjet tests.

6. Test strip "HCG-IHA-EAKS"  (manufactured by PHARMA-TEST, Russia) is a normal strip test that is used by lowering it into a container with a collected portion of urine. The result will be visible for 5-7 minutes.

7. Test strip "Bee-sure-s" (producer of "Factor-med" LTD, Russia) — sensitivity of 20 mIU/ml. is popular as affordable price 4,5 to 8rubles.

A very interesting test that will suspect pregnancy not only from you, but also from your husband! The test is cheap, so at the pharmacy I dialed several pieces at once. I applied the test on the second day of the delay - one strip first appeared, then the second, but barely discernible. Two days later I repeated the test - the same! We waited a long time for the child, so I was filled with hopes, and I went to see a doctor. But I was disappointed - I was not pregnant ... At home my husband out of curiosity also passed the test - he showed the same stripes, one - bright, the second - "ghost"!

I totally agree! This test lies very often, and I do not know why it is still released! My girlfriend, who had been treated for a long time from infertility, was very disappointed when her pregnancy confirmed by this test was not confirmed on a further examination.

To this test, I have a special claim - he showed me a negative result during the first one and a half months of pregnancy.

And I am satisfied with this test, because on the third day of the delay he showed me the result - a long-awaited pregnancy! Girls, test results can depend on many factors. I can not judge how often this test is wrong, but from the very first time he told me the absolute truth, and I'm happy!

What pregnancy tests often lie?

  We talked about a wide variety of tests (domestic and foreign manufacturers) on the definition of pregnancy, presented in the Russian market. But large variations in the prices of these useful devices can not speak of their "truthfulness".

Unfortunately,may be wrong and expensive, and cheap tests  . and these errors are all the more annoying, since they are associated with such a delicate sphere as a woman's pregnancy.

  Only thanks to the polls of women who already used tests for the definition of pregnancy, you can find out how "true" this or that device is, how much the customers trust it.

Tests of Russian producers, which are most often unable to show a positive result in the absence of pregnancy :

Tests manufacturers, allowing a positive result in the absence of pregnancy:

Tests of Russian producers, which at the onset of pregnancy showed a negative result:

Tests manufacturers, who at the onset of pregnancy showed a negative result:

The overall rating of the most sensitive tests for determining pregnancy (domestic and foreign producers ):

  • "Frau test" (positive pregnancy result 6 days before the delay)
  • "Clear Blue" (positive result of pregnancy up to 5 days delay)
  • "To be sure"
  • "Certainty"
  • "BB Test"
  • "Ladie''s test"
  • "BonaDea"
  • "Evitest"
  • "Know Now"
  • "Mon AMI"
  • "Ministrip"

How to properly use pregnancy tests - video instruction for women

Detailed video about the types of tests and their use from the company FRAUTEST:

A series of "pregnancy" from the video guide to pregnancy:

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