The list of all tests for a pair of ECO

  The procedure of in vitro fertilization is quite long and costly - both in terms of the funds invested in it, and in terms of time. A couple that plans to undergo IVF procedure. should prepare for a very serious examination, the delivery of all necessary tests.

What tests need to collect a couple for the ECO

Because as the ordinary conception of a child, and the procedure of in vitro fertilization – the case of couples, the examination procedure should be partners together. The results of all surveys first analyzes the the attending gynecologistthen the specialists of the IVF clinic .

Correctly completed tests in the process of preparing couples for IVF are of great importance, because they can be used to identify pathology and disease, deviations in the health of men and women – and in time them to correct.

Analyses necessary to pass both partners:

You must keep in mind that all these tests valid for three months. and after this time they must be retaken again:

Tests and examinations for IVF is a woman

The following results will be valid within three months. and after this time they must be retaken again:

A blood test for hormone levels   (it must be taken to an empty stomach, from 3 to 8 or from the 19th to the 21st day of the menstrual cycle):

The woman does vaginal   (from three points) to the flora, as well as hidden infections. which are transmitted sexually:

Following the test woman valid for one month. and after this time they must be retaken again:

  1. The analysis of a blood (clinical, biochemical) .
  2. Urinalysis (morning, on an empty stomach).
  3. A blood test for toxoplasmosis Ig G and IgM
  4. Microbiological analysis of aerobic, facultative anaerobic microorganisms (given their sensitivity to antibiotics
  5. Analysis on the rate of blood clotting (morning, on an empty stomach).
  6. A blood test for tumor markers CA125, СА19-9, СА15-3
  7. A blood test for rubella Ig G and IgM

Passing the examination is the procedure of in vitro fertilization, the woman must obtain the consultation. who will confirm that she has no contraindications for the procedure.

A woman must undergo examination. which necessarily includes:

  • Chest x-rays.
  • Electrocardiography .
  • Cytological examinationcervical (need to pass a swab for the presence of atypical cells).

The woman also needs to consultation with a mammologist. she had no contraindications to pregnancy and carrying a baby to breastfeed.

Tests and examinations that it takes a man

The analysis of blood and RH factor.
A blood test for AIDS.
A blood test for syphilis
Tests for hepatitisgroup "A" and "C".

Semen   (surrenders on an empty stomach in the clinic, any day):

  • The control of mobility and the ability to flotation of sperm cells in a portion of sperm.
  • The presence of sperm antibodies (MAR-test).
  • The presence and number of cells in the portion of sperm.
  • Infections (with PCR).

A blood test for hormone levels   (you must take it on an empty stomach):

Blood chemistry(AST, GGG, ALT, creatinine, Total bilirubin, glucose, urea).

The man needs to also consultation of the urologist-andrologist. providing the conclusion of this doctor to the package of tests.

What additional tests and examinations for couples to need?

Tests and examinations the couples over 35 years before IVF

For a couple who wishes to undergo the procedure of in vitro fertilization at the age of 35 years, you must provide to the clinic the results of all the above analysesand surveys. In addition, this couple should be required to pass genetic counseling. in order to avoid having a child with developmental disabilities, or child with severe hereditary diseases and syndromes.

Analyzes for a woman with an ovum or donor sperm

This type of in vitro fertilization requires individual approach for each patient, and additional tests, examinations prescribed by the doctor for each patient individually depending on features of the history and current proceduress .

Tests and examinations for women after IVF

A few days after the replanting of embryos into the uterus of a woman is a survey on the level of HCG hormone in the blood. The woman is the exam same as other women who are planning pregnancy. This analysis is sometimes necessary to pass several times.

In Russia, a lot of clinics that do in vitro fertilization procedures. A couple who plans to undergo this procedure as the only option to have a child must first to contact the clinic for advice .

The whole range of surveys and analyzes the man and the woman the doctor will prescribe the IVF clinic, full-time reception. In some cases, the pair are assigned consultation with other specialized IVF clinics   . as well as "narrow" specialists.

The clinic doctor will tell about the upcoming IVF procedure, will appoint a survey, tell about the stagepreparation for IVF.

On Saturday I was at a doctor's reception in the Lapino hospital near Maria Mikhailovna Ovchinnikova. The list of tests also gave me an impressive pass. But I have already made a decision that I will stay in this clinic and will be here until the end. I had one protocol on the quota, but I do not want any more for free and will not do it. This attitude to you was terrible, that you do not even want to remember. Here the doctor immediately instilled such confidence in me, that I am confident that everything will turn out here. After the New Year we begin the protocol.

Melania, how are you doing? Was it possible to get pregnant?

Also now in the search for a clinic, there are so many of them in Moscow that you do not know where to go. For the second month I have been reading reviews and I can not decide in any way.