How to live and survive as a single mother?

  A family where a woman is forced to bring up a baby is considered incomplete. Each such incomplete family has its own history, in most cases sad, with deceit, treachery, parting. But, since a single mother, having responsibility for the child, despite the difficult circumstances of life, should raise the baby healthy and happy, the state provides for certain benefits and benefits that will help it in this.

A single mother is a burden or a conscious choice?

Many women decide to have a child, and at the same time refuse to participate in the life of his biological father .

  • A single mother only considered the woman who gave birth to a baby, not a marriage or the birth of a child occurred more than three hundred days after divorce (divorce in the court order), and on the birth of a baby is a blank in the "Father" or father recorded with just her words.
  • A single mother it is also considered a woman who adopted a baby out of wedlock .
  • If paternity is not proven in the trial, or if paternity is challenged by the spouse's subsequent spouse is not biologically the father of the baby, then woman also recognizes a single mom .
  • A single mother not considered the woman who gave birth to his child in marriage, but then gets divorced, or a woman a widow .

What documents are required to confirm the status of a single mother?

If the baby has no father and on the birth of her baby a woman gets with a blank "father", or with those of the father, included in the box with only her words, in the same Department of the registry office you must fill in certificate — form No. 25 .

Statement on receiving the status of "single mother" together with the filled in form No. 25 from the Department of the registry office woman needs to include the Department (office) social protection of the city or district (place of registration), or send a registered letter by mail  (very desirable with a notice of delivery).

Documents for applying for and receiving monthly benefits on the kid

  1. Statement on the recognition of the status of "single mother" that woman writes to the district or city Department of social protection (required by my place of residence, not place of her actual residence).
  2. On the birth of a baby (certificate ).
  3. Stamp (in the paper) on the citizenship of the child.
  4. Help . the single mother lives together with a child (a reference to the composition of her family).
  5. Form No. 25 (certificate) from the Department of the Registrar.
  6. Help income (work book or a certificate from city and district employment service).
  7. Passport women.

All documents must making copies  . attaching them to the original documents and providing a package of documents to the department (office) of social protection, which is located at the place of its registration.

Benefits and payments, single mom

In order to find out which benefits and payments are a single mother, as well as to specify the amount of benefits, payments in one of the regions of Russia, single mother you should contact the office (Department) social protection  (necessarily - at the place of passport registration of a woman).

A single mother has an unconditional right to receive regular state benefits :

  • Lump sum . which pay women who registered in the first trimester pregnancy (to 12 weeks) in a medical facility (female consultation)on the account .
  • Benefits for pregnancy women and childbirth .
  • Lump sum . which is issued after the birth of a child .
  • Monthly allowance . issued to care for her baby (until the baby eighteen months of age).
  • Monthly allowance . issued child until shestnadcati it age (the benefit is paid in the double size from usual).

All benefits and payments from a single mother different from the usual benefits due to their size – they increased.

In addition, different regions of the Russian Federation provides additional regional benefits to mothers alone  m, for which a woman must provide a work record to the department (office) of social protection, which is located at the place of her passport registration.

Among additional benefits, this can be regional monthly payments for reimbursement of expenses (this is the cost of increasing the cost of living); to compensate for the costs associated with raising the price level for staple foods purchased for the child, other payments and benefits.

Benefits for single mothers

  • A woman who raises and educates a child, receives a monthly allowance for the baby, which is of larger size than usual. It does not depend on the income level of women, living conditions of the family.
  • Until the baby is eighteen months of age single mother paid monthly an additional amount.
  • A single mother has an unconditional right to receive annual financial assistance for the child (about 300 rubles).
  • Labour law a single mother until the child reaches his age of 14 years cannot be dismissed on the initiative of the administration (except when the company is liquidated and must provide a woman another job). At the end of the contract the authority must grant the single mother is also another place of work. For the entire period of employment single mother pay the average wage (not more than three months after the end of a fixed-term contract).
  • Single mother pay sick leave sick baby, to care for her child under 14 years 100% for a longer period than others.
  • A single mother has an unconditional right to annual leave for 14 days without pay, which may be her desire is attached to the main annual holiday, or at the request of the woman used in convenient for her and the baby time.
  • You can't deny a woman – single mother — in employment (continued) only for the reason that she is a single mother. In the case of violations of the law a woman can defend the rights in court.
  • Sometimes the territorial administrations for socially disadvantaged families, including incomplete, arrange the sale of children's clothes at low prices.
  • Tax deduction for single mothers provided always double.

