What selection during pregnancy — normal?

  Every pregnant woman is very sensitive and sensitive to her health. Especially strongly their anxiety is caused by a variety of secretions, especially since many different changes take place in the body.

Normal discharge during pregnancy is considered such discharge, which causes no burning, no itching and, as a rule, whitish and clean.

Which selection are the norm in pregnancy in first trimester

In the first 12 weeks of pregnancy (first trimester) noticed effect progesterone — female sexhormone  . First, it is allocated by the yellow corpuscle of the menstruation of the ovary (it appears on the site of the bursted follicle, from which an ovum emerged during ovulation).

After fertilization of the oocyte, the yellow body under the luteinizing hormone of the pituitary gland increases and turns into the yellow body of pregnancy, which can produce much more progesterone.

Progesterone helps to keep the fertilized egg (embryo) to the uterine cavity with a suppression of the contractility of uterine musculature and overlapping exit from the cavity of the uterus (cervical canal is thick the mucous plug ).

In the first trimester of pregnancy under the influence of progesterone may appear transparent, sometimes white, vitreous is very thick selection, which can be seen on underwear in the form mucous clots . This is normal in that situation, if the discharge has no odor and they do not bother the future mother, that is do not cause itching, burning, and other sensations that are unpleasant.

In a situation of occurrence of such unpleasant symptoms you must seek another reason, that is to attend antenatal clinic  - there will always be able to help deal with every change in the body of pregnant women.

The normal secretions in the second and third trimesters

After the first trimester of pregnancy, since 13th week of pregnancy. the fetus in the uterus strongly fortified, and has almost matured placenta (the organ that connects the mother with the baby's body and provides the fetus with all necessary, including hormones). In this period again in large numbers begin to stand outestrogens .

The purpose of this period is to develop the uterus (it is considered the organ where the fetus Matures and grows constantly) and mammary glands (they actively begin to grow glandular tissue, and formation of new milk ducts).

In the second half of pregnancy under the influence of estrogen in pregnant women from the genital tract can appear colorless (or slightly whitish) quite copious . This is normal, but in the same way as in the first trimester of pregnancy, these secretions there should be no unpleasant odor, they should not cause itching, burning and unpleasant sensations .

It is considered very important because appearance can be deceiving, to distinguish normal discharge from pathologies can only be examined the smear in the laboratory .

So the main guideline pregnant women should be their feelings .

Somewhere in the middle of pregnancy I had a lot of white discharge, and the doctor said it was too bad for a pregnant woman. I gave them candles, I put them for a few days, after which the allocation came back to normal, there were not so many of them. And before that I did not have time to change the daily gaskets! And how I go somewhere to walk and feel that something has happened a lot - I constantly thought: "Though it was not blood!". Immediately looking for the closest toilet, watching - "No, thank God, not blood!". That's how I lived all 9 months in fear =) But in the end everything is fine, my daughter was born.

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