Best IVF clinics in Russia

Worldwide every year hundreds of thousands of couples face the problem of childlessness. And more than half of them become happy parents with the help of advances in modern medicine. Here are collected the best IVF clinic, according to participants of the Internet in Russian cities with reviews.

Moscow city

Address: Moscow, st. Nagornaya, 4a

Tel. 7 (499) 127-39-36, 7 (499) 127-04-88

Went there for my first appointment. The doctor caught the beautiful — at least, never faced with such a personalized and thorough approach. I was immediately in great detail, all right, and did it at great personal card. The ultrasound is very carefully examined. Then my husband came to take the SG, and then we made the appointment to the andrologist. The reception was worth 1500 rubles. The clinic is very good.

In this clinic, I made the first attempt of IVF ICSI, first HCG was positive, but the pregnancy failed to break. The frustration of the doctor was genuine. There have been delays in receiving, but always the same people who need more time at the reception, someone less. The doctors explain everything clearly, and the feeling of flow not present. We will attempt to be treated further, and from this same doctor in the same clinic, because there is an absolute trust and understanding to the chosen doctor and chosen method of treatment!

Tel 7 (495) 645-26-13

This clinic is very good, the IVF unit the most powerful in the Russian Federation. When a friend raised money for this procedure, we climbed the entire Internet in search of reviews, information, statistics, definitely on the "IVF Center" nice most the girls at the eco-forum also recommended that there even cheaper than in many Metropolitan centers. The result obtained with the first Protocol, all turned out, the girlfriend got pregnant. Here, because a lot depended on the training of mothers, and also very important was the competence of specialists that chose the method.

Great professionals, wonderful clinic. Liked everything from polite girls at the reception to the situation in the clinic. But it's all just flowers and berry is the appeal to "new life". Recently my boy was born thanks to the clinic. A huge thank you to the doctors.

The City Of St. Petersburg

Address: Saint — Petersburg, Babushkina str., 2

Tel. +7 (812) 325-27-27

It's a decent medical center with an excellent level of service, it is particularly important that this "desktop" on the metro area Elizarovskaya excellent medical centers, in General, and no! We tried to get pregnant, appealed to different specialists. But only in this clinic, we have achieved success.

Went there on the recommendations of friends! I liked it very much, the service is truly first class! Tests, the results came just a few days! Money spent a lot, but all to good use! Overall this is a great clinic for those who suffer from infertility!

Phone 7 (8812) 445-20-11

In the clinic, "Aymed" there are over 1.5 years, chief physician Samusenkova V. A. Performed a full survey was able to determine the cause of infertility is not matured egg. I made 3 insemination – without effect. But my husband and I decided to change the doctor is not, and never in vain! The only IVF attempt was successful! We are now expecting a baby!

"Aymed on this with my husband the hard way the first clinic. In fact, we were desperate, but I would like to tell everyone not to give up! The doctors in this clinic very helpful and pleasant, the clinic itself makes a great impression in General, after several attempts we did it, we are expecting a baby. A huge thank you to the attending doctors.

or prosp Yuriya Gagarina, 24, Litera A, Bldg. 1

Tel. 7 (812) 600-78-20, 7 (812) 600-77-78

I liked Ava Peter. She was treated by a doctor B. Kamenetsky, A. the Staff is caring, before needling down, then cocoa drink, all polite and kind. My second attempt at Kamenetz, hope this is my last Protocol. Doctor I really like, calls back immediately, not long-winded, but the questions to all answers, it is felt that a doctor, a professional inspection done on the first admission.

Did Yoko in AVA-Peter Gagarin. Everything turned out the first time. My girlfriend is also pregnant with twins the first time. The girl who did it before me, too, baby the second time (first time doing a OTTO — unsuccessfully). It all depends on the professionalism of doctors. Is embryo cryopreservation. But once you learn you have caught embrionic can be observed at the place of residence. But in consultation you certainly will not refuse.

Yekaterinburg city

Address: Ekaterinburg, ul Mamina-Sibiryaka, d. 171 and

7 telephone 8 (343) 350-25-90

On infertility I have observed in OMM, and my doctor recommended the clinic Partus. He says that there is the highest percentage, nobody understands how they manage to achieve such excellent results. We got there, all neatly doctors are friendly. We arrived with the results of their surveys, only the husband had to take semen analysis. As a result, we said that it is necessary to come on the 16th day of the cycle. In the end, I got pregnant. My aunt did IVF there, too, everything turned out right the first time. Now running a wonderful girl for 10 months.

Was treated in the Partus in 2008. First, Dr. Zavyalova, then a second attempt from Kuznetsov. The result was positive, now a growing girl, we have 4 years. The doctors at this clinic are great. Staff a special thank you. All, without exception, very attentive, friendly and welcoming. Thank you for the miracle!

Clinic "family medicine Center"

Tel. +7 (343) 214-89-99

Heard so much about this clinic. One friend of 3 years were treated in one of hospitals of Ekaterinburg from infertility, but then they turned to the clinic and through the little time period they had kids!