Rights of single mother

  1. A woman who raises and brings up a child alone has the right to receive all benefits . provided by the state for this social category. About the size of benefits and payments the woman should ask the Department of social protection, which is located at the place of passport registration. All benefits and cash benefits for single mothers more than usual on the sums paid out.
  2. A single mother has an unconditional right to regional benefits and payments . intended for single mothers, low-income families.
  3. A single mother has an unconditional right to have a child in preschool out of turn, to use the benefits for payment.
  4. If the woman who brings up a child alone, and then getting married, all equal allowances, payments for child benefits she retains . The right to preferential treatment and benefits lost, if the new husband will adopt the child.
  5. Working single mother has an unconditional right to take another vacation anytime . the most convenient for her.
  6. A single mother has an unconditional right to refuse overtime work or night shifts . Attracting women to work overtime is not permitted without written consent.
  7. A single mother has unconditional the right to shorter shifts, part-time . that is subject to prior approval by the employer and secured in the written agreement of the parties.
  8. A single mother has an unconditional right to require the employer the failure, in writing . and how to challenge it in court if she believes or knows — she refused only for the reason that the woman is a single mother.
  9. If the living conditions single-parent families is found to be unsatisfactory, a single mother is eligible to enroll in the queue for housing and to improve housing, living conditions (in preferential order according to the sequence).
  10. When it comes time to attend kindergarten, the child of a single mother have to take in preschool out of turn . on state support (full), or receive 50% — 75% discount for payment of kindergarten.
  11. The child of a single mother has the right to food at school free of charge (up to 2 times per day), which is provided in the school canteen. Set of textbooks the child-student is also issued free of charge (these questions to the discretion of the school Director).
  12. A single mother has unconditional the right to free, orpartially paid ticket in a health camp or a resort (once per year, or over two years) in order for this benefit. Travel, accommodation mothers included in the ticket (for rehabilitation in a sanatorium).
  13. If the child of a single mother falls ill, she is entitled tobenefits for the purchase of certain medications (a list of these medicines need to ask in the clinic). On some expensive medication for a child as a single mother is 50% discount .
  14. The child of a single mother has the right free access to massage in the clinic by place of residence.

Subsidies that can be granted to single mom

The status of "single mother" does not give the right to receive targeted subsidies (for payment or purchase of housing) itself. But a single mother can be compensated for payment of all utilities (subsidies. designed for payment of utilities  ), if the total aggregate income of all members of this family does not exceed certain figures (the established minimum).

  In order to find out whether a single mother has the right to receive subsidies, as well as to determine the amount of subsidies, it is necessary to apply to the district or city department (cabinet) of social protection of the population located at the place of residence of the family. A woman should remember that she has the right to receive subsidies only in the total absence of any arrears in utility bills - the last receipts for payment should be taken with her.

  To calculate the family's income, the amount of monthly allowances, scholarships, pensions, wages, and is divided by the number of family members, including children. These calculations are carried out in the district or city department of social protection, located at the place of passport registration of the family. If the single mother's family has this indicator lower than the established minimum, she has the right to receive legitimately state subsidies intended for paying for utility services.

In order to obtain and continue to receive the grant, single mother need to collect documents :

  • A summary of all the income of the family in the previous six months (6 months).
  • Standard certificate from housing office (housing Department ) on the part of her family.
  • Help from social services (the amounts of benefits).
  • Reference salary 6 months (six months), or reference about the presence or absence of unemployment benefits from the employment Service .
  • A certificate of ownership for housing.
  • Mother's passport, birth certificate  for all children.
  • Receipt of full payment of all servicesutilities for the six months (previous 6 months).
  • The application for granting of subsidies (written in the admission document).

A single mother is also eligible to receive assistance in the form of targeted subsidies. designed for housing under the Federal program .

In Russia there is a state Federal assistance program young family . in which all families (in which the spouses or one spouse under the age of 35 years) subsidies for the improvement of, and acquisition of housing. Single-parent families (family of a single mother) also fits this category of citizens, if she was have not more than 35 years  . A woman with one baby has the right to a subsidy, at a rate of 42 square meters. meter (total area of ​​housing).

  The right to receive subsidies for the acquisition of housing is available only to solvent single mothers who are in line for preferential housing, improving their housing conditions, and the age of applicants is less than 35 years. More details about these conditions each woman can find out in the administration of the city or district in which she lives.

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