Honesty, professionalism and sincerity are the words that come to mind at the mention of the clinic. Kvashnin Elena Vladimirovna — a doctor from God, a wonderful man. None of the clinic have not seen this number a true professional doctors. Very grateful to you for everything.

This clinic was observed from June 2011, Dr. Amalienau N. Sh. There were some issues that had to be addressed. And as a result 8 weeks pregnant. The doctors did their job! I'm happy.

Krasnodar City

Address: Krasnodar, ul. Boulevard Clara Luchko, 8

Call + 7 (861) 261-22-52

I took the full treatment at the clinic "Embryo". Before to stay at the clinic I read a lot, chose. When, after the long treatment my husband and I saw the coveted 2 stripes, both wanted to cry from happiness. Called doctor, she recommended medicines for hormonal support. Saw them until 12 weeks, and then it's absolutely relevant to pregnancy, without complications. In August our son was born and we are extremely happy!

This clinic is just great. In it my husband got pregnant in the short term. I am very grateful to everyone who helped us in this. Thank you for the fact that there are still people like Dr. Shekhovtseva L. N.

Clinic "the Kuban medical center"

Call + 7 (861)252-14-55

Surveyed at Soloway, very professional doctor, she was able to find the cause of my infertility, which could not find other doctors for 8 years. Now preparing for inseminacji, believe that everything will work out and my husband will have a baby! A close friend highly praised this center, it was she who insisted that I was treated there.

Beautiful center! The doctors here are really professionals. Working for a direct specialization. I myself was treated in this center and was pleased with the results. My daughter is now 9 months. Though spend, but with benefits.

The City Of Nizhny Novgorod

Address: city of Nizhniy Novgorod, Beketova str., 23 (opposite the bowling alley "Victory")

Tel. +7 (831) 412-25-96

Thanks to the medical center, AIST, born this summer our dvoyniki (daughter and son). A huge thank you x steering Natalya Valeryevna! IVF work the first time. Before infertility was treated in another hospital for 5 years.

Been trying to get pregnant on their own for 1.5 years. From February 2010 began to be observed at the "AIST", at the doctor Sherstneva O. V. This is a great clinic without unnecessary tests and healing, friendly attitude from the cleaners to the attending physician, the long-awaited pregnancy came in April. On the account to get going only here.

Observed in the clinic "the Stork" for about three years on the ECO could not be resolved for two years, made 2 insemination – all to no avail. In December of 2007. was the first IVF attempt, unfortunately, for a period of 10 weeks pregnancy came to a standstill, to say that it was hard mentally, so there's nothing to say, but exactly a short period of time we made a second attempt, now our son is 2 months old.

Clinic of infertility treatment "Mom and Dad and Baby"

Reviews about the clinic EKO "father, Mother and child" in Nizhny Novgorod:

My opinion about the clinic "Papa Mama and Malysh" in Nizhny Novgorod, Dr. Melekhina-Torunova SN. Thanks to her, I am the mother of wonderful sons (ECO + IKSI). A low bow.

Thanks to the reproductive health expert Komarova EV in the clinic "Papa Mama and Malysh". A wonderful doctor. First attempt, I'm 39 - daughter! Hearty thanks!

A thorough approach to patients doctors. No rush.

Tel. +7 (831) 4397714, +7 (831) 4341762

Asked several times for tests for IVF. Come on record, there was no queue. All the staff are very polite and offers to customers. I was surprised that the doctors of this clinic are young (under 30 years). At least those with whom I had to communicate. The clinic is located in the heart of the city. The test results are prepared quickly and in time. I was all set!

For infertility issues very well running clinic in Nizhny Novgorod "Elegra" I heard from a friend that there is a wonderful doctor. Name now I can not remember. It is considered one of the best gynecologists in Nizhny Novgorod. My friend there did IVF and now her baby is already a year old. I do, unfortunately, it is not horrible, but I hope that in the next 3 months will be there too.

The City Of Samara

Address: Samara, Karl Marx Avenue, 6

Tel. +7 (846) 247-90-01

I fully agree with those who left positive feedback about the staff of the clinic, there really are without exception the staff are very responsive and polite people. Personally, I am going examination and treatment Anna Alexandrovna Ryzhova, she is very sensitive and attentive person, always clearly explains all the difficult medical details. Big thanks to her.

For 8 years my husband and had no children. Was treated in the IIR, "He and She", the healers, etc. All to no avail. At one point I decided to start all over again in the clinic "EKO". All previous tests were taken, again didn't retake, but overdue tests. Anna Ryzhova — thank you so much for responsible and caring attitude and for my peace of mind, for your patience and endurance. Thank you for your daughter.

or the city of Samara, st. Novo-Sadovaya, 139 (near the rocket, the Zvezda residential complex)

Tel. + 7 (846) 933-82-82, + 7 (846) 342-62-62 ("IDK" on Entuziastov street);

+ 7 (846) 270-32-08, + 7 (846) 270-32-09, + 7 (846) 342-62-62 ("IDK" on Novo-Sadovaya street)

All infertile couples, contact this clinic! Center super! The doctors are great! Not so plush interiors and, you know, there are queues, but...! The motto of this clinic is the result! I was immediately able to determine the cause of infertility, unlike others that are considered cool in our city clinics.

I would like to thank the entire staff of the clinic IIRs for their kindness and professionalism. 17 Dec 2010 our son was born Dan. A year and a half ago I came in the IIR about the preparation for pregnancy, dealing with identified problems, passed the tests, the long-awaited pregnancy. The whole pregnancy I was also observed in the IIR – did not want to go to a regular hospital, because at this important time, I want to get only quality medical care and positive emotions. Prior to this visit to the doctors especially gynecologists has always caused me stress, but when I got to the clinic, I realized that it is possible to go to the reception without the stress, knowing that everything will be fine.

The city of Rostov-on-don

Address: Rostov-on-don, street, 21 Line, 8

Tel: 7 (863) 253-17-22

Observed in the clinic very long, long time was treated, passed many tests, without them, unfortunately, anywhere! In the clinic came to our home already! To get pregnant could not have been very long, but to pull it was gone and immediately came to the doctor. EKO got to do with the first attempt! It cost a lot of time, nerves and money! But the result is worth it!

My husband and I were certain difficulties with natural conception and we are already long enough I went to different clinics and doctors. Now, the clinic "Genome" gave us quite sensible andrologist. In the "Genome" it is recommended to take the extended semen analysis. He its direction argued that it is in the "Genome" sperm examined manually under a microscope, and some very good and modern persoanlities the only one in Rostov. Therefore, the results gives computer. In addition, when we arrived at the "Gene" told us that the sperm must bring along with them is impossible, and you need to pass the ejaculate just from them. And in 3 previous places we have rented, we have always been told to bring. Perhaps this speaks to the fact that they give the most objective result.

Address: Rostov-on-don, Mechnikova str., 43

Tel: 7 (863) 235 87 77

I may have done IVF in the centre. Happened 1 times. Now I'm on 16th week. I enjoyed it. Doctor I had Kazantseva T. A. After a positive HCG came to her support adjustment and ultrasound. Then I gave Levchenko, she is pregnant. Approach professional. I understood it and the result, thank you.

In this clinic, was pleased with the attitude of doctors to patients, everything is done quite efficiently and with professionalism. Recently did IVF in this clinic, and was pleased with the result.

The City Of Khabarovsk

Address: Khabarovsk, Istomin str., 85

Tel. 7 (4212)451-93-0, 7 (4212)451-96-9

Into the help account is not yet know. And the first time have been there, returned home satisfied. Everything is beautiful. New equipment. Good service patients. All recording, record by phone, queue for half a day not expected, organizing them is well thought out. And it is — many thanks. At least not have to sit in the sweltering heat and waiting for their turn.

I liked everything, starting with the relationship of the staff and to the joint stay with the child! The rooms are double and single rooms, all modern! Generic and also individual. For the second baby just go there.

The City Of Irkutsk

Address: Irkutsk g., Pushkina str., 8

Tel. 7 (3952) 63-03-79, 7 (3952) 63-03-87

More than a year, there have Topinews Rimma Konstantinovna is responsive, attentive and competent and specialist people. Today it leads to my long-awaited pregnancy. Very pleased with the doctor and the workflow of the clinic.

I can tell you about Irkutsk clinic "Mother and child". This is a great medical center. I really liked it. There and treatment of patients at a high level, that would be many doctors in this to learn. I could not get pregnant for over 10 years. With the help of this center the result on the face. A huge thanks to them, success in their work and prosperity.

The City Of Vladivostok

Address: Vladivostok, Kalinina str., 275

8 tel 7 (423) 268-48-53

We could not get pregnant for 8 years, was treated in different clinics and different doctors. Then turned to the "Center of Santa Maria in March of the previous year. As a result, in may, underwent surgery, then hormonal treatment and in November we have been able to get pregnant. The doctor adjusted only on a positive attitude, all sensibly explained, where necessary, even painted, to make it clear. Although I have long doubted whether to do IVF .

I am now the owner of a wonderful little boy with the help of this clinic. With me very politely communicate throughout the duration of pregnancy. And most importantly, after the first tests managed to make a correct diagnosis, and by the time I was already pregnant. Will a second child plan.

The City Of Saratov

Address: Saratov, street Technical, d. 10 and

7. phone 8(8452) 66-03-03

The clinic was personally with her husband. There was no queue and it is pleased. I saw a doctor, the reception which my husband and I were satisfied. The attitude was attentive, he explained everything and treated, which is not beyond adequacy, is very pleased. As a result, we had a son.

I clinic of liked it. After all, when we pay money, want and attitude was appropriate, not rudeness and boorishness. There is so much respect there. I just didn't agree with what tests you need to take it from them. I also said several times that it is possible to pass them where it is convenient for us, most importantly, the result to bring. Unnecessary tests are not appointed. Enough on the Internet to gain a list of tests, and issued such a list.

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